Open House: How to tackle stray dog

Sterilise canines, encourage adoption

Authorities must build shelter for stray dogs, train them to assist police

Sterilise canines, encourage adoption

According to a survey, over 1 lakh dog-bite cases are reported from Punjab in year. File photo

Govt, NGO should come together

The stray dog menace in streets is a serious concern. Keeping in view the safety of residents, the Municipal Corporation needs to tackle the issue on a priority basis. Stray dogs bite a person unexpectedly and sometimes, cyclists and bikers meet with accidents while trying to avoid stray dogs on roads and streets. The government and NGOs should join hands to solve the problem. Efforts should be made to check the menace. At the same time, medicines for dog-bite victims should be made available in hospitals. The government should take initiatives to encourage adoption of street dogs.

Amit Kesarwani

Make strict laws, create awareness

The pro-human and pro-animal solution to the menace envisaged by the Municipal Corporation by sterilising dogs with the help of various NGOs and other agencies has bore little fruit. Dogs have become more aggressive and the reason for it could be desire for food, fear and territory. They can be seen near hotels, dhabas and restaurants scavenging for food, besides chasing vehicles, bikes and people with pet animals. Cases of dog bite and instances of dogs mauling children and elderly are being commonly reported these days. The National Human Rights Commission has moved an idea of a debate on “Human Rights v/s Animal Rights” due to the ever increasing population of dogs, increase in the cases of rabies and injuries because of grade-3 bites. Holland has succeeded in controlling the population of dogs through sterilisation, heavy taxes, strict laws, earmarking the police for puppies and awareness programmes. We need to follow suit to get rid of the problem.

Col Virender (retd)

Avoid giving food to stray dogs

The stray dog menace is increasing with every passing day and unfortunately, the authorities concerned have failed to initiate effective measures to tackle it. The problem is not only confined to Bathinda, but according to a survey, over 1 lakh dog-bite cases are reported from Punjab in one year only. To get rid of stray dogs, the government should build a shelter for stray dogs and not let them roam in streets. Secondly, they should sterilise them. With little efforts, these dogs can be tamed and trained for police duties. Residents, especially women, should desist from offering them food and other eatables. They become habitual to get together at a particular place where they get something to eat on a daily basis and when made to run, in most likelihood, they attack and bite people, which sometimes results in death from rabbies.

Prof NK Gosian

Sterilise all canines across city

Stray dogs are a big nuisance for residents and unfortunately, their number is on the rise. The Supreme Court has banned their killing and to make the matter worse, the civic body authorities are not making any serious effort to tackle the problem. As a result, the residents are the worst sufferers. The seriousness and magnitude of the problem can be judged from the fact that even the Mayor was bitten by a stray dog once. Dog-bite cases are taking place almost every day. Efforts must be made to bring them together at a particular place and feed them. These should be properly sterilised and vaccinated. Sometimes they chase bikers and on many occasions, motorcyclists fall down and sustain serious injuries. After being bitten by a stray dog, the victim has to undergo treatment for a long time. Sometimes, it leads to the death of a person. The government and NGOs should intensify their efforts to check these dogs so as to reduce dog-bite cases. At the same time, anti-rabbies serum injections should be made available in all government hospitals in the city.

Pursharth Joshi


As the city is grappling with the sanitation woes, we invite our readers to send in their views on what should be done to improve the state of cleanliness?

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