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Lahore Wednesday September 19, 1923

Resolution on Council Entry

THE Special Congress at Delhi has fully justified itself by passing the resolution on Council Entry. By this resolution, the Congress, while reaffirming its adherence to the principle of non-violent non-co-operation, has declared that Congressmen having no religious or other conscientious objections against entering the Legislatures are at liberty to stand as candidates and exercise their right to voting at the forthcoming elections, and has consequently suspended all propaganda against entering the Councils. At the same time, it has called upon all Congressmen to redouble their efforts to carry out the constructive programme of their great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, and by a united endeavour to achieve Swaraj at the earliest possible. In other words, while the Swaraj party is to be at liberty to try the particular method which it considers essential at this stage, the Congress as a whole remains pledged to the constructive programme and is to do everything in its power by a united endeavour to attain the goal of Swaraj within the shortest possible time. This, as our readers are aware, is exactly what the Swarajists wanted, and the passing of this resolution by the Congress amounts to a complete victory for them, a victory on which they as well as the Congress and the country are to be warmly congratulated. In noticing this victory, one thing will naturally occur to everyone who has gone through the reported proceedings of the Congress. It is that although the Swarajists have got what they wanted, they have got less than they might have wanted if they had been as uncompromising as the diehards of the other party.


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