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Lahore, Saturday, May 26, 1923


ONE of the important resolutions passed at the Bombay Liberal Conference held at Karad refers to the party’s revised programme of activities. It declares that the Liberals have ‘full faith in the principle of Parliamentary system of Government’ and would act on their creed of ‘co-operation wherever possible and opposition wherever necessary.’ The party will further endeavour to press for immediate and complete autonomy in the provinces and substantial responsibility in the Central Government. Other activities of the party would include reduction of expenditure, taxation in proportion to people’s ability to bear the burden, social and political enfranchisement of the masses, uplifting of backward and depressed classes, education of the electorate, representation to public bodies and recruitment to services without distinction of races or castes, encouragement of Swadeshi, etc. To carry out these objectives and to organise the party, a Central Committee has been appointed with Mr CM Gandhi as President and Hon’ble CM Mehta, Hon’ble Dr RP Paranjpye, NM Joshi and GK Devadhar as members with power to co-opt. It is expected that this Central Committee will issue detailed plans of work and proceed to organise the Liberal Party in all the districts of the presidency. The immediate objective of the party will probably be to prepare itself to contest Council seats and try to persuade the voters to support the Liberal programme in preference to that of any other party. Whether the Liberal leaders will undertake a lecturing campaign throughout the Presidency or prefer to issue printed circulars and pamphlets to propagate their policy, it remains to be seen.

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