Monday, September 24, 2018

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Killing off-duty cops

Need a new compact for J&K panchayat polls

Institutional decay

Another CKD head falls

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Battered airlines...

Deteriorating finances often affect safety aspects

Mayawati’s mixed signals

With or without BSP, mahagathbandhan must look inclusive

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The price of ‘national security’

The price of ‘national security’

by Shyam Saran

The phrase is misused by predatory States to wield power without responsibility

Medieval construct of culture fuels ‘honour’ killings

Medieval construct of culture fuels ‘honour’ killings

by Salil Desai

The so-called honour killings are neither the monopoly of any one ‘backward’ religion nor of region. All seem equally inclined to kill their daughters or sons-in-law or suitors for falling in love and marrying ‘lower’ in terms of caste, class.

Naive to ignore dangers to Punjab peace

Naive to ignore dangers to Punjab peace


The temptation to reduce the Punjab debate to an Amarinder or a Badal is myopic. The roots go deep into resentment over injustice and discrimination — perceived or real — meted out to the Sikh community. The Congress tried its own version of ‘closure’ — asking a Sikh Prime Minister to apologise to the Sikhs.

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Banking too much on merger

by Subir Roy

The move will not rid the system of the huge pileup of bad loans

Spoils system overlooks farm ailments

by Ranjit Powar

Though 75 per cent of Punjab’s development blocks have been declared “dark’’, the political-bureaucratic nexus ignores the deepening agrarian and socio-economic crises because most are beneficiaries from rice mills, grain procurement commission agencies, transport agencies & private storage godowns.

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A tough fighter till the very last

by Air Mshl Sukhchain Singh (retd)

A contemporary of the late Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh, Air Marshal Randhir Singh, who died recently, hailed from Bhasaur in Sangrur district.

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A crash course in some lessons

by Col HP Singh (retd)

This one, you can’t ever win!

by JS RaghavanMusings, last 7 days...

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National security is the fig leaf against freedom of information. — Ralph Nader

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