Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Ayushman Bharat unfolds

Avoiding the pitfalls of demonetisation and GST

Pouring misery

Incessant rain disrupts life in North India

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Institutional decay

Another CKD head falls

Killing off-duty cops

Need a new compact for J&K panchayat polls

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Who’s afraid of Imran Khan?

Who’s afraid of Imran Khan?

by MK Bhadrakumar

Saying no to meeting has undermined Indian diplomacy at a critical juncture

Struggling to preserve ‘Kaoboys’ legacy
R&AW @ 50

Struggling to preserve ‘Kaoboys’ legacy

by Vappala Balachandran

Kao recruited people with skills not available in bureaucratic channels. Soon, it was a pleasure to hear Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s daily hour-long chats with his Paris-based French friend with a Greek name on Pakistan’s nuclear project interspersed with rants against his own colleagues.

Simple steps to check the economic crisis

Simple steps to check the economic crisis

by Jayshree Sengupta

The main reason why exports have not really done well lies with the problem of infrastructure and the quality of labour. The partial success of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ has handicapped the effort to achieve China-like standards of transporting goods and a more productive workforce.

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The price of ‘national security’

by Shyam Saran

The phrase is misused by predatory States to wield power without responsibility

Naive to ignore dangers to Punjab peace


The temptation to reduce the Punjab debate to an Amarinder or a Badal is myopic. The roots go deep into resentment over injustice and discrimination — perceived or real — meted out to the Sikh community. The Congress tried its own version of ‘closure’ — asking a Sikh Prime Minister to apologise to the Sikhs.

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When Kairon’s 10-mile order was revoked

When Kairon’s 10-mile order was revoked

by KL Noatay

THERE is lot of hullabaloo over the irrational distribution of teachers in government schools of Punjab. While some schools at ‘attractive’ stations have too many teachers for too few students, some schools at unpopular stations have too many students but no teacher.

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A tough fighter till the very last

by Air Mshl Sukhchain Singh (retd)

A crash course in some lessons

by Col HP Singh (retd)Musings, last 7 days...

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All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means. — Zhou Enlai

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The Punjab and the Debate

Decrease of Crime in the Punjab