118 years of Trust Crossword for children THE TRIBUNE
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Saturday, November 14, 1998




Please print this page to work on the crossword.

By Karuna Goswamy


1. Drink, in a small quantity

3. Sphere

6. " — Maria", one of the most popular of Christian prayers

7. The layer around the earth that is getting fast depleted

8. A way of identifying a person or account, etc (inits.)

9. It tops even a king

12. The colour that is, technically, not a colour

14. Kind; kin

15. Long, very long period of time

16. — Deighton, famous writer of thrillers


1. Nickname for low-brow serials on TV etc.

2. Affirm; declare

3. Relating to eggs

4. Our wind-pipe is one such tube

5. Sir Christopher —, among England’s great architects

10. Latin, for "in the same place", term used in documentation

11. Related to; like

13. Relation



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