Hit & miss
Ashima Batish

In Chandigarh to promote their film, Chakradhaar, the cast of movie decodes why not all Bollywood hit films are good and why not all good films are a hit…

The dynamics of Bollywood is ‘a bit’ difficult to comprehend. ‘A bit’ if you can after some contemplation figure out why Shanghai (which had a storyline) couldn’t gross 100 crores unlike Rowdy Rathore (storyline in this case means how many men could Akshay Kumar single-handedly kill)! Why remake of regional films are a hit and original scripts very few; in case you still want to stick to the ‘a bit’ part! In Chandigarh to promote their film, Chakradhaar, Yashpal Sharma, Akhilendra Mishra and Abhishek Anand besides the immediate job at hand (promotion of their film) try to demystify Bollywood.

Marketing driven
Abhishek Anand, actor

He is the lead actor in the film and his father is the producer. Abhishek readily acknowledges the fact that he wouldn’t have got a readymade chance if that wasn’t the case. The story revolves around him and he plays the son of a college peon. “The film is based on a true-life incident, which is about a topper of a college forced by circumstances to pick up arms. It’s shocking for him to see the bitter realities of life and deal with them.” The film has so far sold 1,000 prints but Abhishek feels promotion is equally important. “Bollywood is no more script-driven, what matter more is marketing.” ‘A bit’ of Bollywood uncovered!

All in the mind
Yashpal Sharma, actor

For someone who has been a part of path-breaking films like Gangajal, Lagaan, Ab Tak Chappan, in-between changing gears towards pure commercial cinema was challenging initially. “But then as an actor, I realise that I need to be a part of movies that have mass appeal. No film won me as much attention as Singh is Kingg. And now the same story is being repeated with Rowdy Rathore, in which I play the role of an honest police inspector.” He doesn’t term this genre as mindless cinema; instead advises one to keep the brains at home and then watch Rowdy Rathore! In the present context, he adds it’s imperative to understand that, “Not all hit films are good and not all good films are a hit.” Next comes the comparison among Rowdy Rathore, Singham and Dabangg, all remakes of regional films and with similar storylines, “Rowdy is any day better than the other two. At least, it has some plot.” Contest his take and he says, “Not all 30 crore people who have watched it till now are mindless.”

Coming to Chakradhar, Yashpal will be again seen giving a powerful performance in the role of a tender mafia. Next, he will be seen playing a lead role in Das Capital, a film co-produced by him. Taking a leap towards production, he says, was but natural with this flick since it has got a very strong script. “Approaching any other producer would have meant changes in the script.” He will play the role of a junior clerk in the film and the story is about his struggle in the society infested with corruption.

Being positive
Akhilendra Mishra, actor

Akhilendra Mishra rues the fact that most of the Bollywood directors cast stars and not actors, unless a character actually demands real actors. “It’s only then that theatre actors come in the picture.” For that matter, he looks upon Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra. “Script is the winner in their case and not an individual. Their films have a soul, others are no better than bathing soaps, all of them promise froth.” Popular for playing the ruthless villain’s role in Chandrakanta, he says that he likes to play positive characters. “My favourite till date is playing Chandrashekhar Azad in the film the Legend of Bhagat Singh. But positive roles are only kept for the stars in majority of the films.”

A few that don’t fall in the same category are directed by the likes of Anurag Kashyap and Sushir Mishra, who comprise ‘a bit’ in the big Bollywood world.


Script for success
Manpriya Singh

In Chandigarh for an interaction, film-maker Kurt Inderbgitzin says it’s a specialized job and one requires thorough training before making films

You might pick up a camera and start filming, but in a similar way, you can’t really hang a stethoscope and start operating! For Kurt Inderbgitzin, CEO, of Annapurna International School of Film and Media, “That’s bizarre.” That too pronounced with the right emphasis to bring home the surprise! “You can’t start constructing a building unless you’ve been to an architect school. Then what makes you think that you can start making films or be a star unless you’ve had training. I promise you, film-making is as complicated as making a skyscraper.” In Chandigarh for a seminar and interaction on the new courses they’ve introduced, he’s ready to start from the ABC of film-making. One at a time!

Here in India, most of the successful names in cinema will never be associated with professional schools. “That’s because there are no film schools here…Almost every successful name in Hollywood is from a film school.”

Speaking of which, training that is, he’d rather have a free flowing interaction than lecture module. “During the first half-an-hour I speak of how to direct a film, it would be all interactive, because people learn the most when they are having a blast.” While next half-an-hour will deal with career-building; what does it take to be an actor — get work and build a brand! “A degree opens a whole lot of opportunities, you might have the talent before-hand,” he’s playing his part of a true blue brand ambassador.

An MBA from University of Chicago, his resume speaks of feature films and television movies for CBS, ABC, NBC…apart from co-founding Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods. “I spent three years in Mumbai, I know little about Bollywood, haven’t seen a lot of films.” Apart from a movie, that he could not recall, there’s a long acknowledgement of some worthy actors. “I’ve seen Naseeruddin Shah and I think he’s a world-class talent. Kamal Hassan is one of the smartest people I’ve met.” He laughs, “For personal reasons I’d like to cast Priyanka Chopra in the movie, for professional reasons it would the actor Nagarjuna.” The take on B-town extends to the country as well. “I love India, that’s why I am here. Fifteen years ago, there were just two TV channels and now there’s a deluge.” He adds, “News channels that flash breaking news 24/7. That’s bizarre.” That’s the surprise element we started from. That’s India!


When history meets mystery
Manpriya Singh

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s novel The Taj Conspiracy takes the best from our past and with modern tools brings it to life…

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

On one of the most famed and one of the most framed marble structures, the Taj Mahal, urban legends, folklores and tales galore…we all know the love story behind the tombstone and there’s a full stop beyond that!

The two-three-liners resembling a social study essay and that’s about it. “We all know about the Taj Mahal, but we actually know very little about it and this includes the tour guides as well,” one of the regular visitor-tourist visit to the monument and Manreet Sodhi Someshwar knew what she would be working on next — The Taj Conspiracy.

She adds, “I was thinking of writing a mystery story with some historical element in it. I happened to visit the Taj Mahal and noticed that even the guides knew nothing, except for the legendary love story. When asked more, they start telling you the urban legends but that’s about it.” The rest is literally history in this case!

A fast-paced thriller set against the backdrop of Taj Mahal; a fiction that had its statistics right! “The protagonist is a research scholar and half-Persian and half-Punjabi, which is a human metaphor for the structure.” The Mughal scholar Mehrunisa Khosla stumbles upon a conspiracy to destroy the Taj Mahal when she discovers the murder of the Taj supervisor and the Quranic calligraphy on the tomb of Queen Mumtaz, altered to suggest a Hindu origin of the Taj Mahal.

Weaving history into mystery and letting it all fall into place in a fiction wasn’t easy to begin with. “It took me five years to complete the work. The book is based on a lot of research. Every mention of the art, architecture and calligraphy is accurate,” adds the PEC pass-out. “Like the calligraphy on the tomb of Mumtaz. There was no way of knowing that; most of the academics and scholars on Taj Mahal, incidentally, are not from India.”

In a series of twists and turns, the action traverses from the serene splendour of Taj Mahal to the virulent warrens of Taj Ganj; from intrigue-leaden corridors of Delhi to snowy Himalayan hide-outs.

“I’m a history buff so there had to be some historical angle to it. Moreover, before penning anything it has to be the image that gets me started; an image which refuses to go away.” The previous work, Long Walk Home, too had an element of history. Coming up next is the sequel to The Taj Conspiracy. “I’m already working on the next one. In that one, the same protagonist goes through a personal journey, which again will have a historical element.” As of now, it’s this she wants you to go and read! “The best part is that it’s a book that’s written keeping the Taj Mahal as the backdrop, but the readers at the end of the experience wouldn’t feel that they have sat through a history lesson.”

Cheers to that!


A peep into some of the other works by the author

  • Earning The Laundry Stripes: This is the story of the protagonist Noor Bhalla's final days at IIMC. It talks about the grind of management classes, the cut-throat competition, the race to get placed and the survival of the toughest.
  • The Long Walk Home: This is the journey of Baksh, the man who had lived through the holocaust of Partition. It's the story of the life of a man and two nations and his experiences connecting them. The novel portrays the troubled pre-Partition and Partition times and also tries to balance and depict two time frames.

Get sporty
Jasmine Singh

Film-maker Harjinder Singh Dhanoa, whose movie Kabaddi.  Once Again was recently released, says sports is the route to healthy living

Harjinder Singh Dhanoa

It is not only sarson sa saag or NRI problems of love triangles that the Punjabi film industry chooses to focus upon! Somehow, film-makers have taken fancy to sports as a subject for their movies. Meet Harjinder Singh Dhanoa, who feels sports is a way to healthy living and also a route where the youth of Punjab can associate and grow at the same time.

Dhanoa has in fact taken his love for sports to a different level as he came up with his venture Kabaddi Once Again. But the movie didn't happen as 'just a thought'. Says Dhanoa, "I came back to India from the UK in 1997 and was surprised to see how the youth of Punjab were under the influence of drugs. I wanted to do something to encourage them."

This movie comes after a long thinking process and offers a solution to the people of Punjab.

Dhanoa adds that the scenario of Punjabi cinema is getting better.

"What we need right now are scripts that are not only message-giving, but entertaining at the same time. I understand that NRI topics have been done to death, but this does not mean we cannot touch this topic at all. This issue can always be viewed in a different light," he says.

This sports lover wishes to raise the bar of Punjabi cinema by bringing in hi-end technical support teams from abroad.

"We lack technical knowhow in Punjabi cinema, but if this is done we will be no less than Hollywood, forget about only Bollywood."

Doc Talk
Not a bumpy ride this
Dr Vineeta Munjal

In this sweltering, terrible heat when the sun is beating down on north India, everybody wants to travel to cooler climes. Pregnancy is a tough time for women, and mothers-to-be may want to move to a place where the climate is more salubrious. However, it is essential for pregnant women to be extremely careful regarding their travel plans. This becomes even more important if the woman is in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Alternately, working women who are expecting a baby have to be very careful about their travel, and their immediate environment. There are certain precautions that a pregnant working woman must take to ensure the health of the baby.

Firstly, whether while traveling away from home or during a routine working day, a pregnant woman must take care that she is not exposed to traffic fumes frequently. High levels of air pollution can stunt the growth of the baby in the womb. The exhaust of vehicles is the source of highly toxic gases like sulphur dioxide and other particulate matter, which can be dangerous if inhaled on a constant basis. Research conducted in the Western countries has found that babies born within about 15 kilometers of the city are smaller in size than those born in the countryside. The size of the baby is linked to its overall health and growth.

Doctors often advise pregnant women against traveling in the first trimester. This period is marked by nausea, and the fatigue caused by travel is likely to make the condition worse. The risk of miscarriage is also higher among women who may choose to travel long distance in the first trimester. This must be avoided if possible.

The second trimester of pregnancy is comparatively a safer time to travel. The third trimester has its own challenges, as the weight of the baby has increased by this time. For pregnant women, the third trimester is a difficult time and travelling or constant movement even for working women may be uncomfortable for them.

A number of airlines do not allow women to travel if she has been pregnant for 26 to 36 weeks. If travelling during this period cannot be avoided, the couple must make sure that good hospitals are within easy reach, if required. It is also essential for a pregnant woman to have a good supply of clean, drinking water if she is travelling during the summer months, to ensure that there is no dehydration.

A healthy intake of liquids and a well-balanced diet is essential during this period. The travel destinations must be carefully worked out, since a mother-to-be cannot risk taking most medicines. A large range of malaria drugs cannot be taken during this period. So a pregnant woman must stay away from destinations where there is a high risk of malaria. Doctors may rule out most vaccines during this period too. 

(Dr Munjal is a Ludhiana based gynaecologist)

Dine in style
Vasudha Gupta

On the House, a new restro bar that opens on Sunday, offers more than just good food and fine drinks

Merry Time: Enjoy a drink at the to be opened restaurant. Photo Parvesh Chuhan

If there is one thing Chandigarh does best, it is rejoice great meals - from buffets to a la carte, from Indian to Thai, from a plush sit-down to the roadside dhaba. Moving into the league of extraordinary dining experience is On the House. Located in Sector 35, the restro bar, scheduled to open on Father’s Day, aims to provide a low-cost and yet elaborate menu for the ultimate dining experience. Themed in red and black, the bar came in a concept as an afterthought of a flourishing wine business of its owners.

A brainchild of Navneet Choujar and Rajesh Chaddha from the all-Asia Enterprise, the venture aims to interweave a good dining experience, value for money, in-house DJ and a full-fledged bar.

Also planning a diverse menu in times to comes, Chef Yagyan Ghtrai plans to introduce a wider choice offering in mouth-watering meals. Talking about the same, Navneet says, “Naveet and I sat together to come up with a place, where one could enjoy a good meal along with some music and dance.”

Interesting offers in store

  • Enjoy an extra drink free with each order post 11
  • Women, enjoy cocktails for Rs 99 between 4:00 and 7:00
  • A free drop off facility to your home in case of need
  • Special on Father’s day: a free meal for your father 
  • Couple buffet for Rs 1,000

A variety in fine wines and exclusive mocktails as well as cocktails and a huge drinks menu to choose from, the bar has a special offer for the women of Chandigarh. “Women can avail cocktails between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at Rs 99,” says Rajesh Chaddha.

As a special gesture on Father’s Day, which is also when the bar opens up, the Open House has a special offer. And just in case you have enjoyed a bit too much and are not in a position to drive back, sit back and relax as the bar authorities will drop you back. An interesting concept, it aims at providing a relaxed environment post a good time at the bar.

“Mostly women are a bit apprehensive about going to discs, the Open House will ensure that this one is a family disc and no nonsense will affect anyone,” says Rajesh.


Cracking it simply
Vasudha Gupta

Go Getter

Anhad Singh. Photo Parvesh Chuhan

There are very few who just breeze through to the top - no extra effort, no gruelling hours of study and no missing out on parties. Such is the story of Anhad Singh Miglani, who recently topped the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Beating 26,000 students, the one thing that worked for him was a keen interest in current affairs. We dig in more and find out what makes Anhad rise and shine above the rest. A pass-out of Vivek High School, Chandigarh, Anhad is all set to absorb the college experience at the National Law School, Bangalore.

Motivational factor

Anhad chose the field of law not because it will churn out good money in the future, but primarily because of a keen interest. In the middle of Class XI, after watching his sisters slog through the science stream, he was certain that law will be the course of his life. “I know of several students who have no idea about the courses, but just enrol for the sake of it,” he says.

Feathers in the cap

Keeping up-to-date with current affairs keeps Anhad on the top of everything, but the lad is not only a book-worm. Anhad has played several inter-school tennis matches and actively participated in several ITA games. Not calling himself an avid reader, Anhad does not look beyond Jeffery Archer!

Strengths and weaknesses

One of his biggest strength is that Anhad is a quick learner. Never burning the mid-night oil, the lad has the capability to read through things and just know them like the back of his hands. “I never worked like a normal student; but always been an efficient learner,” he smiles. Among his weaknesses, his innocence comes through when he says how much he loves sleeping. “I was always one of those who would make a schedule and sleep only to get up and realise how much time I lost due to my sleep,” the conversation moves to a quick laugh.

Flipside of being an achiever

Anhad has been lucky to be around encouraging friends and supportive family. Not aware of any major flipsides, he is keeping his fingers crossed as to what may fall in his lap once he moves to college. “The flipside will only come out in the future, as for now everything looks good,” he says.

Words of wisdom

Coming from the all-India topper of CLAT, students should take note. “Just take interest in everything you do and the rest will fall in place. I do also believe more in quality of work rather than quantity,” he adds.


First-day-first show
When dreams take flight

Film: Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a heartwarming story of common men with big dreams and how one night changes their lives forever. It's a tale of a small boy and his passion for cricket. His father Sharman Joshi and his grandfather too were very good players. Through his son, Sharman wants to realise his dream of playing for the country. His son has a dream of playing at the Lord's Cricket Ground. To fulfill his son's dream, the honest father performs a small act of dishonesty for the first time in his life. He borrows a red Ferrari (which in real life belongs to Sachin Tendulkar) without informing the owner.

Play on passion

“A good movie. Its plays up on India’s passion for cars and cricket. A great attempt by a first-time director,”

— Mani Kaur, student, Khalsa College for Women.

No Sachin on screen

“I was just waiting for Sachin to come on screen. His absence was disappointing,”

— Vishal Verma, call centre employee

Moving stuff

“It’s one of those movies, which tends to move a person. I enjoyed it and I think it celebrates fatherhood,”

— Gurjot Singh, banker

Musical effect

Film: Rock of Ages

A small-town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and city boy Drew (Diego Boneta) meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. The filmstar Tom Cruise as the rockstar Stacee Jaxx is inspired from the Broadway character of the same name.

Tom Cruise rocks

“The best thing about the movie is Tom Cruise. He shows how an actor at his age can still be in shape and overshadow other actors,”

— Suraj Verma, student, Government College for Men

No substance

“It’s one of those movies, which just harps on the fact that people love rock. There is nothing beyond that,”

— Harpreet Narga, school student

Just a Musical

“It’s a journey down the rock era of yesteryears. There is nothing beyond that. Expecting a movie to focus on a strong script and a deep storyline.”

— Vivek Goyal, entrepreneur.

(As told to Vasudha Gupta)

Get gorgeous with Simone Singh

Simone Singh is remembered for her roles in Kal Ho Naa ho, Being Cyrus and TV serial Heena. She is a regular on the social scene in Mumbai. The beauty is blessed with glowing skin and she shares her tips on skincare.

  • Drink plenty of water even if you are not thirsty during the monsoons. It is a process that flushes out toxins. Choose warm water over cold.
  • Always use a reputed face wash that suits your skin type. Soap is a complete no for the face. Use face wipes to keep skin oil free.
  • Clean, tone and moisturise. Use cleanser at the end of the day to get rid off the dirt, then use a toner to get rid of excessive oil and finally moisturise your skin. This balances the skin and allows it to breathe. Do not sleep with make up on.
  • Eat plenty of fruits, especially citrus fruits. Mango creates heat in the body and will result in breakouts, but you can indulge once in a while. Eat fresh and wholesome foods like salads and whole wheat bread. Avoid chocolates, fast food and fried stuff. Anything sugary is bad for your skin and hair as is it depletes nutrients in the body.
  • Always use a sunscreen, even during the rains because UVA and UVB rays are always beating down on your skin, even when it is cloudy. You can use a light moisturiser during the rains. And be happy. This will make you glow for sure.

Chatter box
Over to the host

Ragini Khanna, who was disappointed when Sasuraal Genda Phool went off air recently, will now be hosting Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 5. She is eagerly looking forward to it.

How is the experience of hosting Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 5?

I have not started shooting yet, but hoping to have a good time with everyone. At the launch, the contestants want to focus on their performances. The judges and anchor are the only ones who are thinking beyond performances.

What do you enjoy most about being an actor?

The high of giving a good performance can't be matched by anything in the world. If I give a good shot or do justice to any scene and my director is happy, I feel very satisfied.

What kind of interactions have you had with your fans?

The love of fans is so unconditional that I never get irritated. They think of you as their loved one, so they feel they own you. Once when we had gone for a 'Star Parivaar' promotion, I had worn a sleeveless dress. There were 100 bodyguards controlling the crowds, but there was so much chaos that I had scratches all over my hands. Fans are so sweet that when you shake hands, they don't want to let go.

What have you been doing in the interim?

I went to Dubai for a holiday with mom and had lots of fun. I wanted to stay back for Madonna's show but had to return for Jhalak's shoot. I am kicked about my new project.

What about that special person in your life?

I have been linked with many people. I just laugh over such news. I have been linked with a head honcho, my co-star Jay Soni and even a businessman. I never talk about my personal life.

What do you like watching on TV?

I enjoy watching Two And Half Men, Come Dine With Me and How I Met Your Mother.

Dramatic return of Ranchod

Zee TV's Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli has been coming up with interesting plots, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The recent twist in the tale promises the same. Viewers will soon get to know that Karan's (played by Karan V. Grover) twin brother, Ranchod will make a re-entry.

Also, there will be a murder plot that will open up with the sudden killing of Sushant (Abir Goswami). According to the ongoing track, Karan and Abha (Suhasi Dhami) are planning to get the widowed ladies of the house remarried. On the other hand, Lata, who has become a victim of domestic violence, will seek help from Abha. Amidst all this, there will be a plot wherein a kid will come from nowhere and claim Karan to be his father.

Ranchod's entry will be dramatic, as expected, where he will be seen fighting goons with a kid in his hands. Keeping the safety of the kid in mind Ranchod drops the kid in a car, which accidentally turns out to be Karan's car. And when the kid gets inside Swarna Bhavan, Karan will get addressed as papa. This will turn out to be a shocker for all. In the meanwhile, Karan will realise that the kid identifies his face to be his dad's and soon understands that this has to be Ranchod's kid. He goes on his hunt to unite the kid with his father. Ranchod, who is running for his life also realizes that the men who have plotted to kill him, are actually trying to kill Karan and not him. While Sushant is the prime suspect to all the wrong doings, a dramatic twist happens when Sushant is murdered.

With this, everyone in Swarna Bhavan, starting from Karan, Abha to Ranchod get framed for the murder. At the end of it, Karan lands up taking the blame on himself. Abha is very sure that Karan has not committed this murder and tries to find out why he has taken the blame upon himself. Is Karan protecting his twin brother Ranchod? Who has killed Sushant? Or is Sushant plotting something big? When contacted, Abir Goswami told us, "Yes, I have heard about Ranchod coming back. As for my track, I have again heard that my character will be killed. But I have not shot anything like this so far."

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Self-employed people may feel like putting in a few hours to supervise property ventures. Conditions at home will be pleasant. It's critical to have a balanced lifestyle. Court witness goes in your favour. Tarot message: You need to act for yourself and no one else. Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 28

TAURUS: If there is work to be done and you feel like doing it, go ahead. Household chores can be handled efficiently. You should be in an up-and-about mood. You have more freedom of action at the work place. Tarot message: Focus on your goals and don't let temporary setbacks affect you. Lucky colour: Violet. Magic number: 36

GEMINI: Do something that pleases you today. Get agreements settled with your co-workers. A close rapport may be developing between you and a colleague. It is not the right time to change jobs.

Tarot message: Don't be dismissive of advice from youngsters.

Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 62

CANCER: Many of you have been working constantly towards career goals; keep it up. Team work is the keynote of the day. Older people may create certain problems for you. It's a day for social activities.

Tarot message: You will be happier if you retain the fruit of your hardwork. Lucky colour: White

Magic number: 56

LEO: The fulfillment of achieving your goals and gaining recognition may arrive soon. Stay focused on personal vision as you take the last steps to reach a journey's end. Consult professional people for legal worries. Tarot message: Work towards achieving professional goals. Lucky colour: Bottle green

Magic number: 59

VIRGO: Like a game of snakes and ladders, you should step down and retrace your steps. Get on with any job that is at hand. Do not get involved in any land deal. Pedestrians should watch out for careless drivers. Tarot message: It is no longer necessary to take risks. Lucky colour: Rust

Magic number: 44

LIBRA: A good time to tie all loose ends together and take care of precious details with absolute perfection. Do Not speculate. You are in for a mixed day. As the day progress you will feel more comfortable at home. Tarot message: Avoid situations that may turn nasty. Lucky colour: Blue. Magic number: 49

SCORPIO: Searching for a soul-mate? You will be able to make a right connection effortlessly. All in all, it's an interesting and stimulating day. Good business opportunity comes your way. Plan a romantic evening with your lover. Tarot message: Trust your heart and intuition. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 61

SAGITTARIUS: The gateway to profound knowledge and insight may open through a wise acquaintance. Love blossoms in the workplace. Little would be achieved by a show of force at this stage. Friends will be helpful. Tarot message: Do not let anyone take advantage of you. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 31

CAPRICORN: This can be a day that starts calmly, lulling you into a false sense of security. Trusting people who have just appeared on the scene is a foolish move. Go all out to improve your position at work. Take care of your health today. Tarot message: Balance in all aspects is recommended. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 27

AQUARIUS: Minding your business is a good choice. Live and let live. If a task seems overwhelming break it down into smaller, simpler steps. Concentrate all your energy and efforts towards concluding the task at hand. Tarot message: Strive for perfection at work. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 38

PISCES: Life seems full of contention at the moment. The postponement of a certain deal could cause anxiety. Housewives: a good day for buying a piece of jewellery. Your social reputation is on the rise. Tarot message: Don't be too certain about obtaining a clearance. Lucky colour: Purple

Magic number: 40

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 16...

Celebrations are indicated with news of births, followed by weddings and career prospects. You have to let go of the past if you wish to get out of the sentimental mood, which grips you. Extra caution and care seems to be the word of the hour when handling finances. You will be irritated with the behaviour of the people around you. Some of the good opportunities will come through new people you meet. Do not come under pressure of others when making important decisions. Watch out for individuals who might try to mislead you. Friends are urging you to throw caution to the wind. You are rarely the one who will splash out cash without thinking first. At least your judgement regarding home affairs is smooth so stick to your plans in this area.

Your birth on the 16th day of June gives a sense of loneliness and generally the desire to work alone. You are relatively inflexible, and insist on your independence. This birth day inclines to interests in the technical, scientific, and to the religious explorations. The number seven is the number of analysis and critique. On the flip side, you are critical, cynical and introspective, prefer solitude and are constantly pursuing the knowledge of universal truths. July is the best month and Saturday will always be your lucky day. Make a list of pending issues of 2012 and finish them.

Sudden changes in career will cause panic and a big business deal will be on verge of falling apart. You may cancel the idea of buying a property.

Mood: Vulnerable and Confused. Compatible signs: Taurus, Gemini Lucky colours: Light pink, Navy blue Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 2, 6, 10, 19. Lucky gem: Pearl - Gemstone of Moon. Lucky flower: Bellflower.

Mithun Chokroborti (born as Gouranga on June 16, 1950, in Dimla -WB], who started his career in Disco Dancer, shares his birth date with you. Before joining films, he was a part of the Naxalite movement. After several films, Mithun is the Grand Judge of the show Dance India Dance on Zee TV. He has also been involved in promotion of Football in Bengal. The Bengal Football Academy is his brainchild and Mithun raised the necessary funds for the launch of this academy. Mithun Chakraborty is also the co-owner of Royal Bengal Tigers, a cricket team of the Indian Cricket League. As per his stars, Mithun Da will excel in 2012 in TV shows. In 2014, he will expand his hotel business finally saying good bye to films.

Jewel king

Gitanjali Jewels brings The Royal Treasure Exhibition to Chandigarh which will be on till June 17 at Gitanjali Jewels, Chandigarh. It is a one-time opportunity for jewellery lovers in Chandigarh to savour the unique collection.  

The collection includes heavy diamond jewellery, kundan, polki, rose-cut jewellery, precious and semi-precious jewellery with diamonds and pearls with gold; temple collection and antique gold jewellery.

The exhibition is also showcasing the exclusive Nizaam collection, which comprises the jadau jewellery and the Victorian jewellery.  Jadau jewellery is an example of highly skilled craftsmanship that was brought to India by the Mughals. It is also called engraved jewellery and used on auspicious occasions like marriages and festival celebrations. On the other hand, the Victorian jewellery was created in the classical period and preferred by the British.  These are made on a base of 14 carat gold embedded with uncut diamonds or polkis along with precious and semi-precious stones set in pure silver. — TNS

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