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Saturday, December 19, 1998




Please print this page to work on the crossword.

By Karuna Goswamy


1. Water, in other words

3. Arrow; sharp, pointed instrument

5. The allowance that you get to pay your rent (inits.)

6. What the Russian Parliament used to be in Czarist times

8. A fort in Indian terms

10. Fat, very fat, person

12. The hot wind that blows in summer

13. Eggs, many of them

14. Discolour; make foul

17. A sage, like Valmiki

18. Army abbreviation for doing a thing without delay

20. A country’s protective arm

21. — Khusro, one of the greatest figures of medieval India


1. Important province of Spain

2. The captain who pursued Moby Dick

Crossword3. You pack them when getting ready to travel

4. Large district in Orissa

7. Very large member of the deer family

9. Very large, extended periods of time

11. Age; period

15. Helen, as we know, was from here

16. International body that controls the air trade.back


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