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Saturday, July 24, 1999
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Gill’s fair poll formula

PLEASE refer to your editorial "Gill's fair poll formula" (July 23). My proposition is very simple. It is not correct to carry on the British practice of one party being in power at the end of the term of the State Assembly, and being enabled to use State power and resources in its own favour during the electoral battle. To pretend that this does not happen across the country, is to avoid the reality.

All I suggest for the consideration of the Indian people is that after the declaration of the election programme the State should automatically be under Governor's rule, which will be closely supervised by the Election Commission of India, and give the civil and police service a greater chance to perform objectively and fairly.

I have already offered a solution to your criticism of Governors. After 50 years, the time has come in this country that we ensure a neutral and fair selection of all constitutional functionaries, i.e the Election Commission of India, State Governors and Chairmen of the National Commissions. The Supreme Court of India has already forced the government to consult the Leader of the Opposition in the choice of a CVC.

Can we not see the writing on the wall? Should we not note that such a reform was made a part of the Bangladesh constitution recently when the present Prime Minister refused to accept elections under the previous one.

Chief Election Commissioner of India
New Delhi

* * * *

For corruption-free India

For the past one month The Tribune has been giving news of the great heroic deeds of the Indian Army on page one. On the subsequent pages it is the misdeeds of the great politicians and bureaucrats of India.

“Intruders will be flushed out of Kargil — there will be no compromise on that” assures the Prime Minister to the nation. Not once has he assured the nation that “corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of doubtful integrity will be flushed out; there will be no compromise on that.”

Today the serving and retired men and officers of the armed forces have the slogan, “We assure you free India. You assure us clean India.”

Good governance has become a part of our commitment to the nation. Would you like to join and help us in the crusade.

Lt-Col. D.S. BRARA (retd)
New Delhi

* * * *

Mother’s name

The persistent efforts of Dr Anita Ahuja, Joint Director, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, have ultimately prevailed upon the UGC, which has directed the registrars of all the universities to take the necessary steps to include the mother’s name in all college and university admission forms forms, degrees, etc.

Steps, however, need to be taken to implement the same at the school level too, as it is from here that the whole problem starts. Rather the normal practice should be that all forms should require the mother’s name as she is the one who carries the main burden — right from conception.

In fact, it should be the choice of the parents to mention the father’s or mother’s name especially in the case of children of single, unwed or separated mothers and more so when the child is living with his/her mother and is dependent on her in all respects.

Women’s bodies should take it up further at various levels, and a law should be enacted in this respect. The matter need to be considered suo motu or some women’s organisations should take it up through PIL.


* * * *

50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence
50 years on indian independence

Habitual savagery

Let us not grieve much on the inhuman treatment given to our valiant soldiers by the Pakistanis. If they could launch virtual genocide on their compatriots and co-religionists in East Pakistan, ignore their own dead and their families in the Kargil operation, what can poor kafirs expect?

No doubt Allah is rahim, but they have put Him on the back-burner, much to His divine discomfiture and the utter disgust of genuine Muslims.


* * * *

Politicians & armed forces

I was astonished to watch on television and also to read in the various newspapers that not even 1 per cent of the sons of our political masters have joined the defence forces of the nation in any capacity. It appears that their patriotism and love for the country is only to occupy the ministerial chairs and play with the destiny of the nation by passing various orders. This is not real patriotism.

It is, therefore, suggested that all the candidates for the coming Lok Sabha elections, to whichever party them may belong, should be asked to file an affidavit that they would get one of their sons recruited with the defence forces of India so that they may also be able to fight with the enemy at the time of war and put their lives before the jaws of death. The Election Commission may consider this suggestion and make it obligatory for the candidates for the Lok Sabha elections to file such affidavits.



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