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Saturday, May 1, 1999
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chandigarh weather
  • The maximum temperature on Friday was 43.C (109.4F) and the minimum 23.6C (74.5F).
    The maximum relative humidity was 50 per cent and the minimum was 7 per cent.
  • Sunset: Saturday: 7.01
  • Sunrise: Sunday: 5.38
  • Outlook for Saturday
    Mainly clear sky. Not much change in the night temperature.
50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence
50 years on indian independence
regional weather

Friday: Severe heat wave conditions are prevailing in parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. They are moderate in remaining parts of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and most parts of Haryana and Chandigarh. They are likely to continue for the next two days. Weather remained dry in the region. On Thursday, day temperature changed a little.

Forecast: Sunny days likely in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

The following is the maximum and the minimum temperature of various cities as recorded on Friday:

Town Max (in Celsius) Min (in Celsius)
Ambala 22.3
Bhuntar 11.2
Hisar 25.3
Karnal 26.6
Patiala 21.6
Rohtak 21.8
Shimla 20.1
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