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Sunday, October 31, 1999
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chandigarh weather
  • The maximum temperature on Saturday was 32.2C (90.0F) and the minimum 15.4C (59.7F)
  • The maximum relative humidity was 80 per cent and the minimum 30 per cent.
  • Sunset: Sunday: 5.35
  • Sunrise: Monday: 6.37
  • OUTLOOK FOR SUNDAY: Clear sky. Not much change in day and night temperature.
50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence
50 years on indian independence
regional weather

Saturday: Weather was dry in the area. On Friday, day temperatures changed a little in the area. They were markedly above normal in Himachal Pradesh and above normal in Haryana and Punjab. The highest temperature in the area was 34.0 C. recorded at Gurgaon.

The night temperature changed a little in the area. It was appreciably above normal in Himachal Pradesh, above normal in Haryana and normal in Punjab. The lowest temperature in the plains was 14.7C recorded at Amritsar.

Forecast: Sunny days are likely in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

The sun will set in Chandigarh on Sunday at 5.35 p.m and rise on Monday at 06.37 a.m.

Extremes (degrees in Celsius):- Max Min Ambala 32.7 14.8

Town Max (in Celsius) Min (in Celsius)
Amritsar 14.7
Bhuntar 08.2
Hisar 18.1
Jammu 18.1
Ludhiana 15.0
Patiala 32.9 15.2
Shimla 12.4
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