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Saturday, October 30, 1999
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N-issue: USA should be realistic

US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said recently that the USA would continue to believe that India was better off without nuclear- weapons, that nukes were bad for India’s security. He wants India to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, impose a moratorium on nuclear weapons production, stop developing missiles and strengthen controls over exporting nuclear material.

Consider this scenario. Suppose one nation or more call upon the USA to:

1. Give up all its nukes, missiles and satellites.

2. Disband its military.

3. Shut down the CIA, NSA and FBI.

4. Start speaking exclusively in Spanish.

Suppose they claim that these steps will be good for the US security, and will make the world a safer place.

How would America react? Would such meaningless and insensitive suggestions result in a change of policy? Will the USA give up its nukes and abandon its military just because a demand was made, or would it continue to act independently to safeguard its security and sovereignty?

It is time Clinton administration officials became realistic. They must stop trying to impose upon other nations what they themselves are not willing to do. If nuclear weapons are not good, then the USA must eliminate its nukes first, followed by pressuring Russia, China, UK and France to do the same.

It is time for the USA to give the lead by its own example.

Bloomington IL (USA)
(In response to The Tribune’s Internet edition.)

Whither Congress?

The Tribune cartoon “Congress starts introspection” (October 27), depicting khadi-clad Congressmen engaged in a mutually-destructive deceptive hug, is worth a thousand words.

Sadly but incontrovertibly, stark selfishness, self-aggrandisement, deceit and duplicity mark the conduct of an average Congress leader today. Fellow-feeling/spirit of camaraderie seems conspicuous by its total absence.

Whereas the recent devastating/stunning electoral debacle at the hustings warranted most intense/sincere introspection, the party leaders seem brazenly engaged in the mindless game of one-upmanship with no holds barred. No wonder, the party’s downhill slide goes on unabated —nay, with ever-increasing fury.

Whither the historic organisation.

Ambota (Una)

Factors behind bus mishaps

The recent bus accident in Mangowal village of Hoshiarpur district brings to focus yet again the indifferent attitude of the government towards invaluable human life.

The ill-fated bus is reported to have had a brake failure which lead to the accident. More than a score of people died in this accident and many more may die in future if stern measures are not taken to control growing accidents.

The important point is: why do such failures occur so often?

Is it that most of the buses are not roadworthy and there is need to do away with the junk? Perhaps enough vigil is not kept by the Transport Department to maintain new buses. Probably, it is a mix of both as it gives enough leverage to officials and bus drivers to indulge in rampant corruption by faking maintenance bills to the hilt.

I think it is time the government removed old and irreparable buses which are a source of major accidents.

Moreover, it is imperative on the part of the authorities to create an atmosphere which allows safe and enjoyable travelling.


* * * *

50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence
50 years on indian independence

KU payment seats

The entrance test for the admission to CPEd course was held by Kurukshetra University on 1.8.1999. Free and payment seats for CPEd were filled in August and September 1999.

For more sanction of payment seats, the candidates were advised to fill in the required form and were told by the department concerned that they would be informed in this regard in time. But no intimation for the increased seats has been received so far.

In the hope of these seats the aspirants did not get admission in any other course. The Chief Minister of Haryana, the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and the course Director of Kurukshetra University are requested to look into the matter sympathetically and increase the seats for CPEd course for the year 1999-2000 so that the interested candidates do not lose their one precious year.

Chughe Kalan


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