Tuesday, March 7, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


New lights to shine on important roads
By Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has undertaken a massive project of repairing and refurbishing streetlights on important roads in the city.

As a sequel to this decision and earmarking of nearly Rs 70 lakh during the current financial year, a number of important roads, including Purv Marg, have their existing streetlight poles removed and underground cables dug up.

A portion of Madhya Marg between Transport chowk and Housing Board chowk, the entire stretch of outer Dakshin Marg, for example, are the other important roads where work has already started.

On Purv Marg, a portion of the road remains plunged in darkness as the existing streetlight poles have been removed since the road has been widened to 33 feet on each side and the previous fittings were found inadequate to lit the extended road.

As such, the existing poles will be provided with bigger brackets so that the illumination at the road level is extended uniformly to the widened road. The existing poles are now being taken to the workshops for fixation of new brackets.

A portion of the underground cable of this prestigious highway, too, has been damaged which needs replacement. Even some of the fittings were broken and lamps were damaged.

According to Mr Manmohanjit Singh, who till today held the additional charge of Superintending Engineer (Buildings and Roads), work on the repair of streetlights has been undertaken at 12 different places. "We have a budgetary allocation of more than Rs 70 lakh this year and a provision of Rs 1 crore during the next financial year.

The streetlights in the city needed special attention as they have not been repaired for a long time. As such most of the street lights were not in working conditions . The problem was more on busy and prestigious roads.

Some areas, including some slow carriageways along Dakshan Marg, had no streetlight points before. New points are being provided on slow carriageways along the Sector 32 Government Medical College Hospital and also in Sectors 31 and 33 where slow carriageways are under construction.

Similarly, the entire stretch of outer Dakshan Marg had been virtually without streetlights because of either damage to the underground cable or damaged fittings. The entire stretch is being repaired now.

Meanwhile, Mr S.S. Sokhey, on deputation from PUDA, joined the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation as an Executive Engineer (Buildings and Roads). He has been given the additional charge of the Superintending Engineer, Buildings and Roads, to relieve Mr Manmohanjit Singh, of the additional charge.

The corporation will soon have another subdivisional engineer from the Enginering Department of the Administration in the Buildings and Roads Division who would be given the designation of Executive Engineer to head the newly created Division.

In the Electrical Circle, which looks after the entire underground cable-fitted streetlights in the city, the civic body had until recently only a sectional officer. Recently, a subdivisional engineer joined the circle and has been designated as Executive Engineer. The proposal for the creation of a Division of Electrical Circle is pending for approval before the Chandigarh Administration.Back


Cop suspended in missing files case
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — The Police Department has suspended an Inspector in the infamous missing files’ case. This was done following a report filed by the enquiry officer (IO) who held that the officer had reportedly done nothing to investigate the cases which were registered 15 years ago.

Mr S.K. Singh, IGP, said Inspector Pushpinder Kumar Dhawan, already under suspension, has been held guilty by the IO since he was the investigating officer in both the cases.

The cases were the famous “beef tallow recovery” case in 1983 and a case of seizing prime property owned by an NRI in 1984. Both the cases were reported in The Tribune on October 15 under the heading “15-year-old cases hushed up”.

A regular departmental enquiry in the case will be conducted by Mr B.D. Bector, DSP, South. The earlier enquiry, to fix responsibility in the matter, had been carried out by Mr S C Abrol, DSP, Crime. He will however, continue to reconstruct the files so that the department could take the cases to their logical end, he revealed.

The police had in a reply to the Administration in November reportedly admitted that none investigation was carried out in any of the cases.

The police has admitted that no investigation was carried out and no was tried or summoned. No challan was presented in the court. The very basis of any investigation, the “case diaries” filed by the investigating officer in the beef tallow case are incomplete while they are missing in the property grab case.

The earlier report mentions that “the above said cases have not been sent to court for trial or as untraced and the case files are not available in the police station. The further outcome of these cases is not known”.

In the beef tallow case, which was registered on August 10, 1983 under Sections 420 \ 120-B \ 467 \ 468 \471 \ 295-A, IPC, and under Section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act, it was found that some cops received secret information that four tankers, HRX 8537, DHL 3630, DHG 2245 and DHL 725 loaded with 12 tonnes of beef tallow each were parked in front of plot number 207, Industrial Area.

The informer told that Ganga Ram Sharma, the owner of Shahji Industrial Pvt, Ltd and M\s Overseas Private Ltd was negotiating the deal to buy the tallow at rockbottom prices as the truckers, who had come from Kandla port in Gujarat, were unwilling to go back with their consignment since it had been banned by the government after they started.

It was also revealed that the consignment had been brought by preparing fake and forged documents. The sellers were insisting that he buy it since it could be easily mixed in vanaspati ghee and easily sold in the market.

The report state that the last case diary was submitted in November, 1988 and after that there was nothing on record in context with the case. The four impounded trucks were subsequently released on superdari by a city court. The orders were taken by the investigating officer of the case.

In the second case, which pertained to the house number 2174, Sector 21 - C, and belonged to Mrs Gian Kaur, an NRI from Phillipines, a power of attorney given to Shiv Singh, an employee of the local DFO office, so that he could look after the affairs of the property.

In 1984 when the owner visited India, she got the power of attorney changed in the name of Mr Mehma Singh, who had cordial relations with her and lived on the top floor of the house. The relations were so good that the courtyard on the ground floor was given to his son, Rocky, for running his property dealing business by the name of BR Property Dealers.

All this changed when Mr Manjit Singh, husband of the owner, came to India and was handed over the keys of another portion of the house by another tenant, Mr Acchar Singh. The portion was renovated and one day Manjit Singh was shocked to find that the main door of the main portion of the house had been changed.

He visited the Sector 19 police post but was detained on the grounds that the portion was leased out to Rocky. “Fabricated evidence” in the form of a money order of Rs 200 was presented before him. He was told that Rocky was regular with his rent and that he was creating problems for the tenant. He was also threatened by Rocky and some other persons inside the police post with dire consequences and not allowed to leave.

It was only after he was forced to append his signatures on some pre-prepared papers claiming that Rocky was his tenant and allowed to leave at 9 p.m.

No case diary was prepared and submitted in this case and there was no record in the crime register of the East police station, the report stated.Back


Dera Bassi MC Budget Rs 3.99 crore
From Our Correspondent

DERA BASSI, March 6 — The Municipal Council of Dera Bassi has made a provision for digging two tubewells at a cost of Rs 25 lakh in the next budget.

The Municipal Council (MC) passed its budget of Rs 3.99 crore for 2000-01 at its annual meeting. It is Rs 58 lakh above the previous year’s expenditure budget of Rs 3.41 crore.

Mr Jagjit Singh Dalli, President of the MC, said that priority would be given in the budget to a scheme to meet the drinking water shortage felt in the area in summer. Sewerage would be given the second priority.

The MC will spend Rs 38 lakh on purchasing new pipes for the water supply and sewerage system in the town, and repairing the old ones. Besides sanitation in the slum areas, the municipality will spend Rs 75 lakh on the repair of streets and drains of the town.

As the limits of the civic body have been extended, Rs 10 lakh will be spent on giving a facelift to these areas. Parks will be beautified by spending Rs 10 lakh. The municipality has a proposal to construct shops at a cost of Rs 20 lakh to argument its income. ‘‘The shops will be constructed at a suitable place, taking public convenience into consideration’’, said Mr Dalli.

There is a proposal to construct community toilets at a cost of Rs 5 lakh in the colonies, villages and other public places falling within the MC’s limits. A building for an ayurvedic dispensary will come up at a cost of Rs 5 lakh. There is a special provision for Rs 5 lakh to be spent on a new library.

In addition, Rs 97.77 lakh will be spent on the salary of the MC employees which exceeds by Rs 30 lakh, the amount spent in the previous years. Rs 15 lakh has been kept for contingency plans.

The MC is also planning to get a loan of Rs 1 crore from HUDCO, which would be spent on the water supply and sewerage system in the township, sources in the council disclosed.

Reacting adversely to the budget, Mr Amrit Pal Singh, a former president of the MC, said the budget was misleading the public. He, however, said that adverse comments were never taken up at the meetings of the House. All proceeding of the meeting were recorded by the President without anyone raising any objections.

‘‘The MC is facing a number of court cases and is spending a huge amount on advocates to fight the cases,’’ he alleged.Back


Rs 3-crore work on to resurface NH-22
From Our Correspondent

ZIRAKPUR, March 6 — The Punjab Public Works Department, (B and R), will spend Rs 3.48 crore on resurfacing the Kalka-Ambala National Highway-22. Work has begun on a 31-km stretch, from the Panchkula barrier to the Jharmari village near Lalru.

The Ministry of Surface Transport has released special funds for recarpeting, repairs of berms and ‘‘traffic marking’’ on highways throughout the country. Ten highways will be covered in Punjab under this project.

Though the work has been given to a private contractor, the PWD staff is keeping a watch on the contractor’s men. The bitumen layer is being given the required thickness so that it does not peel off under the pressure of heavy traffic.

A stretch of the Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway-64, from Zirakpur to Rajpura, will be resurfaced at a cost of about Rs 1 crore. While the Chandigarh-Manali National Highway-21 upto Kurali in the Ropar district will be spruced up at a cost of over 2.60 crore, approval for the work on these two highways is still awaited from the Ministry of Surface Transport.

Work on the Kalka-Ambala highway was expected to be completed by the end of May, said Mr K.S. Bhinder, Deputy Executive Engineer.

The resurfacing of the highway has been causing traffic chaos and long queues of vehicles can be seen on the roads.Back


VHP for snapping ties with Pak
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — The Delhi to Lahore bus service as well as the weekly train service between India and Pakistan should both be stopped immediately. This was demanded by the Viswa Hindu Parishad's Mumbai-based national General Secretary, Mr Vinayak Deshpande, here today. While talking to reporters here on the incident of stone throwing by some Shiv Sena activists on the Lahore-Delhi bus on last Saturday, Mr Deshpande said given the role played by the Pakistani ISI in fomenting terrorism in India, some reactions were bound to take place inside India. "The reactions may vary from organisation to organisation, but there ought to be some reaction", he said. He added that the VHP felt that India should also snap its diplomatic ties with Pakistan which was a rogue state.

The thinly-built Mr Deshpande, who wears spectacles and speaks with the rapidity of gunfire, also spoke at length about conversions of Hindus to other faiths and how the VHP was trying to stop proselytisation. He quoted various figures, allegedly obtained from the Reserve Bank on India, and concluded that at least Rs 1,400 crore worth of foreign aid came to India every year for the Christian and Islamic clerics. "The most frightening aspect about conversion is that with the change of one’s faith, his or her perception about nationality also undergoes a change", the Hindu leader claimed. The insurgency phenomenon in Muslim majority Kashmir and in the Christian-dominated states of the North-East proved the VHP theory, Mr Deshpande said.

Even though the VHP’s annual budget was only about 1 per cent of the foreign funds received by the Islamic and Christian organisations, the VHP would fight the latters’ "designs", Mr Deshpande said. The VHP had already launched a programme for enrolling "life-members" in the organisation to enhance its resources, he said. Right now the VHP had about 25,000 committees and 1 million ordinary members and 1,500 wholetimers. It was working to push the numbers to 50,000 committees, 2.5 million members and 2,000 wholetimers by December, 2000.

The VHP also ran around 1,800 rural education centres, located primarily in the tribal inhabited areas, and it wanted that the number of such centres should go up to about 3,500 by next December, the VHP leader said.

He claimed that in the past five years, the VHP had prevented at least 1 million Hindus from getting converted to Christianity. About 5 lakh converted people were brought back to the "Hindu fold" by the VHP during the past five years, he further claimed.

Mr Deshande, however, said the VHP would never defend Dara Singh, alleged murderer of the Australian missionary Graham Staines. "Hindus do not use such a gruesome method for killing a person", proclaimed the VHP leader.

On the attempt by some Hindu Rightwing organisations to force a dress-code on women college students in Kanpur, Mr Deshpande gave an evasive answer and said women should only wear such clothes which were in conformity with Indian cultural ethos.

Mr Deshpande managed to wriggle out when asked whether the VIP was able to act with more freedom after the BJP-led government was installed at the Centre. "The BJP and the NDA are different. The NDA will listen to us only when we can mobilise enough people", he said. He added that the VHP was putting pressure on the NDA government to stop conversions by missionaries.

Mr Deshpande said he had come here to visit Punjab and chalk out strategies for VHP’s expansion in Punjab.Back


NSS observes Women's Day
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — NSS Department of Panjab University, in collaboration with Government College, Sector 11, celebrated International Women's Day on the college campus today. The day, however, falls on March 8.

In all, 150 NSS volunteers and college teachers participated in the celebration. Initiating the deliberations, Dr C.L. Narang said time had come when women should not only believe in illusionary freedom. He said in every field, women had done better than men. Even in the social set-up, she was the creator of family and social environment.

Speaking on the occasion, the college Principal, Dr S.N. Singla said that it was unfortunate that some doctors were minting money by conducting sex-determination tests. He said NSS should launch a mass campaign against these practitioners. Women ought to be given a respectable place in the society.Back


A people's person
By Roopinder Singh
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — Champa Mangat Rai, a person who touched the lives of a large number of Chandigarhians, was such an integral part of the life in the city that even now she regularly figures in conversation. This is perhaps the best tribute to a lady who passed away on this day last year — her memory is still very much alive.

Reminisces Bonny Sodhi, a well-known educationist and social worker: "I had known her since I was a little girl. She was fond of nature, birds and flowers. She had the enthusiasm of a child for whatever she did. Champa was a wonderful human being. Though she did not show that she was religious early on in her life, she got very involved with the Christ Church during the later years. She loved people."

For many, Champa was Ma'am. She taught a large number of girls and was one of the founders of the theatre movement in the city. She was "Auntie" to many others who spanned social divides by coming into her orbit: for help, advice, encouragement or whatever they needed to enrich their lives. Those who called her Champa were her old friends from Lahore where she was brought up and educated (in Sacred Heart School and Kinnaird College) and Chandigarh, which had become her home.

It was here that she lived for decades, educating girls at the Government College for Girls, where she was the Head of the English Department for years. Champa contributed to the cultural life of the city by directing plays, playing matchmaker to many a couple, helping people get employment and so on….

Even after her retirement in the late 70s, her life continued to revolve around the Christ Church, the local YWCA and the CMC. Champa's energy was boundless.

Inder S.D. Singh, who was her neighbour and companion since 1976, says: "For me she was a friend and an inspiration. She was generous and always extended a helping hand."

"Though she had had her disappointments, she did not dwell on them. Whenever she had time, she made a conscious effort to visit people who were in need. She would cheer them up with her special witty and affectionate way," says Bonny Sodhi.

No wonder she is still remembered. A prayer meeting will be held on Tuesday at 5 p.m. at her house, 74, Sector 9, Chandigarh. Back


Phone lines faulty for days
From Our Correspondent

MANAULI (SAS Nagar), March 6 — Continuous problem in the telephone lines of the Manauli rural telephone exchange has led to communication disruption for days together.

Telephone subscribers in more than half a dozen villages feel harassed due to the indifferent attitude of the authorities. Villagers said their long-pending demand to provide them interruption-free services had not been met despite several assurances.

Mr Harpal Singh, a resident of Manauli villages said the only mode of communication during an emergency situation for residents of the area was not functioning properly. Telephones in the area are not functioning properly for past one month. Pappri, Chilla, Manauli and about dozen other villages are covered by a sewer nullah which swells in monsoons and results in floods in the area.

In the rains, these villages remain cut off from the rest of the region, so, they want that the faults in the telephone services should be rectified without any further delay. Several subscribers in the area said telephones stopped functioning whenever there was a power failure.Back


Police shielding robbers: victim
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, March 6 — A resident of Sector 9, Mr Ganpat Rai Hans, said here today that the police was shielding criminals in the incident of robbery of February 13 where two armed men had robbed him of Rs 3.35 lakh early in the morning near his house.

Mr Hans said that after the incident members of the CIA staff had come over to his house and showed him a group photo out of which he had recognised one man who he unmasked during the struggle. However, since then nobody from the police department has visited them or passed on any additional information or progress in the case.

He contented that the police, after questioning him following the incident, had floated the theory of involvement of his driver who was scheduled to return the day before the incident but had failed to do so. In the event, Mr Hans was taking the payment on his scooter when he was stopped by armed men, one of whom shot him in the leg and took away the cash after a brief struggle.

“Meanwhile, the same day the driver, Tarsem Singh, returned to the house and was told of the incident. He was still with me when the police arrived and informed me that they could not track down the driver. I turned the driver over to the police the same day and have been waiting for my money,” he added.

He says that a Punjab police personnel is also involved in the robbery and is already in the police net. Also, the photo shown by the CIA staff has been identified as Tarsem Singh’s brother-in-law, Joga, who is still absconding. The police, however, has impounded the car involved in the crime but has failed to show any recovery from those rounded up.

Though the police was very active initially and despatched four parties in separate directions in search of the driver, the follow-up has been lax since then, he opines. He informed that he would go to the Director-General of Police for a hearing in the case at his darbar tomorrow

Meanwhile, the Superintendent of Police, Mr Sudhir Chowdhary, said that the police had rounded up two persons involved in the case and that further investigations were on.Back


Man accused of raping step-daughter
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — The police has registered a case against a resident of Sector 45 on the charges of allegedly raping his step-daughter.

According to the police sources, Sanjay Sharma was arrested under Sections 376 and 506 of the IPC on a complaint of his wife, Ms Raj Rani.

The complainant alleged that she was a widow when she married the accused about 10 years ago. She had a daughter and two sons from her previous marriage. She said her daughter, aged about 14, had been suffering sexual assaults by her husband for many years, but, she had come to know about it only recently. He had, reportedly, been threatening to kill the girl if she told about it to anybody.

The accused has absconded while further investigations are on.

Baby deserted: The police has registered a case, following a compliant that someone has deserted a new-born baby behind a house in Sector 31. A case under Section 318 of the IPC has been registered and further investigations are on.

Animals electrocuted: Mr Lakshmi Yadav, a resident of Colony Number 4, reported that someone had illegally taken out an electricity wire from a tubewell for pilferage, as a result of which, a buffalo, a cow, a pig and a dog had been electrocuted. A case under Sections 285 and 429 of the IPC and Section 39 of the Electricity Act has been registered.

Whisky seized: The police has arrested Rajinder Pal, a resident of Panipat from near the roundabout of Sectors 34 and 35 and has seized 249 pouches of whisky from him. A case under Sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act has been registered.

Ornaments stolen: Mr Gurdial Singh, a resident of Sector 52, has reported that some one has stolen some gold ornaments from his house. A case under Sections 454 and 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Car theft: Mr Gurjit Brar, a resident of Sector 11, has reported that his white Maruti car, HR-12-A-5802, has been stolen from a parking lot in Sector 17. A case has been registered.


Houses burgled: Burglars broke into a house in Phase 3B2 here past night and decamped with electronic goods, gas cylinders and other valuables. The police has registered a case under Sections 380 and 457 of the IPC on the basis of a complaint lodged by the owner of the house, Mr Sarabjit Singh.

In another incident, burglars broke into a house in Phase VII past night and decamped with Rs 20,000 in cash while the occupants were asleep. While the thieves were searching the house, its owner, Mr M.S. Bedi woke up.

The burglars, tried to escape in a car parked outside the house, but, had to leave it behind when chased by Mr Bedi. According to the information available, a call to the police control room failed to elicit any response.

Attackers booked: At least seven persons of Kansal village have been booked by the police for allegedly bashing up Jiya Lal, a resident of Kansal. A case under Sections 148, 149, 323 and 452 of the IPC has been registered against Ram Sagar, Ran Narayan, Harjinder, Hardeep, Amita, Sandeep and Chameli.

Girl injured: A five-year-old girl, Simran, was injured after being hit by a vehicle near her house in Phase I here yesterday. A case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC has been registered against the vehicle driver.


1 held for power theft: A resident of Sector 15, SC Bishnoi, was arrested for allegedly manipulating the electricity meter at his house with a view to steal power. This came to light after a team of the Electricity Department raided his residence. A case under Section 39 of the Electricity Act was registered against the accused. He was produced in court on Monday following which he was grated bail.

Maruti car stolen: A Maruti Zen, CH-01-Y-2607, was stolen from outside the community centre in Sector 10 late on Sunday night. A case has been registered by the police on the complaint of the owner, Narendra Pal Singla, under Section 379 of the IPC.Back


Runaway murder convict arrested
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, March 6 —The local police arrested a convict, Virender alias Vicky, from Bhansa Tibba village, who was serving a sentence of rigorous imprisonment at the jail in Bhiwani for murder before managing to slip from the clutches of the Ambala police after he was produced in court on February 25.

Vicky had been brought from Bhiwani in connection with another case which had been initiated against him in 1998. He was being taken back to Bhiwani after a date in court at Ambala when he escaped from police custody in Jind, the Superintendent of Police, Mr Sudhir Chowdhary, said here today.

He added that after his arrest by the local police, Vicky was produced before the SDM, Panchkula, and was sent to judicial remand. The Superintendent of Police, Ambala, was also informed.

Mr Chowdhary also said that a case under Section 170, 419, 380 of the IPC had been registered against Rabinder Kumar, a resident of Sonepat, for cheating. Giving details of the incident, he said that the accused went to centre number three in a local school yesterday where the examination for Deputy Ranger, Forests, was going on. Posing as a CID Inspector, Rabinder Kumar, informed the supervisor that he had been deputed for the smooth conduct of examination.

He stole the answersheet and question paper of a candidate who was absent and returned with the same when the examination got over. He tried to slip in this paper with the rest when the answersheets of all candidates were collected. The superintendent of the centre, Mr SP Chand, noticed this and informed the police.

In an incident where a driver in the Railways department, Ajaib Singh, was murdered by an Inspector, Surinder, following an altercation, when the former approached him for leave, the Kalka police has arrested Vishal, the son of the accused who was party to the murder. Earlier, the police had arrested Surinder while his son was absconding.

The police also recovered 100 and 50 pouches from the possession of Raj Kumar alias Raju and Jasbir Singh, respectively. While the former is a resident of Ambala, the latter is a resident of Madanpur village of Chandi Mandir. A case under the Excise has been registered against the two. Back


Bids for maintenance of Sector 17
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — With a view to maintaining the beauty of Sector 17 and making it a resource-generating and entertainment centre, the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) has invited bids from consultants.

According to sources, the consultants have been asked to submit a comprehensive strategic plan for the overall development of the sector. Special emphasis would be laid on the proper utilisation of the open spaces so as to raise requisite resources for the maintenance and development of the sector, which had been plagued by a number of problems, including that of the encroachments.

Besides, the selected consultant will be required to carry out the detailed survey of the needs of the shopkeepers, residents, office-goers and visitors. And the maintenance and management of the common areas will be an important task of the consultant.

The firms will be shortlisted on the basis of their experience in the urban development and design, resource mobilisation, dealing with international and national agencies, state governments and the development authorities. The agencies, which have carried out such projects and were carrying out such works, will be given preference.

It may be recalled that a Delhi-based agency had earlier given a presentation to the civic body on how to maintain the “heart of the City Beautiful” and explore the possibilities of raising resources by utilising open spaces in the sector. The current proposal of the MCC seemed to be an offshot of the presentation.

The sources highlighted that the presentation of the firm was a good one yet keeping in view the transparency these bids had been invited. The work will only be allotted after firms gave their presentations, the sources added.Back


Now Internet via cable
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, March 6 — A private Internet service provider, in Sector 8, has started a system by which users will not need a telephone or a modem to dial and connect to the server.

Sab Infotech has provided connections through a cable in Sector 9 that lands directly on to the Local Area Network (LAN) card installed in each computer. It is like using a Wide Area Network (WAN), explained, Mr Sandeep Sharma, Director of the company. Users do not have to use a telephone line or a modem, but pay a fixed monthly charge or have an option to pay it annually. The rates vary for cyber cafe operators, who offer their services on hire to users.

The system works through radio waves from the company’s server. A powerful multi-directional antenna imported from Israel has been installed. This can transmit radio waves in a radius of 15 km. The company has provided a user-end antenna in Sector 9. A 128-kb per second (KBPS) band width is available through radio waves between the user end antenna and the company serve.

The company has laid down a secured ‘ethernet’ cable network that connects various users. This cable carries signals from the computer to the antennae in Sector 9 and further onto the company server.

The cost of a telephone call is done away with as also the cost of a modem, said Mr Sharma. Each user has been provided with a separate identification code on the Internet protocol number as per the required norms. Security is maintained through these identification codes and no one can use or hack someone else’s computer without giving out the identification code matching the Internet protocol number.

The system has been operational for about a week or so in the Sector 9 market along Madhya Marg. Work is on to provide connections in the Sectors 17 and 34 markets and Modern Housing Complex in Mani Majra, company officials said. Back

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