Friday, June 9, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


PSEB’s inhospitable attitude towards hotels
Tourist potential of Punjab remains untapped
From A. S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — Strange are the ways of the Punjab government. Its left hand does not seem to know what the right is doing. While the Punjab Government has declared hotel and tourism as an industry, the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) continues to treat it as another commercial business activity not entitled to any concessions.

Hotel and tourism was designated as industry by the government vide its notification dated 20.3.1996 when Mr Harcharan Singh Brar was the Chief Minister of the state.

According to that notification, industrial tariff should be charged from hotels on par with other industrial units, argues Mr N. S. Nanda, president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Punjab, in a talk with TNS. But the PSEB insists on charging commercial tariff from the hotels, causing huge losses to them.

As a matter of fact, when this issue was brought to the notice of Mr G. S. Sohal, Chairman of the PSEB, during an interaction with the representatives of the local trade, commerce and industry, Mr Sohal was reportedly quite rough in his response. He made it clear that the board had no intention of charging industrial tariff from the hotels because it was a commercial activity. In any case, the board had not heard anything to the contrary from the government so far.

Mr Sohal told a deputation led by Mr Nanda that the PSEB was already in the red and could not spare any funds for extending any concessions to the hotel and tourism industry. There was no question of the PSEB consulting any other section of the consumers before revising its power tariff. "Do you ask your customers before revising your tariff", Mr Sohal reportedly put a counter question to the deputationists representing the hotel industry.

"You are free to approach the Punjab Government regarding concessions admissible to you as an industry. I have no money", he said.

As a matter of fact, the sales regulations of the board which had been approved by the government as recently as October-November 99, include "hotels/motels, departmental stores, shops, guesthouses, restaurants, office etc in clause 86 of the sales regulations of the PSEB dealing with the schedule of tariff for non-residential supply (NRS)".

Mr Nanda points out that hotel and tourism industry has emerged as the number three industry in India after gem and jewellery and readymade garments in earning foreign exchange of about Rs 13,000 crore which is expected to go up to Rs 14,000 crore within two years. It has also become number one industry in providing employment in direct or indirect ways in the country.

The Government of India has now realised the importance of this industry and recent decisions by the Centre about liberal grants, foreign collaborations, enhanced interest subsidies, import entitlements and tax incentives etc have generated a new hope as regards foreign tourist arrivals.

Today tourism is the largest export industry in the world and second largest export industry of India. Keeping in view the importance of tourism, the central and many state governments have accorded it the status of industry, offering a number of incentives and concessions.

Mr Nanda points out that the agriculture-based economy of the state, due to dwindling land holdings, cannot sustain its high per capita income for a long time. Hence, there has to be diversification from this.

The location of Punjab, as a border state, puts certain constraints on the establishment of heavy industry. It is, therefore, important that tourism which promotes regional development and economic diversification be encouraged in the state to strengthen its economic base.

Tourism, which is now the world’s largest industry, has the potential of becoming the world’s first “peace industry”. A tourist can be a goodwill ambassador for the region. Tourists builds people-to-people bridges which are required in the region. Let peace follow tourism. With the development of domestic tourism, the country can discover for itself what the Punjabis stand for and also understand the true spirit of Punjab and Punjabi hospitality. The state needs more tourists to understand its people and land blessed with a rich heritage.

The Ministry of Tourism has identified some major thrust areas for development. It has recommended diversification from culture-oriented tourism to "Holiday-to-leisure" tourism. It has further recommended development of selected tourist circuits, including Buddhist centres, thus clearly pointing towards the importance of pilgrim tourists. The Buddhist circuit of Sarnath has been identified for major development.

Mr Nanda is of the view that Roza Sharif at Sirhind, Ram Tirath and the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Maghi-famed Muktsar, Baisakhi-famed Talwandi Sabo and the birth of the Khalsa, Anandpur Sahib, should be developed as major tourists centres in the state.

There are a number of places of cultural importance, pilgrimage centres, historical places, traditional crafts, fair and festivals, dances, sport activities, tasteful and world renowned cuisine in Punjab. Tourist spots like the Sheesh Mahal and the Baradari of Patiala, Ludhiana forts, the Bhakra Dam, the Hussainiwala and the Wagah borders, Sanghol, Mudki etc should be developed by the government and to make them worth seeing places for the tourists.

Punjab is a gateway to Chandigarh, Kashmir, Kulu, Manali and Shimla hills and as such new tourist circuits linking Chandigarh, Bhakra, Ropar, Anandpur Sahib, Amritsar, Goindwal, Ferozepore, Muktar, Ludhiana may be created thus improving the tourist potential in the state.Back


Boy drowns bathing in boating pond
From Our Correspondent 

LUDHIANA, June 8 —Tragedy struck today Dev Raj and his wife Asha Rani as their only child Nitin died while bathing in the boating pond in an amusement park near here.

Nitin (11) was on picnic along with 40 other students of Lal Chand Bhatia School. The students were accompanied by Principal Rajesh Bhatia and five teachers to Hardys World.

The parents were shocked at the tragedy. Asha Rani was inconsolable. She was crying bitterly at the loss of her only child. The father, Dev Raj, a factory worker, was dumfounded. It was grief and gloom all around. He only said in utter shock, "I have lost the only precious possession of my life and have no hope to have another child".

The accident took place around 2.30 p.m. at Hardys World when the Principal along with few of his students was bathing in the pond. The depth of the pond is said to be between two to three feet.

As he came to know that Nitin was missing, all of them started a search in the pond. Subsequently, Nitin was found lying in the pond. He was immediately taken out of the pond. The child was gasping. Apparently due to lack of quick medical aid in the amusement park, the child lost his life.

Nitin's mother had reportedly insisted upon the teachers to ensure that her son did not go near the water. The parents feel that had proper care been taken, their child might have been alive.

Shrugging off the responsibility Mr Gursharan Aggarwal, the owner of Hardys World said, "We have mentioned at different places in our amusement park that swimming is not allowed for children below 14 years.

The in charge of the pond was also bathing along with the children. Although all of them tried their best the child could not survive due to the lack of proper medical arrangements. Back


Boogie-Woogie culture almost a way of life
From Ruchika Mohindra
Tribune News service

LUDHIANA, June 8 —The change can almost be called revolutionary. From a couple of years ago when the disco deewane of the city would go to the swanky discotheques in Chandigarh and Delhi for entertainment on the weekends to this day when they need the slightest opportunity to throw a party and turn footloose.

The Manchester of India is finally waking up to the Boogie-Woogie culture, with the opening of two discos and lavish dance parties being thrown-up for any kind of celebration—be it the pre-marriage celebrations, birthday bashes, anniversaries or 'mundan' ceremony of a two-year-old-child.

Says Gurbir Kahlon, Managing Director of Wild Shot, a pub-cum-discotheque, ''From being a class culture to being accepted as a mass culture, boogie-woogying has finally arrived in the city."

He says that because of the fact that most upwardly mobile city residents have experienced the metropolitan culture during their frequent trips to cities like Delhi and Mumbai and abroad, they have now accepted this culture, the proof being the huge clientele that he caters to.

It is not as if the disco culture has been rediscovered. It was always there, but somehow got relegated to the background. Says Vineet Adiya, a businessman, who loves to party, "With the advent of the music channels like Channel V and MTV, especially in the smaller cities like Ludhiana, the rate of change in frequenting the discos has been much faster."

So other than the Vengaboys, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Sting, the city residents are also swaying to Daler Mehndi, Instant Karma and Anaamika. But it is Indipop that is really in and going great guns. The genesis that started with Alisha Chinoy (remember Made In India) Sharon Prabhakar and Remo Fernandes has scaled unbelievable heights.

Opines Vineet Adiya, "Five years ago, the right kind of music was not available. it was either purely Western Or Indian. The Indipop that has now emerged on the scene is more in line with the body rhythm. This fusion music has gone very well with the youngsters and adults, who did not know the specific dance forms like waltz or tango, and has instead helped evolve a more free flowing dance form."

Also, gone are the days when the host himself played the music and it is now considered impossible to host a party without a disc jockey (DJ). There are presently some 200-odd DJ's in the city. Bhanu Ahuja, a leading Dj in the city, performs at almost one party a week and during the marriage season, is booked for all days of the month, sometimes for two to three parties a day.

Unlike in the past, a lot of money is being spent on parties. One party can cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh, which covers the cost of dance floor, light arrangements and music. It could be another Rs 600 per head for the booze and food.

Informs Bhanu,"This culture is prevalent in only 30 per cent of society. However, the market is rapidly growing and I am also receiving clientele from amongst the rural elite." He, however, rules out that profits in his business are huge and complains that most profits have to be ploughed back into the business as the CD's and other equipment have to be changed at short and regular intervals.

And quite interestingly, it is not just the younger generation that is hooked on to the disco culture. a number of kitty parties for couples are often considered complete only if the hosts have made arrangement for the members to turn footloose, by setting up a dance floor and having arranged a DJ.

Says Sonal Jain, a middle-aged housewife, "Though the city has advanced in almost every way, it still bears a small town mentality- with not very many girls allowed to go out alone and party. As a result, couple kitties turning into dance parties have gained wider acceptance."

However, most people believe that this culture is still at an evolutionary stage as compared to cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore. Says Rohit Pahwa, a regular in the city's party circles, "Although there has been a substantial change with regard to better music and more intermingling of boys and girls, the actual places for going out are not available. Add to this the mental block in the city residents that girls who party will be labeled as 'fast.' As a result the culture has not really penetrated into the city's social fabric."

His views are corroborated by Bhanu, who feels that the safety factor forbids most youngsters from frequenting the discotheques in the city. "As a result this culture is only limited to family functions or to places where the entire party crowd is known to each other. This is the biggest reason that private dance parties in the city are what mainly form the dance culture, rather than the frequenting of discos, as is common everywhere else.


Congress leader booked in murder case
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 —The sensational murder of Sanjay Kumar, alias Dabbu, took a new turn with the police booking senior Congress leader Pappi Shahpuriya on charges of destroying evidence in the case.

In a press conference held here last evening, DSP (Detective) Satish Malhotra and CIA in charge B.S.Brar informed that while they had arrested three persons in the case, Pappi and other accused had absconded.

It may be noted that the police had arrested three others involved in the case on June 3. The persons who have been arrested today are Om Dutt Raja,a PCO owner, Kuldeep Singh, alias Sonu, and Sukhi, both police informers who are believed to have got the deceased released from the Model Town police station and handed him over to the killers.

It may also be noted that Dabbu and the main accused, Aman Goel, were sworn enemies and had been involved in many fights before. On May 25, Goel along with five others had stabbed Dabbu to death and later thrown the body in the Sirhind Canal. Aman Goel had later confessed to his crime and surrendered at the Model Town police station. The case was then handed over to the CIA staff and subsequently other accused were identified.

The DSP also informed that it was at a plot owned by Pappi where they met his gunman Phula. It is alleged that Aman Goel was also an associate of the Congress leader and when Pappi was informed of the murder, he allegedly not only helped them dispose of the body but later also helped them in destroying the evidence at his plot. 


‘Punjab Gaurav’ to come up at Ludhiana
From Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — It is a project world may talk about . The city, known in all nook and corners of the world, for its industries and trade potential, is finally on the path of being dotted boldly on the world tourism map as well . The Improvement Trust here has finalised a mega project of constructing a city centre , tentatively titled ‘ Punjab Gaurav ‘ project , near the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on Ludhiana - Ferozepore road.

The sprawling city-centre will come up in 25 acres of land as part of the 475-acre ambitious development scheme of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar area. While most of the area has been earmarked for residential houses along with space for few shopping complexes , the real fillip to the attraction of the place has been provided by the finalising of this scheme , boastfully called a first step towards a New Ludhiana township by the Improvement Trust planners.

The scheme conceived way back in 1976 got delayed due to all kinds of problems associated with the land acquisition process . The stalemate over development activities during the dark era of terrorism also hindered the project . Another blockade was the requirement of huge finances for the project.

“The auction of plots or complexes to be constructed by the trust would commence shortly “ said Mr. Madan Mohan Vyas , Chairman, Improvement Trust, while talking to The Tribune about the cherished project. So enthusiastic is the trust about the plan that a model of the proposed project designed by an expert architecture company has been neatly and boldly displayed in the Chairman’s office.

The trust has also called a meeting of architects, planners and certain industrialists and citizens of the city on Sunday to give finishing touches to the project . Mr Vyas informed that the work will start within 6 months and the construction will be finished in three years . The estimated costs, according to the present prices, stand at Rs. 100 crore but is likely to go higher. With an eye on the financial requirements , the trust has modified the scheme by making it of a self-financing nature. Revenue generated from the auction of a plot or a complex would be immediately utilised in the next immediate project.

Mr Vyas said daily thousands of persons which mainly include traders of both national and international levels visit the city but when they go back, they have nothing to talk about the city other than its industries and pollution . “ The city - centre aims to fill this gap “ , he said .

After it comes up the traders will have some place not only for talking business but for also discussing the latest trends as a high - tech exhibition centre would be constructed in 4 acres. Mr. Vyas said the trust aims to make the place most suitable for organisation of trade fairs which, due to paucity of adequate space and infrastructure have been eluding this industrial city.

For persons with craving for some aesthetic satisfaction , the city centre would have art galleries where not only art exhibitions but also museums having no parallel in this part of the world would come up. For tourists there would be no dearth of entertainment facilities.

Then there would be the usual five-star hotels , shopping complexes, showrooms , departmental stores and even offices . Adequate space for construction of roads and special arrangements for parking , a nuisance in this over crowded city , have also been made. Basements having potential of more than thousand vehicles have been made the necessary components of the proposed buildings.

According to the proposed model of the project, considerable space of trees and parks have also been earmarked. Gardens with exquisite sculptures and colourful fountains would add dashes of colour to the project.


Record rainfall in Ludhiana
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — Ludhiana witnessed a record rainfall after the city was lashed by a heavy downpour last night for the second time within three days. It was a welcome shower as the temperature came down by 10°C.

According to Dr G.S. Mahi, an Associate Professor in the Department of Agrometerology in Punjab Agricultural University, it is for the first time in the past four decades that the total rainfall during the first week of June was 68 mm. The normal rainfall for the month of June is 66 mm only.

The people heaved a sigh of relief after the sky turned overcast last evening which was followed by heavy rains during the night. The city witnessed 47 mm rainfall last night. On June 4, the city had witnessed a rainfall of 21 mm.

The second rainfall within a week has also brought down the temperature to 30.8°C, which is about 10°C below the normal temperature. The minimum temperature also came down by a few degrees.

The sky is likey to be overcast in the next 24 hours with scattered rainfall likely at one or two places in the state.

Dr Mahi disclosed that Patiala witnessed heavy downpour last night in the region with 160 mm of rainfall. He pointed out it was the maximum in the past 40 years during the month of June.



From Major Singh to Major Hindustani
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — Driven by the passion of a sportsman to create records, Major Hindustani is all set to make his place in the Guinness Book of Records, by driving a motor cycle while standing on it.

Major Hindustani (25) is working in the Punjab Armed Police for the past 7 years. He is a born adventurist. Right from his school days he was an outstanding sportsman. He was an acclaimed wrestler in his college. He has won several medals in various competitions. In fact he was selected in the PAP on his outstanding achievements in sports only.

Major Hindustani has been practising the art of driving the motor cycle without using the handle for the past two years. Having gained enough confidence he started his adventure trip from Jalandhar around 1.30 pm yesterday. As he reached here around 4 p.m. he was received by a number of people at Samrala Chowk. Major Hindustani plans to conclude his trip in Samrala at the first instance.

Since it is his maiden adventure, he decided to make it not too long. Soon he will start his another journey from Jalandhar to Ambala. He claims, nobody has so far achieved this feat and wants to be first in creating this sort of record.

Major Hindustani wants to inculcate a spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and nationalism into his fellow countrymen, particularly the youth. That is why he changed his name from Major Singh to Major Hindustani. He feels pride in being a proud Indian and says, he will ensure that his country's name is taken with awe with various outstanding sports events, particularly those which are unique.

The idea of going for a long-bike ride without touching the handle struck Major Hindustani during the aerobatics in various police sports meets. He has achieved several honours in those sports events. It took him about two years to get perfect confidence for this long and adventurous drive.

Major Hindustani had all praise for his parents who always encouraged him to achieve difficult things. He also expressed his gratitude to Baba Pritam Dass of Gurdwara Dera Baikunth Dham, Marhewal, Machhiwara road, who had personally come to receive him at Samrala Chowk here today.


Heavy rush for payment of bills
From Monica Sharma

LUDHIANA, June 8 — The telephone subscribers in the city are experiencing a harrowing time in depositing telephone bills in various post offices of the city. While large queues can be witnessed at the payment counters on any given day , the rush crosses all boundaries during the last days of the payment.

Visit any post office to witness the chaos , utter confusion and the perceptible eagerness and irritation among the people who stand long and hard in the serpentine queues waiting for their turn. As the last date approaches, the length of the queues stretch rapidly. So high is the number of the bill-depositers that many have to come next day also as they fail to reach the window even after standing for hours altogether in the long queues.

A survey of some of the worst-affected post-offices by The Tribune today revealed the agony and harassment of the subscribers .

Talking to some of the people they said that this problem was mainly because they do not get the bills well in time. Mr. Bunty Sidhu, who had come to pay the bill said: “This messy situation was the same even when we came four days ago to pay the bill”.

Mr Jasmer Singh, another bill payee, said, “We almost don’t get the bill in time Most of the times we have to pay the bill with penalty”.

Most of the people also complained that they get the bill only two days before the last date which was the root-cause of the inconvenience.

According to official sources, the shortage of staff hampers the proper working .In routine days 3 outlets work for multipurpose articles .Additional 4 outlets are provided from the existing staff during the last four days for the receipt of bills. In sub-offices the situation is much more aggravated due to the shortage of additional hand. There are 46 sub- offices and the telephone bills are divided into two parts of the city.

According to sources, if the areas get exchanged then the rush will get limited. If the people go in the specific areas then the situation will improve. They also said that they are short of staff. A ruling has been passed that there will be no recruitment for 5 years against the vacancy caused by death or retirement. No recruitment against the surplus additional work causes inconvenience to the public as well as staff.

Another major reason is the ignorance of people. The staff at the post office said that it is a habit amongst businessmen to pay the bill on last dates. There are 4 counters for cheques only. The delay by the people to submit the payment, especially by offices and businessmen create disorder. With the number of telephones increasing in the city the bill load has also increased.

Mr. Khan, also said it is not the fault of the Postal Department but of the people who remember the payment of bills only on the last dates.


Government diverts ESI funds towards
payment of salaries
From Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — Private and public sector employees appear to have fallen an unsuspecting preys to the government as well as their employers. While on the one hand hundreds of employers are defaulting on the amount payable towards the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, on the other the state government is diverting the funds supposedly meant for purchasing medicines towards the salaries of the staff in various ESIC hospitals.

Inquiries by the TNS revealed that in Ludhiana alone there are about 40 employers, including some business houses and public sector undertakings, whose arrears amount to more than Rs 50,000. Interestingly, the ESIC had called a meeting of all such employers today and only two of them turned up.

The ESIC has reportedly initiated action against the defaulters. There are some employers who owe as much as Rs 6 lakh towards the corporation. Corporation sources said cases would be withdrawn against all those who deposit their outstanding arrears.

The ESIC primarily provides medical-related facilities to the employees in private and public sector. It also compensates the employees in case they lose any of their workdays and also those who are unable to work due to any permanent physical handicap. Each employer is supposed to deposit 6 per cent of his employee’s salary towards the ESIC. Of this, the employees pay 1.5 per cent of their basic salaries, while the employers pay 4.5 per cent towards the corporation.

In Punjab, the ESIC and the government are supposed to invest at the rate of Rs 600 per insured person, per annum. The amount comes to about Rs 25 crore per annum. Of this the state government has to pay 12.5 per cent. All hospitals of the ESIC are managed by the Punjab Government. The staff is appointed by the state government.

The ESIC stipulates that the salary amount should not be more than 60 per cent, while 40 per cent has to be spent on medicines. However, due to the massive hike in the pay scales of doctors and other employees, the Punjab government has been spending the entire amount on the salaries. This amount, which comes to around Rs 8 crore, was all spent on salaries, while the employees were denied medical benefits in the ESIC hospitals.

Leading industrialists, who are major contributors towards the ESIC have been complaining that despite huge payments they make towards ESIC, the facilities are negligible. One senior officer of a business house with about 3500 employees pointed out that even for a simple X-ray, the patients are asked to get film from outside. There is no ultrasound facility in the hospital here. It is simply a consultation hospital. The issue was raised during a meeting between the Regional Director, ESIC, Mr B. C. Bhardwaj, and various employers, held here today.

The local ESIC hospital refers patients to Patiala, from where the patient, in case the need be are referred to the PGI, Chandigarh. The local employers have been arguing that the ESIC should make some arrangement with the local Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and the Christian Medical College and Hospital as they have a good number of facilities. Moreover, the patients will not need to run to Patiala and Chandigarh. The ESIC sources said they had been communicating with the two local hospitals so that some arrangement is arrived at.


Congress attacks SAD-BJP policies
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, June 8 — There was a spate of protest dharna in the city on Wednesday by activists of the Congress in response to a call given by the PPCC to raise voice against mis-governance by the SAD (B)-BJP government in Punjab.

Hundreds of party workers led by former Punjab Assembly Speaker. Harnam Das Johar sat on a dharna at the Jawahar Nagar Camp locality here. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Johar lambasted the Centre for cut in subsidies on PDS foodgrain and fertilisers which had adversely affected the poor and the farming community. Criticising the state government led by Mr Parkash Singh Badal for its failure on economic, he said the dumping of foodgrain, dairy and poultry products by MNCs would ruin the domestic industry, particularly the small-scale and tiny units.

Among others, DCC (U) president Surinder Dawar, BCC president Dharamveer, DYC (U) president Pawan Diwan, Mr Surjit Singh Ahluwalia, leader of Congress in the civic body, party councillors and other activists addressed the dharna.

In Block No. 12, Congress workers staged the protest on the Ferozepore road, near Milk Plant, in which a number of speakers, including BCC president Harinder Singh, Ward presidents Gagandeep Sahil, Inderjit Singh Sunet, Gurmel Pardesi and Darbara Singh and other party leaders, Mr Nahar Singh Gill and Mr Manjit Singh Malerkotla, took the SAD-BJP government to task for its faulty policies and betrayal of the masses.


Ludhiana is proud of Sahir

On the threshold of the 21st century, Ludhiana is agog with new expectations. On the commercial level it has made tremendous progress and is bound to take a long leap in the near future. Amidst the financial hub, it seems as if the metropolitan city had no moods of its own. Apparently it betrays its preoccupations with material substance, both solid and dense. There are no humanitarian and no sentimental touches. The cavalcade is pressing forth, with no backward glances. Indeed this is the dominating demeanour of the city, having the population of two million and a half. The resultant rush and pollution have in a way camouflaged the aspirations of the people who reside in it.

At the very outset, I want to assert that the heart of this city is sound. It beats rhythmically when a lilting song is presented on the stage. Still more, it loves the poets, artists and writers who have imbued it with modern sensibilities. The prophets of doom are sadly mistaken as the renewing process is going on at all levels all the time.

Ludhiana is proud of Sahir Ludhianvi who was the son of the soil but later left the city for pastures new. It is also proud of Prof Mohan Singh, who made this city his home at the twilight of his life. The people pay their tributes, at regular intervals, to both these Urdu and Punjabi poets. They love them passionately and cherish their associations with this city. They may renounce their material comforts, but cannot part with the memory of these two great poets of international fame. In this literary and cultural atmosphere, the old as well as the new generation finds itself doubly blessed with the rich heritage.

Two decades ago, it seemed to me that the city had lost its centre, and, in the words of W.B. Yeats — ‘Things fall apart/The centre cannot hold.’ Perhaps it was passing through the throes of a new birth. Everything was topsy-turvy, as it appeared to a new comer like me. The cycle of life at that time was moving in an haphazard manner. Hurry was the hallmark but it was like hurrying away from oneself. The destination was unknown and the horizon was indistinct. It was the time when new avenues of progress and prosperity were being explored. The interdependence of these two aspects of human life had only been realised lately.

Progress and prosperity are the two wheels on which this city is fast moving ahead. With these two aspects are linked higher aspirations in the fields of formal education, professional education, industrial growth, information technology, fashion designing and what not.

There is no respite as the pressure of competition is sweeping the individuals off their feet.This is life in all its manifestations.

One cannot but be a part of the grand design, the like of which is hard to find in this part of the land. The busy people, the overwrought people, the business-minded people, callous people, the generous people, the commerce oriented people and the status conscious people lose their labels and tags when the time comes to appreciate the achievements of the sons and daughters of this grand city in all walks of life.



Banda Bahadur’s martyrdom day
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, June 8 — The martyrdom day of Bairagi Baba Banda Singh Bahadur will be observed at Panjabi Bhavan here from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Friday, according to a press note issued by the Bairagi Mahan Mandal Punjab here on Wednesday. The decision was taken at a meeting of the mandal held on Wednesday which was attended by mandal president Krishan Kumar Bawa, patron Hari Dass Bawa, Mahant Suraj Mani, Mahant Gian Das Maqsoodran, Mr Baldev Bawa, president, Banda Bahadur Brigade, and Ms Shanti Bawa, president, Bairagi Mahan Mandal’s Ladies Wing.

Mr Bawa urged the government to officially observe the day and to construct memorial to him.


Cop body taken to native village
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8—The body of constable Nidhan Singh, who allegedly committed suicide at the residence of Punjab Mandi Board Chairman, Mal Singh Ghuman yesterday, was today taken to his native village, Chak Sharief, by his relatives.

The body was brought to the L.M.Civil Hospital here late last evening and the post-mortem examination was done today.

It is learnt that the father of the deceased, Gurbaksh Singh, his mother, a younger brother and a maternal uncle, Surjit Singh had arrived at Mullanpur Dakha yesterday after hearing the news of the his suicide. They said Nidhan Singh had joined duty on June 6 and expressed surprise over the incident.Back


Gang busted; three held
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — The CIA staff claims to have busted a gang involved in stealing of LPG from gas cylinders and later filling the gas in empty cylinders and selling.

The three accused in the case have been identified as Badru, Dhananjay and Davinder Singh and a case under Sections 7 of the EC Act and 420 of the IPC has been registered. The device used for removing the gas from cylinders, nine gas filled cylinders and three empty cylinders have been recovered from their possession.

DSP Satish Malhotra informed that CIA-in charge, B.S.Brar had received an information that they were stealing gas from cylinders at the Simlapuri area and after a raid they were arrested.

It was also learnt that the miscreants were helped by the godown in-charge of the gas company, who was providing them empty cylinders. It is learnt that around 2 kg of gas was being taken out from a cylinder and one cylinder was being filled after taking out gas from six cylinders.

Home guard jawan manhandled: A Punjab home guard jawan was allegedly manhandled by three miscreants when he tried to stop them while they were fleeing the scene after injuring a scooterist in a road accident on June 6.

In an FIR registered at the Division No.5 police station under Sections 353,352,337,279 and 427 of the IPC on a complaint of home guard jawan Jagdish Rai against Deepak Rai Verma, Amrinder Singh and Harpreet Singh. It has been alleged that the car in which the three youths were travelling hit a scooter with registration number PB-10S-2182 at the Ghumar Mandi chowk and this resulted in injuries to Sunil Kumar. The home guard who was posted on duty there tried to stop them, but they managed to flee.

It is learnt that the jawan tried to follow them and managed to stop them near the Police Lines Gate No.2, but the accused manhandled him.

Kerosene recovered: A police party led by Inspector Paramjit Singh of the Focal Point Police Station has seized 1100 litres of kerosene which was allegedly being transported for black marketing in a tanker with registration number PB-10AG- 9931. A case under Section 7 of the E.C. Act has been registered against Lakhvir Singh, Tejinder Singh, Rajinder Singh and Manjinder Singh.


‘Rationalise tax structure’
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, June 8 — Demanding rationalisation of road tax structure for public carrier vehicles in Punjab, the Ludhiana Goods Transport Companies Association (LGTCA) has asserted that the move would augment the tax collections in the state in a big way.

Presiding over the first delegate session of the LGTCA here today, its President, Mr Pardhan Singh, emphasised the need to bring the road tax in Punjab at a par with other neighbouring states like Haryana and Rajasthan. Because of a huge difference in the rate of road tax, the truck operators were compelled to get their vehicles registered in those states.

According to Mr. Mewa Singh Kular, general secretary of the association, more than 150 delegates attended the meeting, and the SAD (B) Vice-President Mr Amarjit Singh Bhatia, was the chief guest at the occasion.

In a resolution adopted at the session, the LGTCA urged the state Transport Department to set up driving schools for public carrier vehicles to train new drivers and to update the driving skills of others to enable them handle the new generation vehicles efficiently. The association also flayed the cumbersome procedures for issuance of new driving licences and called for its simplification.


Ludhiana industry talks green
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, June 8 — The Ludhiana industry has started talking green, urging the district administration to arrange for plantation of trees around their industrial complexes for mitigating the environmental problems.

Speaking at the ‘welcome function’ organised in honour of Deputy Commissioner S.K Sandhu, the President of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, Mr Inderjeet Singh Pradhan, listed several issues concerning Ludhiana. The speakers also expressed concern over the impact of World Trade Organisation on the Indian industry.

Mr Pradhan drew the attention of the DC towards the poor condition of roads, parks, streets and the sewerage system in Focal Point and Industrial area. He sought special attention of the Punjab Small Industries Engineering Corporation and the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. He demanded that a campaign needed to be launched for growing more trees and developing green belts to mitigate the pollution from such areas.

The chamber President pointed out the priority needed to be accorded to the sanitation conditions in the Ludhiana city. He said, streets and roads are dumped with garbage which needed to be collected and separate sites should be earmarked for collective dumping. He said, there was no arrangement for dumping the industrial waste and it had been accumulating outside industrial units. He said the general condition of the roads in the city was pitiable. Mr Pradhan demanded that the roads be repaired on a priority basis.

Among other demands listed by the chamber included construction of railway flyover connecting GT Road with the Focal Point, controlling the traffic and noise pollution and restriction on display of vulgar posters in the city.

The Deputy Commissioner while expressing his gratitude towards the chamber assured assistance and cooperation from the district administration. He said whenever the industry’s interest comes at stake or for the discussion with the government, he will act as its (industry’s) spokesman.

Mr Sandhu appreciated the concern shown by the Ludhiana industry towards the general problems of the city. He assured that most of the problems will be solved within a month and action initiated in other cases.

The Deputy Commissioner was also presented a memento and a shawl by Mr Pradhan on behalf of the Ludhiana industry.


First prize for JD stall
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, June 8 Mrs Savita Jain, branch director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, received the first prize on behalf of the institute for the best theme-based stall at Welkom Palace here on Monday.

The stall, that was put up by the Institute in the four-day exhibition-cum-competition had ‘summer cool’ as its theme. It presented the view of an air-conditioned reception office, complete with glass doors.

The city Mayor, Mr Apinder Singh Grewal, gave away the prizes. The institute proposes to hold another exhibition at the same venue in a week’s time to enable those to see it who missed it the first time.

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