Tuesday, June 13, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


RBI rejects applications of 100 NBFCs
Laments people’s ignorance about fly-by-night firms
By Amarjit Thind
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — The lure of high interest offered by non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) continues to attract investors despite the crash of several such companies in the past, leaving thousands of gullible people high and dry.

The Reserve Bank of India has rejected the applications of more than 100 companies, mostly based in the Doaba region, in the past and is carrying out advertisements in major newspapers of the region. In addition, the local police has also been intimated by the RBI that the papers for the 38 companies have been turned down by it since they do not comply with RBI norms and hence cannot collect money from the public..

Expressing their inability to intervene on their own when they receive such information, senior police officers say they can only initiate action once a complaint is received from the public. It is not possible to keep a watch on their functioning, but if people patronise such companies, they themselves should be ready to face the consequences.

This in spite of the fact that everyday people keep on reading in the newspapers about people being defrauded of their hard-earned money. There have been numerous instances where people, taken in by the tall promises of these companies, invested all their life’s savings are now running from pillar to post to get these back.

The officers said that the process of getting the money is long and cumbersome. There are no instances where the money has been fully returned to the investors. In most cases, the money was either invested elsewhere or siphoned off abroad.

It may be recalled that the police had to seek the help of the Interpol to arrest the director of one such local company, Rajesh Syal, and Ramesh Chander Kaushik, who reportedly fled the country after duping investors of crores of rupees. Both carried a reward of Rs 10,000 each on their head.

Both were directors of Marigold Forests and Alpine Floritech Limited, both agro forestry companies, which had been accepting deposits from investors by promising high rates of interest. The company had its head office at the NAC Area, Mani Majra.

The bubble burst when many investors complained that the company was not honouring its commitment by either paying the interest on their money or the deposits which had matured. The matter was investigated by the Special Crimes Cell and a case was registered against the duo.

Police sources said the duo had been siphoning funds from the company for the past many years and had taken away a vast sum and had reportedly invested it there. Cases under Sections 406 \ 420 \ 120-B of the IPC, are registered against them at the Mani Majra police station and the case is under trial.

According to police sources, the applications of the companies turned down by the RBI include: Cool House Finance Pvt Ltd, Sector 7-C, Chataniya Hire Purchase Ltd, Sector 20-A, Durga Mercantile and Deposits Pvt Ltd, Sector 27-D, Roopina Finance and Investment Pvt Ltd, Sector 19-C, M\s Chandigarh Finlease Pvt Ltd, Sector 19-B, Spitz Investment and Traders Pvt Ltd, Industrial Area, Phase I, Damos Investment Pvt Ltd, Shivalik Enclave, Sharma Tent and Finlease Pvt Ltd, Marigold Finance and Leasing Pvt Ltd, Panchali Housing Pvt Ltd, Panchshikha Pvt Ltd, all in the NAC, Mani Majra.

Besides, the papers of these companies have also been turned by the RBI M\s Sahaj Financial Services Ltd, Sector 32-D, M\s Mayfair Capital Services Ltd, Sector 34-A, M\s Proteus Lease and Finance Ltd, Sector 34-A, M\s Bhandal Hire Purchase Pvt Ltd, Sector 34-A, M\s Dhandi Finance and Investment Ltd, Sector 34-A, M\s Regency Credits Pvt Ltd, Sector 34-C, M\s Sai Nath Trade Finvest Pvt Ltd, Sector 35-B, M\s Rio Credits Sector 35-B, M\s Anukrit Holdings Pvt Ltd, Sector 35-B, M\s V K Sood Leasing Finance Ltd, Sector 35-B and M\s Amit Finance Ltd, Sector 37 - A.

More companies in this category are M\s Mohindra Finance Service Ltd, M\s Ashoka Estate Building, M\s Love Luck Company, M\s Safe Wary Credit Company, M\s Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited, M\s Excel Marketing System Company, and M\s Assam Credit, all in Sector 9-D. Those in Sector 8 include M\s Autoline and P V Vasudeva and Company, M\s Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd, M\s Esanda Financier, M\s A V Motor, M\s Mafat Lal Finance, M\s MGF India Ltd, and M\s Viswas Financier, all in Sector 8-C, and M\s Chopsons Finance Pvt Ltd, Sector 22-C. 


Man beaten up, robbed of gold chain 
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, June 12—A local businessman, Mr Varinder Batta, was beaten up by three miscreants on the dividing road of Sectors 6 and 7 late last night before being robbed of a gold chain with a pendant reportedly worth Rs 40,000. A report in this regard has been registered at the Sector 7 police post.

Narrating the sequence of events, 38-year-old Batta said after closing his shop in Sector 7 at 10.30 p.m. he was on his way home in the same sector. However, he decided to take the outer road and came on to the road dividing Sectors 6 and 7. He said three men who spoke Haryanavi signalled him to stop.

"I thought they needed help and came to a halt. Immediately, one of them arrived at my car window and snatched the keys. The other pulled me out and the three beat me up. One of them snatched my chain following which they dispersed in different directions,'' he explained.

Mr Batta informed that while one of them went in the direction of Sector 7, two fled towards Sector 6. He chased them and raised an alarm but nobody came forward to help since it was around 11p.m. and there was hardly anybody on the road. He said he later informed the police about the incident.

However, the police version brings out an altogether different side to the story. The police said Mr Batta informed them of the incident only after midnight even though it took place between 10:30 and 11 p.m. He was unable to explain the lost time when enquired about it.

Also, he was in an inebriated state when he arrived at the police post and was taken for the medical examination at the General Hospital in Sector 6. He was also unable to give a clue about the direction taken by the miscreants and whatever he said was incomprehensible. The police immediately called in a few members of the Sector 7 Market Association as witnesses of his condition.

The police said inquiries around the scene of crime revealed that there was no witnesses in the case. A rehriwala standing right next to the place where the car of the victim was found parked said he had also not noticed anything untoward. Meanwhile, a thorough inquiry will be conducted before registering a case.

However, the well-lighted roundabout nearby has many visitors and ice-cream vendors thronging the place in the evening.

Visitors said like many families who visited the area, a number of youth from the adjoining colonies had been seen hanging around the place, making the presence of the police a must, especially during late evenings.


Land acquisition: relief will be meagre
By Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — Compensation in lieu of acquisition of 229 acres of prime land spread over villages of Badheri, Kajehri and Palsora, located south of Sectors 41, 43, 40, respectively, is likely to be fixed between Rs 11 and 12 lakh per acre, sources said, while disclosing that the sum is much below the going average market rates.

In some cases, like in village Badheri, the compensation — if its awarded at Rs 12 lakh per acre — will be almost half of the average of land sales registered during the last one year. Even at this rate its going to cost the Administration almost Rs 27.5 crore. The sum that will be under Rs 12 lakh per acre is likely to be the award. Actually, according to sources, the Chandigarh Administration has taken into account the average market price of the last 3 years of the three villages, clubbed it together and arrived at an average that will be the figure for compensation.

However, under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, the average rate in the preceding one year from the date of notification under section 4 of the Act, has to be taken into account for deciding upon the compensation. Mr Bhupinder Singh Badheri, a former sarpanch of Badheri village, says “such a low compensation will force farmers to go to court where the compensation is invariably enhanced but its of little or no use for the farmer, who is paid in installments and at a much latter date.”

He says the Administration should be more people-friendly and go by the rules to take into account only the revenue accounts of sales registered in the past one year. He claims “the one year’s average for Badheri village works out to be Rs 25.31 lakh.” Meanwhile a Palsora-based villager added that average for Palsora was Rs 17 lakh while in Kajheri it was Rs 14 lakh, per acre. This has been overlooked.

Another villager added: “In Chandigarh a 10-marla plot (that is just 5 per cent of the size of one acre) costs Rs 25 lakh on an average and here the Administration is acquiring an acre for Rs 12 lakh. Sources in Punjab say “compensation for lands in Punjab is presently being awarded at Rs 16 lakh per acre.” Considering the price of real estate in Chandigarh, the compensation is on the lower side, say villagers.

Land owners in the three villages will also be at a loss as certain amendments have been carried out in the scheme to rehabilitate the oustees, whose lands have been acquired. Earlier, plots used to be given , now the land owners will be entitled for a Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) flat. The CHB reserves 1 per cent of flats in its new schemes for oustees and it may take several years for all the oustees to be rehabilitated.


Majority of city autos lack third-party insurance
By Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — With the traffic condition going from bad to worse, danger is already looming large on the city roads. And not just that. There is a lot more that a man on the road should be worried about, especially when about 80 per cent auto rickshaws in the city are plying without a valid third party insurance. This is being done in blatant violation of the laws made in favour of the necessity for insurance against third party risk.

A survey conducted by the Chandigarh Tribune revealed that the registration certificates in possession of a number of autorickshaw drivers are invalid. While many drivers declined to show their registration certificates (RCs) apprehending trouble, the rest had illegal RCs in the sense that while they were using diesel as the type of fuel, their RC was indicating petrol against the column of the type of fuel used. Also, seen in this context, the engine number of the vehicle actually registered becomes invalid and incorrect for the number must have changed when the owner had changed the type of fuel.

Although many drivers claimed that they did possess an insurance policy to cover the third party risk, the policy so possessed is invalid, because it is issued with regard to the vehicle which was using petrol as fuel.

An insurance agent, when contacted for clarification in this connection, informed: “These people operate through touts. The normal practice is that a company insures their vehicles without often inspecting the same. And in case an accident occurs later, sometime the injured man can’t lay the claim because when the claim has to be paid the company inspects the vehicle and finds that the insurance cover it provided was in favour of a vehicle which is actually not existing.”

Ironically, the practice is going on and is defeating the very purpose of covering third party risk. The autorickshaw drivers, meanwhile, continue to deceive the law by not informing the registering authority about the alterations being made in his vehicle.

Another notable fact is that many autorickshaws plying in the city are easily over 15 years old (belonging to CH-V series issued in about 1966) and hence need to get their RC renewed. This practice, according to sources, is also not being followed.

Although the onus of detecting violations pertaining to invalid RCs lies on the local traffic police, the personnel express their limitations in this regard. Sources in the department point out that many drivers have often been challaned for this violation but they pay the fine and are back on the roads. Now it is for the State Transport Authority to conduct a regular inspection of such autorickshaws and impound them.

What does the law provide?

Section 146 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, deals with the third party risk. Sub section 1 of this Section clearly states: “No person shall use, or cause or allow any other person to use a motor vehicle in a public place unless there is in force in relation to the use of this vehicle a policy of insurance complying with the requirement of this chapter.

Section 52 of MV Act specifies: that the owner of motor vehicle shall so alter the vehicle that particulars contained in the certificate of registration are no longer accurate, unless he has given a notice to the registering authority or he has obtained the approval of that registering authority to make such alteration.


Kashmiri migrants to be evicted: Jacob
By Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — The Chandigarh Administration has decided to evict Kashmiri migrants staying in transit accommodation at some community centres in the city. In an informal chat with Chandigarh Tribune some days ago, the Administrator, Lieut-Gen JFR Jacob (retd), said that a decision has been taken to restore all these community centres to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.

The Kashmiri migrants had been staying in the community centres since 1990. Though initially they occupied several community centres, but now they have only three community centres under their occupation.

At present there are at best 20-odd families staying in community centres in Sectors 20, 29 and 40. The maximum number of these families - eleven - are in Sector 20 where they have also been allowed to run roadside vends from inside the Community Centre premises.

General Jacob said that the Administration was in the process of finalising ward committees as proposed in the Municipal Corporation Act.

The Union Urban Development Minister during his visit had agreed to consider various suggestions made by the Councillors of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, including extending the term of Mayor from one year to three years.

General Jacob said that the Minister made it clear to the Councillors that they must generate revenue on their own to keep the civic body going.

General Jacob said that the Administration was still looking for a sponsor for the Football Academy and also help from NGOs and others to provide meals to slum children coming to night schools.

“I also want to introduce a trophy in football or hockey for juniors,” he said maintaining that sports need to be popularised in the city in a big way.

“In the long term, I also want Chandigarh airport to be expanded and converted into an international airport. The landing strip is available, all we need is a bigger terminal building. But it will need lot of money and time to come through.

“Jet Airways have agreed to put a bigger aircraft on Chandigarh-Delhi sector provided the volume of traffic grows. At the same time, the Administration is keen to introduce hopper service from here to Amritsar and back. To other places in Punjab, it may not be economical,” the General said.

Where will we go? We cannot afford two-room flats,”
say Kashmiri migrants

“We have been living in this community centre for the past more than nine years with hardly any iota of privacy,” said a Kashmiri woman who had migrated from Anantnag to the city in 1990 after a spate of terrorist incidents against minority community there. “I run a fast food kiosk in the evenings from this community centre to make both ends meet. Initially we were four families in this centre. But the number of families has now swelled to 11. In the two halls, now we have 44 people living with bare minimum facilities. There is only one toilet. We know how we had been managing ourselves in this place,” she says maintaining that two-room flats being offered to migrant families were beyond their reach.

“None of us can make a downpayment of Rs 70,000 and pay Rs 3,000 a month as monthly instalment for the flats they plan to offer to us,” declares another Kashmiri migrant, who runs a vend of bamboo ware and other handicarfts.

“Here in Chandigarh, any migrant who comes and encroaches upon government land, gets a dwelling unit in three to five years time. But we have been here, languishing in these community centres for the past 10 years, but there is no such scheme for our rehabilitation. When the Administration talks of December 8, 1996, as cut off date, why not consider us for the similar Economically Weaker Section Rehabilitation Schemes’. We have been impressing upon the Administration to reduce the monthly instalment to half. We would take the flats offered to us.

“We had initially proposed that the Administration should give one job to each Kashmiri migrant family. This would help in the rehabilitation of all such families,” commented another Kashmiri migrant youth, presently employed in a private company as computer specialist in accountancy.

The Kashmiri migrants maintain that they get ration worth Rs 1200 a month for the entire family from the Administration as special sustenance. Except for 20-odd families staying in three community centres, they maintain, there is no other help from the Administration.

“Rather, sword of uncertainty hangs over our heads continuously. We have to run, beg and get either water supply or power supply restored to our centres. And if all this is not enough, we are regularly threatened with eviction,” they said.


Life extension study on Mi-8
By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — With its chopper fleet nearing the end of its service lifespan and procuring new flying machines being a prohibitively expensive proposition, the IAF will undertake studies to extend the life of the aging Mi-8 helicopter.

The Air Officer Commanding, No.3 Base Repair Depot, Air Cmde Arvinda Agrawal, said that the project was being initiated here and the study was expected to take about an year. No.3 BRD is responsible for the repair, maintenance and overhaul of all Soviet origin helicopters in the IAF’s inventory.

“During the period, the Mi-8 will be stripped and each part will be scrutinised and studied in detail to find the effect aging has had on its various components,” Air Cmde Agrawal said.

The Mi-8, inducted into the IAF over a period from 1971 to 1985, is a medium lift transport chopper used for communication, paradropping, casualty evacuation and special heli-borne operations. It equips seven helicopter units besides a separate, specially modified detachment attached with Air Headquarters for VVIP duties. The first batch procured from the erstwhile Soviet Union is nearing the end of its airframe lifespan.

The lifespan of transport aircraft, including that of rotor wing aircraft is considered in two ways — calendar life, which is measured in years, and fatigue life, which is calculated in terms of flying hours and depends on the wear and tear of its components.

“Given the pattern of duties and flying configuration of transport aircraft, including civilian aircraft vis-a-vis combat aircraft, the trend worldover is that the calendar life of transport aircraft expires much earlier than the fatigue life,” the AOC said.

The calendar life of a Mi-8 chopper is stated to be 30 years, while the fatigue life is 12,000 hours. Although the first batch is nearing the end of its calendar life, sources say that so far only about half of its fatigue life has been exhausted.

Officers said that with half the stipulated fatigue life of these choppers still left, it makes a viable proposition to extend the calendar life of these aircraft beyond 30 years.

This is the first time that the IAF will be undertaking such a study. The reason of course is economic. Though the production of the Mi-8 has been stopped, its successor, the more powerful Mi-17 — which came into the limelight for strafing operations in Kargil last year — costs in excess of Rs 13 crore. Replacing ageing transport choppers in the face of shrinking budgets, political indecision and different priorities is something the IAF cannot afford.

Already a “loose” consortium consisting of the IAF, the National Aeronautical Laboratory, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory and other DRDO agencies has been formed to assist in the programme.

The IGCAR comes into the picture on account of using non-destructive testing techniques (NDTT), also used to detect radiation leaks in nuclear plants. NDTT is used for detecting minute cracks in metal components as well as other structural weaknesses, which otherwise cannot be detected using convectional methods.


Resumption of showroom site ordered
By Poonam Batth
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — In a significant order, the UT Estate Office has ordered the resumption of a showroom site in Sector 7-C for its alleged misuse and has sought that the tenant bank be asked to deposit Rs 60,000 per month as damages for use and occupation with the Estate Office till the time of eviction.

The case pertains to the misuse of site No: 26, which was originally allotted for the purpose of sale of `building material’, but the same was being allegedly misused by the owner who had rented it out to `the Indian Overseas Bank’ and was charging Rs 60,000 per month as rent. The order of resumption had earlier been passed in 1993, but the same had been set aside in an appeal before the Chief Administrator. The case was remanded back to the Estate Officer for giving both the parties an opportunity to plead their case before passing the orders.

During the arguments, both the allottee and the bank contended that the use of the building by the bank came within the category of ‘Special Trade’ and hence could not be held to be misused. Moreover, since the bank was rendering a public utility service, it should be construed that there was no misuse. They had further submitted that the owner had already applied for change in trade and that the same should be considered and notice of resumption be withdrawn. The bank took the plea of discrimination on the ground that many other such premises were being used by banks in that area.

Refuting the arguments, Assistant Estate Officer, Mr S.P. Arora, in his orders passed on June 8, held that the site in question was allotted for a specific purpose of storing ‘building material’ and as per the rules, its present use for a bank amounts to misuse.

The AEO has further contended that the owner’s application for a change of trade also does not find any merit. The allottee has not been able to prove that he has been running the business himself and because of his failure to run the business successfully in that area, he wants a change of trade. But since the building has been rented out to bank, the request cannot be considered at this stage.

While passing the resumption orders, the AEO has ordered the forfeiture of 10 per cent of the total amount of premium of plot, plus interest and other dues payable in respect of sale of site. Keeping in view the provisions of Section 7(2) of the Public Premises ( Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act, 1971, he has further sought that the tenant deposits Rs 60,000 per month as damages for use and occupation, which by the resumption order is vested with the Estate office.

In the orders, it has been observed that once the order of resumption is passed, it takes many years to execute the orders and ultimately the eviction proceedings by the EO (PP) Act. Then there is remedy of appeal, revision and at times the orders are challenged before the High Court in writ petitions. During all this period, the allottee/owners continue to take undue benefit of misuse for which the building has been ordered to be resumed.


Poor response to MC plan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — There seems to be no response to the plan of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) to privatise printing and distribution of the combined water and electricity bills in the city.

According to sources, even though the civic body had prepared the terms and conditions for the privatisation of printing of bills and advertised the proposal in the Press, no party had shown interest in the MCC’s plan aimed at conserving the resources.

It may be recalled that currently the civic body spends an amount of over Rs 10 lakh per year on the printing and distribution of over 1.25 lakh bills in the city.

It was proposed to provide a small space for advertisement to the company undertaking the job of printing and distribution of the bills. In this way, the MCC hoped to save an amount of Rs 10 lakh while the company could have advertised its products in the city by inserting small advertisement in the bills.

Now the civic body is likely to restart the process and for that matter the terms and conditions could be amended, the sources said.

Takes over: Mr Swaran Singh, Xen of the Public Health Division No IV, has taken over as the Superintending Engineer after Mr Manmohanjit Singh, SE, proceeded on leave.


Pilot’s death mourned
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr Om Parkash Chautala, the Haryana Governor, Mr Mahabir Prasad, former Chief Minister of Punjab Harcharan Singh Brar and his wife, Mrs Gurbinder Kaur Brar, today mourned the death of Mr Rajesh Pilot.

The Punjab Congress Legislature Party, (PCLP), the Punjab Pradesh Youth Congress and certain senior leaders of the Congress party have expressed grief over the untimely death of the former Union Minister, Mr Rajesh Pilot. Mr Devinder Singh Babbu, President of the Punjab unit of the Youth Congress, said the party had lost a promising leader.


MC ex-councillors violating code of conduct: SDM
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, June 12 — The local SDM today said that former municipal councillors were claiming credit for civic work being undertaken in the town on his order and thereby violating the code of conduct for elections.

Mr Jai Pal Singh said wherever civic work was undertaken in wards certain municipal councillors of those areas claimed among voters that they were getting it done in fulfilment of promises. This, he said, amounted to a violation of the code of conduct for the civic elections, which were scheduled to be held on August 20.

The SDM said he would be writing to the Election Commission about the activities of the former municipal councillors and he warned that they might be debarred from contesting the elections.

He said that the civic body had undertaken a cleanliness drive in the township which started on June 7 and would be completed in three week’s time.

The work includes repairing of roads, cleaning road berms and road gullies, cutting of congress grass, and improving streetlight functioning and sanitation work.


School sites auctioned amid confusion
Tribune News Service 

PANCHKULA, June 12—There was utter confusion at the venue for the auction of four school sites in the office of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) in Sector 6 which began over four hours behind schedule and proved to be a damp squib with only five bidders in the fray.

Even though interested parties had arrived at the venue by 11 a.m., the presiding officer, the Administrator, was not available for proceedings to begin. The other members, which included the Estate Officer, an Xen, and the District Town Planner, were also present though they had no information about the whereabouts of the Administrator.

The bidders raised slogans against officials of HUDA to express resentment in the face of no information since it was not even clear whether or not the auction would take place at all. Speaking in raised voices, they contended that the whole affair had been a farce, especially since nobody was in a position to explain the delay after they had been called in at 11 a.m.

By lunch time, only five bidders had deposited the fees with the office. This included two interested parties from the school sites put up for auction. Till then, nobody was actually aware of the exact status of the auction and deliberated in groups outside the HUDA building.

Around 3.30 p.m. the auction finally got underway in the presence of five bidders. The Superintending Engineer, Mr Jogi Ram, was the presiding officer.

Three of the four sites went for Rs 1000 more than the respective reserve prices, which included the cost of construction as well. These included Gyandeep Nursery School (Rs 1,05,87,000), Nav Bal Niketan (Rs 1,75,83,000) and New India Public School (Rs 1,01 02,000). Their reserve prices had been fixed by a committee appointed to estimate the cost of construction which was finalised by the Chief Engineer.

The only school site which had no takers was that of Vijay Model School in Sector 17 with a reserve price of Rs 67.44 lakh. Though it was kept pending at the beginning of the auction, the site was withdrawn later.

The auction of four sites was over within half-an-hour and two parties managed to retain their respective schools. Nav Bal Niketan was taken over by the Western Education Society as none of these bids met any counter-bids by those present.


Security intensified in Kharar
From Our Correspondent

KHARAR, June 12 — Mr Rupinder Singh, DSP Kharar, has appealed to the residents of the town not to panic due to the recent incidents of robberies and asked them to inform the police immediately if any incident happens.

While talking to The Tribune here today he claimed that the police had intensified the patrolling in the area and the criminals were under observation. He said the town was divided into five zones and special nakas were laid at five points. He said even ‘thikri pehras’ were held in the town and in the surrounding villages.


Robbery case solved
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, June 12—The local police claims to have solved a case of robbery in which a shopkeeper of Sector 7 was robbed of Rs 12,000 and a gold chain at gunpoint on June 3. The breakthrough came after a special team of the local police comprising Mr Rajiv Deswal, Inspector, Mr Om Prakash and Mr Babu Ram, in charge of the Sector 7 and 16 police posts, respectively, was constituted to look into the case.

The team was sent to Punjab where they managed to locate the alleged suspect, Harbhajan Singh, a resident of Fathegarh Sahib, who had returned to his home after one-and-a-half month after serving seven years in jail and was involved in the incident.

Also, the car used in the crime, was recovered from the residence of another alleged accused, Bhimgiri, staying in Patiala. The accused was working as a driver for the victim an year back.

Meanwhile, the Beopar Mandal, in a letter to the SP, Mrs Kala Ramachandran, has demanded that arms licences should be provided to traders who need these on priority basis, all entry and exit points of the city should be manned and patrolling should be increased in the markets.



One booked
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, June 12 —The local police has booked a miscreant for allegedly using abusive language on telephone with the wife of an IPS officer living in Commando Complex in Phase 11 here.

According to information, the officer with the Fourth Commando Battalion of Punjab Police complained to the police and traced the telephone number of the caller. A case under Sections 170 and 506 of the IPC has been registered.


2 purse-snatching incidents in city
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, June 12 — The police has increased the number of nakas in the southern sectors following two incidents of snatching late last night. A meeting of the SHOs was held by the SSP here this morning.

According to sources, Sector 33 resident Mrs Brij Bhushan reported that two scooter borne persons snatched her purse while she was walking with her husband near the Sector 32/33 roundabout. The purse contained Rs 9,000 in cash besides other valuables.

Similarly, Mrs Surya Pandit, a resident of the same sector, reported that two scooterborne youth had also snatched her purse from near the mini market while she was going somewhere. Due to the darkness, the number of the scooter could not be taken down by the women.

Further investigations are on.

Robbed of Rs 10,000
An NRI, Mr Balwan Chand, reported that two youths who were travelling with him on the Delhi — Anandpur Sahib bus, reportedly offered him a cold drink which had been laced with some substance, consuming which, he fell asleep. When he woke up in the city, he discovered that Rs 10, 000, his gold bracelet and a briefcase had been stolen. He today lodged a complaint and identified the duo as members of a gang which has been arrested by the city police.

Cops hurt in mishap
Two constables of the local force, Ranbir Singh and Surinder Kumar, were hit and injured by a Sector 8 resident in Sector 18. The driver, Ms Shiriya Singh, has been arrested and the injured personnel have been admitted to the General Hospital. A case under Section 279/337, IPC, has been registered.

Theft complaint
Dr Mamta Gupta, a resident of Sector 37, reported that Raju, her servant, had decamped with Rs 2 lakh. She reportedly does not know his address. A case under Section 381, IPC, has been registered.

Whisky seized
The police arrested Pala Ram, a resident of Kumhar colony and recovered 13 bottles of whisky. A case under Section 61/1/14 of the Excise Act has been registered.

8 held
The police has arrested eight persons — Ashuteysh, Varinder, Anupam, Jatinder, Pardeep, Wazid Ahmed, Fazroj Ahmad and Mohinder Singh — under Section 107/151, of the Cr P C for apprehension of breach of peace.


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