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Sunday, July 2, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

There’s no ‘fixing’ Saif!
By Madhur Mittal

FOR many weeks now, the hottest topic of debate ‘n’ discussion has been (yes, you got it) "match fixing" and, more importantly, "match fixers" in the once clean and uncorrupt world of cricket. Not surprising in the least, that this virus has infected Bollywood stars, too.

Saif Ali KhanAs a matter of furore, certain celluloid celebs are so persuasive in their perceptions, that they would like to see this sport scrapped altogether in India! "A bloody waste of money and human resources...!" they yelled in unison at a recent rally here in Mumbai.

However, I personally found the (humorous) attitude of Saif AliKhan (lest we forget, the son of one of India’s greatest cricket icons — Mansoor Ali Khan, the former Nawab of Pataudi) rather interesting. "God I’m so sick of the news headlines exposing virtually the entire cricketing community in bribery scandals, that I am glad I became a khiladi in movies, not the game ground as I was keen to, before ,mum and dad almost disowned me. I’m even happier that my ‘match’ with wifey Amrita Singh wasn’t a ‘fixed’ one.

Touche, Chhote Nawab!

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Relax, Mr Kher!

I honestly wonder what kind of powered pep pills Anupam Kher is popping these days and nights! Believe me, this guy is simply bursting with energy ‘n’ enterprise... practically desperate to do a lot of new, things "simultaneously"!

Guiding (or is the apt word ‘goading’?) Anupam in his ventures is none other than filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor! After Kher’s "much acclaimed" Bengali film, Bariwali, won the NETPAC Award of "Best Asian Film" at the Berlin Filmfest, he is full of (wild) ideas — like, turning full-time director with Aatma: A Love Story With A Soul. AK has already roped in the big AK (Anil Kapoor) to form a production company called Voice Entertainment, imagine! The point is: Whose voice will it be?

And then he insists that Aishwarya Rai is dying to work with him! Is that a promise or a prophesy? Relax, Mr Kher!

Stuntman Baweja

As far as I can remember, Harry Baweja is one filmmaker who goes more for highlighting the emotional and romantic content in his films, rather than rely on out and out action (Dilwale, Diljale, Betaabi). And he’s good at it, too.

But I’m told by a unit member of his new movie — Deewane — that Harry is putting loads of ‘stress’ of the sensational stunts this time. Apparently inspired by the Bond and other Hollywood action biggies, he’s trying to give viewers "thrills" in his own, desi way! Like, one of the most expensive stunt sequences he has shot is with Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar (in a Gypsy) being chased by a helicopter that just won’t quit, right through a low tunnel et al.

Baweja is rather thrilled with his own brand of special effects. Why do I get this nagging feeling that I’ve seen the whole scene without having seen any of Deewane? Perhaps, because I’ve seen Mission Impossible yes?

No more, DD!

Don’t get the wrong drift, guys, I’ve nothing against Doordarshan — the "DD" I’m writing against happens to be Bollywood’s bawdy director: David Dhawan!

We all know how he’s supposed to be terrific at making comedies and, more often than not, churning out box office blasters, right? Surely, enough is enough, Yaar, I mean, he’s got to realise where and when to stop or have someone tell him that! Otherwise, (with loyalist Govinda) he’s likely to give us all a bad case of insomnia or indigestion.

I’ve only seen a few sneak scenes, and I shudder to think what he’s made Chi Chi and Sanjay Dutt to through in his forthcoming film — Jodi No. 1 Govinda in a swimsuit and Sanjay in nothing except a strategically clutched pillow isn’t ha-ha... it’s horrifying ! Help!

Rumour has it...

The Abhishek Bachchan now has "a torrid" hot scene going with Sonali Bendre!!

... that Boney Kapoor is resurrecting Kajol in a role (wifey) Sri was keen to do!