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Monday, September 18, 2000
The world of  dot.com

Radio broadcast in Hindi from Germany


This is an online radio service broadcast in Hindi from Germany. Radio Deutsche Welle is a popular radio station, which is available on the Internet and can be tuned on radio sets. On this site, you can listen to programmes related to socio-economic matters, current affairs, latest opportunities in Germany, political matters, sports and entertainment in Hindi and Sanskrit. This is a good site for all Hindi radio lovers.


Itís the first Olympics of this millennium. If you are looking for information on sports schedules, results, views and opinions, then you can log on to this site for the most comprehensive information. You can keep yourself updated with the latest happening in Sydney. In short, an extravaganza for sports lovers. Another site, www.olympics.com/eng is the official site for the Sydney Olympics. It has some information on Olympics that might be of interest. Check it out for more information and use it as ready reckoner of facts and statistics related to the Olympics.



Why should you go to a restaurant for trying out a new dish when you can have it at your home. Log on to http://www.allindia.com/cuisine/jkalra/default.htm for Indian dishes and new recipes by Jiggs Kalra. This site hosts a lot of recipes on gourmet cooking. The site is updated every week and new recipes are added to its huge database. A site of interest, especially for all non-vegetarian food lovers.


Internet is full of free stuff. There are a lot of sites, which are offering a lot of goodies to woo customers to their site. One such site is http://www.all-4-free.com. On this site, you will find numerous categories of freebies, like baby stuff, beauty, books, calendars, CDs, graphics, magazines and software. It also hosts thousands of links to other sites offering freebies on the Net.


A site for professionals who want to have an edge in their work. On this site, you can find extensive help on various projects and careers. You can also post your project and seek the help of experts. Some of the major channels of this site are guru guide, portrait, ask an expert, hirer guide and this guru for hire. Besides this, you can also seek information on careers related to legal, finance, IT, management and marketing. In a nutshell, this site is a bridge between the independent professsonals and the contract projects.


This is a good multilingual site, which has contents in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, besides others. On this site, you can find news and information related to various field, including politics, sports and business. You can also find detailed information on major Indian cities. This site has links to popular sites on news, finance, business, politics, sports, films, jobs, travel, religion and computers.