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Monday, September 18, 2000
Free Downloads


MAJORITY of the Internet users have the problem of slow Internet access and almost all of them have suffered because of it. If you are also one of them, then you can download NetSonic. This software can enhance the Internet browsing speed by managing the cache system in an effective way, which results in faster browsing of the sites. Some of the major features of the NetSonic are site exclusion, offline browsing, customised cache location, easy user interface, and compatibility with all browsers. Visit http://www.netsonic.com/index.asp to download this software.

FreeSpeech browser

Imagine how comfortable the life would become, when you order your browser in your voice and the browser follows your instruction. Well! This is no more an imagination. You can now be in command by using the Philips FreeSpeech browser. This is the easiest way to access the Internet as one can use voice instead of hands. For using this software, all you need to do is download it from http://www.speech.philips.com/fsbrowser and install. Use the computer sound card and the mike to give command to the browser, and it will do the rest. After installation, this programme is located as a moveable toolbar on the desktop and is designed to work with the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. There is a lot of more valuable information that can be used to effectively harness this software. However, the minimum requirement for using this software is Pentium 166 MHz with MMX. (Intel Pentium II or better recommended) 


Cache & cookie washer for Netscape

While surfing the Net you may not be even aware that you are constantly on watch. The browser leaves the mark of your presence on the Web site you visited. This mark of presence is called cookie, which is in fact a virtual reference for the Web site you visited. These cookies are a breach of your privacy on the Internet and are considered risky. The cache & cookie washer for Netscape software can be used for cleaning up the mark of presence when using the Netscape. Moreover, it also clears the information regarding the sites you visited on the Internet from the memory and hard disk. Thus, besides ensuring privacy on the Internet, this software also saves the valuable disk space. Though you can manually clean the history of your activities from the Netscape, yet it is a difficult task. Moreover, some files (like the "index.dat" file contained in the history folder of Netscape) cannot be cleaned within Windows. Even if you clean cache, cookies, and history from the Netscape browser regularly, the index.dat files will continue to store information about the Web sites you visited and cookies that have been saved. A common problem is that these index.dat files can grow to an enormous size, taking up drive space and slowing down the Netscape browser. So, if you wish to maintain privacy on the Internet and also save the precious disk space then download this software from http://www.webroot.com. If you are an Internet Explorer user, then you can also down the Internet Explorer version.

First place

Who does not want to be at the first place? Well! In case of the Internet, everyone wants to be on the first page. If you have any Web site or Web page, then in order to make it popular it should be registered with most of the search engines and should appear in the first page or first few pages of the search engine. Though the job of registering with different search engines would be done by you, "First place" would do the second job of bringing your Web site/page in the first page of the search engine by adding special programme codes to the Web pages that will control how the special META tags created by First place™ will be read by search engines to help ensure that all your Web pages are listed on the top of the First page of all search engines.Download from http://www.tv-broadcaster.com 

BeFaster: Internet speed up toolkit

The faster access you have to the Internet, the better it is. However, there are many factors that are critical for the speed of the Internet. Most of these factors, like telephone lines, are beyond one’s control. In order to boost up the Internet connection you can use BeFaster, released by software company, Ekrem Deniz, which is a toolkit of utilities. It carries out certain changes to the hidden files, registry and other settings in order to prevent fragmentation of data transfers. This software supports both dial up and the ISDN modems. This software is easy to install and can be configured manually or automatically. It also offers a solution to the most common problem of disconnection as it has a super ping, which prevents connection from dropping. This software can be downloaded from www.befaster.cjb.net 

WorldCom Internet dialler

Just like a browser, the Internet dialler also plays an important role. The normal diallers suffer from many limitations like single number dialling and no redialling facility. Thus, in order to avoid all botheration of getting connected to the ISP, download WorldCom Internet dialler from http://www.win-media.com. The software has a simple and user-friendly interface and includes several features like support for the multiple Internet service provider, launching of programme on connection, auto-redialling on disconnection, auto reconnect, cost tracking, multiple phone numbers, sound alerts, scheduling of the Internet connections at particular time, keep alive function, which avoids disconnection and hosts of other features.

Animation shop V2.02

Animation is the hot word today. A majority of persons, engaged in the multimedia today, are into some kind of animation activity. You too can try your hands on it. All you need to do is download the shareware version of Animation shop V2.02 from http://www.jasc.com and explore the wonderful world of animation. This software provides designers with advanced animation creation, editing and optimisation tools for the Web. It also has a large number of tools and effects, which can create animated buttons and banners, including customisable text effects, 24-bit colour editing and HTML code generation. This software has a simple and user-friendly interface in which the easy wizards guide users through the steps of creating new animation; while the other wizards help the users prepare their finished animation for optimal display. You can save your creation in any of the popular forms like .gif or .avi.

Internet Turbo 99

This is yet another award-winning Internet solution software, which addresses major Internet problems, like the disconnection and poor Internet speed. It fine-tunes the modem settings to prevent TCP/IP protocols data transfer from fragmentation. Moreover, the ping option keeps the connection alive even in case of no activity by sending and receiving a data package on fixed schedules. Thus, by using this software the overall improvement in your Internet connection could be anywhere up to 200 per cent. This can be downloaded from http://www.clasys.com