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Monday, September 18, 2000
Dr Tribune

I have a PC with Celeron 433 MHz, RAM 64 MB and MB 810 chipset. I have installed new 10.2 GB HDD, but my problem is that it is showing 8.4 GB in C, D, E and F. G is the CD drive. What should I do to solve this problem? I have converted these drives in FAT 32 but no space was recovered. Kindly advice. I have GVC 33.6 ext modem, and the floppy that has its driver is showing an error. How can I load the driver of modem?

— Satnam Singh Arora

Dr Tribune: You have not written which operating system you are using. If you have installed multiple operating systems, including NT4, then please refer to the answers mentioned above. If you have just one operating system, then give more details.

For your modem related problem, if you are not able to use the floppy containing the driver, then you can use the driver of any modem, which uses Rockwell chipset. To my knowledge, the chipset used in 33.6 Kbps GVC modem is of Rockwell. You can use the driver of Dlink, Aztech 33.6 Kbps modem.

This is regarding downloading of music from different sites to my computer. I am able to download songs but when I try to play them I get a message that the path is not correct. The files are stored with .ram (extension) instead of .wav file. I have also downloaded WinAmp as some one told me that will help.

— Mahima Gill


Dr Tribune:
For solving your problem, you should download real player from . For playing .ram extension files, you need real player. If you try other players like, Windows media player or WinAmp, then you will not be able to play it. You can play MP3 files by using WinAmp. You can also play .au, .wav, .mp2, .mid files using WinAmp. But for files beginning with extension "r", for example, .ra, or .rm., you need a real player. If you use Internet Explorer or Netscape 4.7, then it must have been in your system. Regarding your problem related to "path not found" in order to play the correct file you must specify the correct file path also i.e. directory> sub directory ( if any ) > file.

I have an IBM notebook, 365 XD (it is a Pentium). I recently had a problem due to which my computer hangs frequently, even when there are no simultaneous applications going on. I have been suggested to reload Windows. My questions are: 

A) When I reload Windows, will my present + ACI-My documents folder+ACI- and address book in Outlook Express get deleted ?

B) As Windows 95 was pre-loaded in my notebook, I have the back up of Windows 95 on floppies. Reloading by floppies, about 30 of them, will be a problem. How can I reload by a CD

— Surush

Dr Tribune: Regarding your problem, there are three important things:

1) While reinstalling Windows, no user files on your computer will ever get deleted, unless of course you delete them. Reinstalling Windows is a common solution to many problems. In your case also I feel that reinstalling will bring some stability to your computer.

2) If you wish to use the floppies to install Windows 95 again, then there is no problem otherwise you must contact IBM for the CD-ROM. Also you must mention the correct version of your Windows 95. The wrong version would not help you.

3) If you think there is some critical data in your notebook, including Outlook Express, you can take a back up, though unless you format your hard disk your data will not be lost.

I have a Pentium II computer with 4 GB HDD and 32 MB RAM running on Window 98. Few days ago, it developed some booting problem. Every time I switch it on, a different message appears. Like whole screen shows "zeros", sometimes it states "dumping physical memory" and sometimes it says "initial memory low". How can I tackle this problem?

— Sarabdeep Singh

Dr Tribune: At the first instance, it seems your Windows 98 has got corrupt. You should try to reinstall it. Secondly, the problem in your computer could be of RAM also. When, even after reinstalling the system you are not able to get rid of this problem, should you get suspicious about the RAM. Moreover, also please keep the following things in mind in order to keep your computer trouble free. Do not consume too much of computer’s memory by installing unnecessary drivers, fonts or games. Normally the games, including high-end graphics, installs many drivers on your computer, which makes your computer slow. Though you can have games in your computer yet having these in excess may harm your computer by eating up a major chunk of memory. A regular clean up of the hard disk and defragging should be done in order to avoid trouble.

I have a Pentium III 500 MHz with 64 MB RAM and 8 GB HDD. I use Windows 98 as OS. My computer hangs often while playing games or surfing the Internet. Sometimes, while surfing the Internet, it gives the message that Explorer has performed an illegal operation and must be terminated and then all Windows are closed thereafter. After that a message displays: "Kernel l32 has some error." Then I have to shut down the computer by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. Is something wrong with the browser or it is just something else?

2) Earlier, when I used to restart my computer without using the shut down command (in case of a hang-up), it ran Scandisk and performed a test for errors on the hard disk. But from a few days this is not happening. What is the problem with my system?

— Abhishek Arora

Dr Tribune: Your problem is similar to that of Mr Sarabdeep Singh. Please reinstall Windows 98. Also, it seems that your hard disk is full and is left with very less space. If this is true, also please free some hard disk space by uninstalling some programs. Please do not install too many games, drivers or fonts in your system.

What is the POP and SMTP address of Yahoo? Can I configure it in my Outlook Express? What are the advantages of configuring it in Outlook Express?

— Amrinder Singh

Dr Tribune: The POP and SMTP address of Yahoo is pop.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com. You can configure it in Outlook Express and receive mails directly in your inbox. Receiving e-mails of Yahoo account in Outlook is easy and efficient. However, the sending feature is slow and often does not work in slower connections. There are many advantages of configuring Yahoo account in the Outlook Express, as it is convenient and saves a lot of online time.

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