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Monday, September 18, 2000

Radio gaga at indya.com

MUSIC on the Net is fast becoming a craze among the netizens. This phenomenon is not just limited to India, but the world over. The Internet has become a great source of entertainment. In the recent times, the most popular sites on the Internet were the music sites, Napster.com and MP3.com.

In India also, the music download from the Net comes second only to e-mailing as the usage by the young Net surfers. There are a couple of good sites, which are a good source of entertainment on the Internet. One such site is www.indya.com. On this site one can find channels on news, astrology, cinema, e-campus, festivals, lifestyle, music, pets, singing club, sports, travel, women, and Olympics 2000.


Content wise, the site is interesting. For example the music section is rich and contains a wide range of entertainment stuff, including Hindi film songs, Indipop and chart busters. The section on international music is also good and entertaining. The radio gaga and video gaga deserve special mention. On these sections, one can search a huge database of songs, either by artists name or lines of song and play it on computer screen. Other channels, like tune in, sound charts, artists "n" acts and freebies are also interesting.

So much about listening to the music on the Net. Now, if you want to download, record, organise and play music on the computer, then download the MusicMatch JukeBox from http://www.musicmatch.com. This software, gives you good quality sounds with additional features like graphic equalisers. It also has a CD quality MP3 encoding feature, using which you can also digitalise your own library of songs. This is one of the most comprehensive music players available on the Net.

Other good music players are Real player and WinAmp. You can download the real player from www.real.com. It is a common player and normally every one has it but the player available with a majority of persons is of G2 version. Now higher version, like real player version 8 basic, can be downloaded. This is a feature-packed music player and has advance features over the previous version. You can play a large variety of music files using this player like .ra, .rm, .mp3, .mp2, .wav. However, it suffers from two major limitations

1) There is only a 3 band graphic equaliser in this player.

2) A play list cannot be created. So continuous play is not possible and a song is selected individually after a song is over.

However, WinAmp does not have these limitations. Using this software, you can listen to MP3 and other music files except real player files and can organise your play list to play continuous music. This software also has 10-band graphic equaliser, which can add a lot to fizz to the music. You can download this software from www.winamp.com 

There are hundreds of other music players available on the Net but these three music players are being considered hot favourite.