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Monday, September 18, 2000
IT Digest


EAQUIFAX Venture Infotek, the e-infrastructure company for the payment card industry, has announced its plans to set up a shared call centre for the Indian credit card industry.

In the first phase, EVI will set up these centres in eight locations and provide services to all banks that are EVI partners. This is the first initiative of its kind in India.

The call centre will initially service over 14 banks in the country and will benefit banks, merchant establishments and cardholders On the cardholder side, the benefits are 24 hours-7 days a week service and convenient transactions for the customers. The call centre will help minimise the risk to merchant establishments when accepting credit card payments by verifying cardholder balances online.



Agencyfaqs.com has unveiled its first specialised product — theprintprocess. This is a virtual marketplace that brings both buyers and sellers of the print production together, thus helping them work more efficiently. It is a place where agencies and marketers can get the most competitive quotes for their print jobs, free of cost, using their desktop.

Agencies and marketers can log on to www.agencyfaqs.com and go to theprintprocess section to submit their print jobs and request quotations. There is a simplified format in which they can click and provide all relevant information.

Thereafter, print production companies registered with theprintprocess will offer their best quote for each job specified. Based on the online quotation, the agency or marketer can select the printer who best suits its needs.


Cisco Systems has been selected by Oracle Corp. to build a next generation network for the Oracle Software Development Centre in Bangalore. The new network will enable Oracle to meet the high-bandwidth and security demands of their centre, which is a major hub in the company’s global software development network.

Based on the Cisco’s industry-leading Catalyst 6500 switching platform, the network will provide Gigabit Ethernet connectivity at the core and fast ethernet (10/100) mbps links to the centre’s 1,000 users.

Oracle will be able to efficiently manage traffic loads, contain equipment and management costs and plan for future growth and new application, such as Internet telephone with Cisco’s policy-based intelligence, which provide security, quality of service and traffic management capabilities.


Sun Microsystems Inc. says it is making the Solaris operating environment network driver porting kit for Linux drivers available free of charge.

This kit provides scripts and guidelines to let developers convert PCI-based Linux driver source into a binary Solaris driver for the Intel platform.

The driver porting kit will foster compatibility and interoperability between Linux and the Solaris operating environment.


PictureTel Corporation has announced iPower architecture, a new software and hardware architecture that enable revolutionary solutions for real-life, content-rich remote interaction.

iPower is the result of a joint Intel/PictureTel Development effort that takes advantage of Intel’s hardware and chip expertise and PictureTel’s videoconferencing know how.

The iPower architecture consists of a scalable, open PC platform, which provides the first real-life, content-rich interaction by taking aim at traditional challenges.

The PictureTel 900 series allows users to leverage PC functionality into a videoconferencing for the first time and with a single click, share any network-based application and any conference room peripheral, enriching the quality of meetings.

— R. Suryamurthy