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Monday, September 25, 2000
The world of  dot.com

The hammer goes down at 1 paisa


Ever thought about winning a product for 1 paisa. Well! It may sound funny, but it is possible on www.bazee.com. This is Indiaís popular auction site, where the auction starts from 1 paisa. So you can bid for any thing listed on this Web site for 1 paisa only, if nobody bids for it and you continue to remain bidder at 1 paisa, then the product could be yours for 1 paisa only. Even if there are bidders for a product, then also you may stand to gain as you may get the product at a very attractive price, which could be much lower than the market price. If you are looking for a deal, then you can visit this site and search its database for the opportunities available.



This is an excellent Indian site and has a good search engine. This site hosts many interesting channels like News, travel, e-greetings, TV guide, portfolio manager, chat, horoscope, education and shopping. This also offers e-mail facility and has good information on product rating and road map of India. It is basically a complete Indian site and suits the taste of a wide range of persons as it has a good balance of education, information and entertainment.


For comprehensive information on guide to the proper upbringing of child, you can log on www.growingwell.com. This site offers information on childrenís disease free growth. The site has a panel of doctors, whom you can consult for common diseases related to children like asthma, cough or fever. This is basically for parents and the motherís corner is informative and offers extensive guidance to young mothers to take care of their babies in the first few weeks of the child birth. Thus, itís a must-visit site for all new papas and mamas.


As the name suggests this is a site for all mothers. This is an interesting site and has channels like theme parties, family holidays, grand mumís recipes, immunisation calculator, gifts catalogue, features, health talk, integral education and baby stuff exchange. It also has some very good tips on how to be a good mother and a housewife. Overall, it is an interesting site for women.


The Internet without youth portals sounds incomplete. So here is a portal for young Net surfers. It has a look, which would appeal the youth and has channels of their interest. This site hosts crazy quizzes, chat, bazaar, automobiles, business, computers, education, entertainment, food and beverages, health & fitness, leisure, music and virtually every thing that may amuse a youth. You can also participate in discussions and take part in contests.