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Monday, September 25, 2000
Downloads of the week


THERE are few ways of becoming popular in the world ó climb Mount Everest without oxygen, challenge Mike Tyson for a bout or use SearchMe. Well! The first two methods can make you popular in the world. However, SearchMe can make you popular in the cyber world. SearchMe is a utility, which submits your site or any other site you specify, to all major search engines. By submitting your site to a search engine, you invite the search engine to visit your site, index it and add your site to their respective catalogues. Unless you submit your site to a search engine, it will not get recognised as your site, as the search engines never search unindexed sites and also do not go to any site by themselves. Thus, using SearchMe, the site can be submitted to some of the popular search engines like Alexa, Alta Vista, Anzwers, AOL NetFind, Direct Hit, EuroFerret, Excite, FindLink, Google, HotBot, InfoMak, Infoseek, InfoSpace, Lycos, Magellan, MSN.COM, NationalDirectory, Northern Light, PlanetSearch, ScrubtheWeb, SwitchBoard, Web Crawler and WhatUSeek etc. You an download search me from http://theDigitalDetective.com


Internet graphics
finder v3.0

The Internet is a huge source of information; this information is present in the form of text, graphics, videos and audios. For searching text, there are many efficient search engines. However, for searching graphics, the choice available is rather limited. If you love graphics and want to find it on the Net, then you can download Internet graphics finder from http://www.skibbysoft.com . This is a Windows-based 32-bit application software, which searches your query related to graphics in Lycos, AltaVista, and Yahoo! Or Corbis image archives. Thus, using this software you are saved from the frustration of doing an extensive search first and then clicking through dozens of pages only to find images that arenít at all what you had in mind. Using this software you can actually view thumbnails of images before clicking through them. Thus, it can save a lot of time and energy. You can search the desired graphic by just entering a keyword search and using the tree view to access the search site. This software supports jpg, gif, and bmp image file formats. You can also search for images in multiple levels and in pre-defined categories, including arrows, balls, bullets, buttons, lines, backgrounds, icons, clip art, and animated gif.

Site designer

Have you desired to create your own Web page or Web site? Now itís no longer difficult as anybody with working knowledge of computers can design a professional Web site with cool special effects using Site designer. Site designer is a complete solution for the entire Web development requirement. This software has a user-friendly interface and has SiteWizard and SiteStyles to get you started, quickly. It also supports easy drag and drop features like dragging clocks, calendars, drop down link lists, news scrollers and navigators to the page and makes them attractive. Advanced features like master pages, SiteStyles, visual site tree and one button publishing can also be used to make site building and management straightforward and fun. This software can be downloaded from http://www.sitedesigner.com

Internet business cards

Your business card is your introduction to the other person. Till now, business cards were the way of life only in the real world. Now you can also create your virtual business card and distribute them freely to anyone you want in the virtual world too. You can create your virtual business card by using the software Internet business card, with features, which goes much beyond a normal business card. Using this software you can add any text or image on your card, which can be hyperlinked to your e-mail or Web site. Thus, with click of the mouse on your e-mail links, an e-mail application will be launched, which will have filled in information like your name and e-mail address on it. This will provide the receiver of your business card all necessary information, who will be just required to fill in the message window only. However when the person will click the hyperlinked Web address, his Internet browser will be launched, to whisk him away to the your Web site. Your card can easily link the contact person back to you Ė thereby enhancing business communication over the Internet. This software also features a filer, using which you can store and organise all IBCards that you send and receive. This software can be had from http://www.crtechnologies.com/IBCards

McAfee quick clean

McAfee, is one of the most popular anti-virus software company, which also offers some other important utilities. One of them is McAfee quick clean. This utility is an excellent programme, designed to fine-tune your system well by quickly identifying unnecessary files and safely removing them from the system. Besides files, it also identifies and removes junk e-mails and the Internet clutter like downloads and cookies, that accumulate on the PC with the passage of time. Most of the people are not aware of the temporary files that the Internet browser creates on the PC. These are actually a waste and unnecessarily consume valuable resources on the computer. Moreover, due to frequent downloading and unloading of files, some files remain undeleted from the system, which also consumes space. By completely removing files or programs, McAfee quick clean optimises the PC performance and also ensures that important and sensitive data on computer cannot be accessed by unauthorised sources. This software is easy to install and use and removes waste data from computer. In order to save time and keep the system well tuned, you can schedule this software to run automatically at a specified time or activity. Download it from www.download.com


Often you may come across some interesting things on the Internet, which you wish to pick from a Web site and keep it on your computer. Or you might wish to take a screen shot and use it for your own purpose. Well! You can do it all by using SnagIt. SnagIt is a popular and widely used utility, which lets you take a picture of any thing present on the computer screen by pressing a hotkey. It is one of the best screen capture software that captures images, text, and video from the Windows desktop. Using this software, you can effortlessly produce perfect graphics and video. Moreover in order to make the most of this software, there is extensive help available on the Web site. Download this software from http://www.techsmith.com

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