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Monday, September 25, 2000
IT Digest


NATIONAL Semiconductor has introduced a pair of 8-bit ADCs (analog to digital converters) in a new chip-scale, leadless package design.

The ADC08351 and ADC1175-50 A to D converters are both offered in a 24-pin leadless lead frame package, measuring a scant 4.0 by 5.0 mm and a trim 0.8 mm high. The devise requires 2.5 times less board area than the alternative 24-pin TSSOP package for the same chip design.

National’s small form factor package is sized to fit the limited clearance available in small portable camcorders, CD players, mini disks, digital imaging, communications and other compact hand-held consumer designs.



Cisco Systems Inc. leads the worldwide Virtual Private Network market with a 79 per cent share, according to a recent report by the Infonetics Research, an international market research and consulting firm for the networking and telecommunications industry.

The Infonetics study included companies like Lucent, IBM, Intel, Red Creek, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Watchguard and Cisco Systems, amongst others.

VPNs connect branch offices and remote users by utilising a shared or public network such as the Internet, while providing the same security and availability as a private network.

Since VPNs use an existing shared WAN infrastructure, costs are less expensive and deployment is faster than the traditional private networks.

Conexant Systems

Conexant Systems Inc. has introduced the industry’s first integrated audio/modem chipset that can operate across all public telephone networks worldwide.

Conexant’s SmartAMC solution integrates Conexant’s audio and dial-up modem technology to provide a single, worldwide solution, making it ideal for PC manufacturers targeting the price-sensitive consumer market.

The new device supports seamless operation between audio and modem functions during concurrent use, eliminating all concurrency and compatibility issues. It also includes advanced audio and modem features, including wake-on ring, audio game enhancement support and full duplex echo-free speakerphone.

The device also allows users to experience theatre-quality sound while watching a DVD movie on their PC and provides a digital audio output to home sound systems.


Maars Software International Limited has introduced "quantum settlements", an inter-connection settlements management system for national and international calls that provides for fast, flexible and accurate billing verification and settlements.

The product covers 12 modules including settlements, CDR imports, call reprocessing, price plans and rating.

Smart card

Three of the world’s major smart card players — Gemplus, Sun Microsystems and Visa International — have announced the availability of a $ 3 open platform smart card.

The new open platform smart card, named GemXpresso Lite, is based on the multi-application Java card platform. This means it can host various combinations of applications such as loyalty, secure Internet access and an electronic purse, which can co-exist along side Visa’s debit/credit payment applications.

One of the key benefits of the open platform is its dynamic downloading capability that enables applications to be loaded or removed from a card after it had been issued in a highly secure manner.


Lexsite.com, India’s leading legal and taxation site, has launched its first vertical channel on its site dedicated to law and medicine.

The medico-legal channel would cover various legal provisions relevant to medical professionals. The site would inform and educate all those connected with the medical profession about the laws relating to and affecting them.

— R. Suryamurthy

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