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Monday, October 2, 2000
Bits & Bytes

Domain name: Domain name is the virtual Internet address and refers to a Web site address, usually followed by .com, .org, .edu. or .net

Download: Downloading is one of the most commonly used term with reference to the Internet and means copying data from another computer to your computer in general and getting the data from a Web site with reference to the Internet.

Upload: It is just opposite of download. It means copying or sending data or documents from your computer to another computer. With reference to the Internet, it means transporting data from your computer to a Web site.


It is the short form of electronic mail. It is a way of sending message electronically from one computer to another. Users can send memos, letters, and other word-based messages, as well as multimedia documents to any other e-mail address almost instantly anywhere in the world. E-mailing requires a modem, a telephone line to computer, and an e-mail address.

Firewall: Firewall is a security device that places a protective "wall" around a computer or network of computers, keeping it from being accessible to the public.

Hyperlink: Hyperlink is an image or portion of text on a Web page that is linked to another Web page or any portion of the same Web page. If it's a word or phrase, you can tell it's a link because it's another colour, it's underlined, or both. If it's an image, you can tell it's a hyperlink if you see a border around it, or if the cursor changes to a little hand when you drag the cursor over the image with the mouse. You just click on the link to go to another Web page or another place on the same page.

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