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Monday, October 2, 2000
Downloads of the week

E-mail answering machine

Do people complaint about non-reply of e-mails? Well! It happens with most of us, as majority of people are not very prompt in replying. Change your attitude or at least, let people think so. Just download e-mail answering machine from www.research-lab.com/emach.htm and install it on your computer. The function of e-mail answering machine is like a telephone answering machine. It answers the incoming e-mail automatically, when you are not around. This software also has a text-to-voice converter, which can read out the mails. Some other prominent functions of this software are intelligent announcer, intelligent converter, auto reply and auto redirector. Using this software, you can download all mail from the Internet, auto reply them and automatically disconnect the Internet or even shut down the computer, in your absence. Another great feature is the announcement about the nature of the mail received. Thus, you’ll be warned if you receive a virus with your mail.


Pegasus mail

This is a feature-packed e-mail client, which is popular among the users, the world over. This e-mail client can be used on networks and also on stand alone PCs using the WinSock TCP/IP Interface. Although, small yet it is a powerful and fast software. It can be installed on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and has powerful tools to notify the users when a fresh mail arrives. Other major features of this e-mail client are mail filtering, mail merge, support for all major Internet mail-related protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, support for multiple "identities" – allowing to configure all e-mail accounts in one client. It also has a powerful message editor with full formatting capabilities, full-featured address book, offline capability, spell checker (with UK and US English dictionaries), Highlighting of significant messages using your own colour schemes, supports confirmation of reading and confirmation of delivery requests. You can download this from http://www.pegasus.usa.com/ 


A cool e-mail software. You can add background, animation, 3D effects and even sound in your e-mail before sending it. You can also personalise your e-mail. E-cards that are integrated into a message itself, but are not attachments, can also be sent. It also has an e-mail notifier, which announces the arrival of new mails. Thus, using this software you can add some thrill and experience to your mail, a message that goes beyond text. Download this software from http://www.incredimail.com/english/index.html. Before you download, also watch the interactive demo of this programme available on this site.

Multimedia greeting card (e-card) maker for MS-Windows

Multimedia greeting card is free wares that can be used to create electronic greeting cards with graphics or video, text, music and sound and can be send with e-mail or as a hard copy. This software creates the executable file (.exe) of the e greeting card. Thus on reaching the desired address, the receiver just needs to click on the file. The file will automatically expand and will automatically close the card. Using this software, you can also do embedding and link information to your video and graphics. One of the important features of this software is the use of most common files used in graphics and videos like .bmp, .avi, .mid and .wav. Thus the user at the other end does not find any problem in viewing, seeing, and listening to the card. Moreover, the cards created by this software are small in size and are normally below 100 kb; thus it makes it easier to send the file in a short time. Download from http://www.pcww.com/web_mat/freecard.html 


The Internet has become the lifeline of modern business. But the cost associated with it still keeps people away from exploring its full potential. However, with the help of some software you can reduce the Internet cost substantially in an organisation or at a place where many people log on to the Net at the same time. One such software is Wingate. This is a powerful programme, which enables the Internet sharing on all networked computers. Using this software, you can share your Internet connection with your staff or friends without incurring the cost of another connection and an additional phone line. Moreover, it also supports all popular Internet applications and the Internet connection types. A good feature of this software is a good bandwidth for all connections. This software can be had from www.wingate.deerfield.com 

ICQ 2000

This is one the most popular instant communication software that has many value- added features like real time text chatting or voice messaging. The ICQ has one of the largest communities in the Internet world. Using this software, you can transfer files, play games, fire off greeting cards to your 'buddies', and even set up reminders, notes and to do lists. Once you become accustomed to the surfing with this excellent communication tool at your side, you won't want to be without it. Operationally, it is just like any other instant messenger and you can add all your buddies in the contact list. Once any of your buddies comes online you get instant notification either by sound or through a pop up window. You can then initiate a real time text chat or can exchange message with them. Using this software, you can also have a multi-person text conference. So, two or more persons can join the same chat window and can actually do conferencing with each other. It is a feature-packed software, which can be had from http://web.icq.com


Unimobile is a Web-based mobile phone, which stays in the computer. By using it you can send and receive messages on any mobile communication device like pager, mobile phone or hand held set. You can even configure Unimobile to send message on the mobile phone. In a way, it reduces the cost of communication tremendously. The features of this software are endless, however a few major ones are as follows:

Using this software you can send e-mail notification of your POP and Web-based e-mail accounts at any fixed time on your mobile communication device like pager, cellular phone, or hand held. Thus at the set time, you will receive a message on your mobile stating the contents of your inbox of both POP and the Web-based e-mail accounts. This notification includes the name of the sender and the subject of the message. So, doesn’t matter even if you are away from your computer, you can still remain connected with your e-mail. This software does not just connect you to the e-mail account, but also connects you with the world as you can get CNN news free of charge on your mobile. Since receiving message is free, it is at no extra cost. It is excellent software for anybody who wants mobile communication; have it from http://www.unimobile.com 

Excite Assistant

Excite assistant is an excellent compact Internet utility which includes desktop radio, e-mail notification, news & stock information, search, sports scores, weather and TV. Using this software, you can listen to the Internet radio stations with QuickTime streaming media; receive alerts and summaries for your new e-mail messages; and get personalised news, photos, and stock performance streamed straight to your desktop. With the Excite assistant you can also see TV channels just like they appear on the TV. Just click the TV service provider that you use and the channels appear inside the assistant. This can be downloaded from http://www.excite.com/assist/html/download

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