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Monday, October 2, 2000
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Vaastu shastra on ICICI-promoted site


This site is all about real estates. It is promoted by the ICICI and has comprehensive information about real estate, including buying and selling of residential properties, commercial properties and renting. You can log on to this site and also sign up for free membership. On this site, you can find information on home finance, stamp duty, builders plaza, legal matters, taxation, insurance, vaastu shastra, home buying and selling tips and property management. You can post the details of property for listing and also get it pre-approved by the ICICI in order to increase saleability. The site also has yellow pages on real estate, where you can find good bargains and deals. You can also read property-related news and headlines of the last few days.



This site dedicated to the designer in you. If you think you have an aesthetic sense and have a knack for designing anything right from jewellery to landscape, then you must visit this site. It has good articles and information on issues related to designing. You can also learn Web designing through this site as it has a section devoted to Web designing. Other popular sections on this site are colour (which tells you about the basics of colours) design in us, the designer, Web design, content design, Interface design, jewellery design, architectural design and pottery design. It also has detailed informations on designing courses, institutes, good designing books, and designing tools. You can search for material related to designing on this site using its "Greta Design Search". You can also post your design or even your resume if you are a designer.


Looking for a job, then this is an excellent site to visit. It is well-designed and information-packed Web site, which has all necessary information and job openings in the region of Asia-Pacific and the USA. You can search the job countrywise and also apply online. The jobs on this site are updated regularly and you can even search the new jobs daily. It also has the option of notifying about the job of interest through e-mail. This site also has online recruitment network and thus, the employer and employee can interact directly with each other. It has an impressive database of corporate clients and recruitment agencies. It also provides cost-effective recruitment solution to the employers, whereas the job search for the job seekers is free and they can also post their resume free of charge.


For all those who are preparing for SAT, AP, GRE, GMAT or TOEFL this is an excellent site. This site provides extensive information on all these competitive exams and also offers practice test and useful tips, which might be necessary for pursuing these tests. This site also hosts information on examination and services directory, career planning, financial aid and scholarship programmes, published reference material and testing programmes. You can find many more features, including software downloads, news and employment opportunities available on this site. On the whole, this is a must visit site for all those who want to have an edge in career planning.

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