Tuesday, October 3, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Durga puja starts today
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The Durga puja celebrations, a festival which entails the worship of giant clay images of Goddess Durga and her four children — Ganesh, Lakshmi, Kartik and Saraswati — in splendidly decorated marquees, is more of a cultural extravaganza specially for the Bengalis living outside Bengal and where the religious aspect has become merely incidental.

As Hindu mythology goes Goddess Durga an embodiment of power comes down to earth to slay the demon Maheshasura and the triumph of good over evil is celebrated in the form of Durga puja. 

The rituals in the celebrations are many but more than the religious aspects this is the time when the Bengalis try their hand not only in histrionics but also other performing arts like dance and music. The Bengalis in Chandigarh are celebrating the annual Durga puja from tomorrow. 

The puja is celebrated at a number of places in the city. The major ones include Kalibari, the one organised by Air Force personnel in Sector 31 and in Sector 35 by the Bangiya Sanskritik Sammilani. 

The Bangiya Sanskritik Sammilani is conducting its Durga puja on its own premises at cultural site, Banga Bhavan, Sector 35-C on October 3 with the shasthi and these six days of celebrations end with the immersion of the idols in the Ghaggar on October 8. Cultural events will mark each day of these celebrations. 

Group songs, dance and other variety programmes will be held. Famous Bengali plays like Dakhghar, Louha Kapater, Antarale and Noti Binodini will be performed at Bangiya Sanskritik Sammilni. An artist for making the idols of Goddess Durga has come down from West Bengal. People from all communities participate in the celebrations. 

On the last day the idols are decorated and are carried in a procession for immersion. Several competitions are organised in the course of the celebrations by the organisers of the Durga puja. While for the ladies the competitions include conch shell blowing or drawing “alpana” for the young, drawing competitions are also held. And more than winning it is the taking part which is most important.


IAS officer, politician flaunt links
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — A property dispute involving a Haryana IAS officer and a Punjab politician over a bungalow in Sector 5, took another turn today when the police had to be called in with both parties showing off their connections in high circles.

Senior Chandigarh Administration and Chandigarh police officials intervened and advised the cops to let the matter be decided in courts and not take anyone’s side, sources confirmed. The politician had alleged that the IAS officer had replaced the locks on the portion of the house which had been reportedly put by him (the politician) after buying the share from the mother and brother of the IAS official.

The police was called in by the politician and his men. The police party was accompanied by a DSP, the sources said.

The bungalow valued at more than Rs 1.5 crore in the open market, originally belonged to the father of the IAS officer. After his death a will favouring the mother of the IAS officer was submitted to the Estate office. Then the IAS officer and two other legal heirs, including the son of the deceased, submitted affidavits saying that they had no objection if the property was transferred in the name of their mother.

Some vital papers from the file relating to the property are missing from the Estate Office. The Vigilance Department has even indicated that a former Assistant Estate Officer (AEO) had a part to play. The AEO, in his statements to the Vigilance Department had alleged that the file was once called for by the IAS officer concerned.

The IAS officer had filed a case in the court claiming possession of the house as a portion of it was under the control of a sibling of the official. Meanwhile the politician had gone ahead and purchased the house from her mother and brother. The Administration and the police are also screening the actions of its cops, who had reportedly accompanied the politician’s men. 


Liquor flows freely on Gandhi Jayanti
By Nishikant Dwivedi and Kiran Deep

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — It does not matter if it is a dry day and it also happens to be the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation. Liquor vend owners in the surrounding areas of the city were more concerned about their income and flouted the government orders on the dry day. 

Guzzlers had their day as usual as liquor was easily available at various vends. Thanks to a lack of enforcement from the agencies some vends in the city were also open. At many places the official seal put by the excise officials prior to the dry day on the locks of liquor vends were either missing or broke n. These vends were located in SAS Nagar and Kharar subdivisions.

At a liquor vend at Darua near the Chandigarh railway station, while the official seal on the lock was intact, the guzzlers had an access from beneath the half open shutter of the shop. It was not only the guzzlers who had their day, at some places the liquor vend owners were seen selling liquor at a premium. The Tribune team visited number of liquor vends in Chandigarh, SAS Nagar and Panchkula. 

The shutters of the shops were half open and at a few places the bacchus lovers were having their supply from behind the vends. The liquor vend in front of the Chandigarh railway station was seen open, shutter half up, at 5.15 p.m. 

The owner when asked why he had opened his shop despite the prohibition order, he shot back, "Who are you to ask? Let the police come and I will roll down the shutter." Interestingly, he had not broken the seal but somehow he had managed to roll up the shutter. It may be mentioned that the Punjab Excise and Taxation authorities had ordered closure of all liquor vends in SAS Nagar and Kharar subdivisions for two days on September 2 last as a punishment for keeping the vends open on dry days. 

The reason of the orders for the closure was that the liquor vends had remained open on the last Independence Day. An Excise Inspector had also been suspended but later reinstated in this connection. Meanwhile, when the Chandigarh Tribune team went to a liquor vend near Zirakpur at 3.30 p.m. the liquor was being sold at a premium. Mr Balwinder Singh, a truck driver, who had to travel more than 15 km to the vend here, said, "We work hard the whole day and in the evening a bottle is must". 

He complained that today he had to pay Rs 10 more for a half bottle. The vend employees admitted of selling liquor at a premium. One of them said, "We are providing them alcohol at our risk. What is wrong if we charge a bit more". With Zirakpur and Mohali having the maximum number of liquor vends opened, shopkeepers here seemed to be least bothered about compliance of the law. 

To top it all, the Chandigarh Tribune team observed certain police personnel buying and enjoying alcohol at these vends. Those requiring a peg or two were also being obliged. A similar scene was witnessed at SAS Nagar. Liquor shops in the markets of Phase 3A and Phase 6 were also open. At Panchkula, vend owners seemed to be more daring. 

A shop in front of Sector 16 on the other side of the road (at 4.30 p.m.) and one near Sector 20 had its shutter up (at 4.45 p.m.). When asked they refused to comment. When the Chandigarh Tribune team reached a liquor vend at Kansal village behind the Punjab and Haryana Secretariat, an attendant rolled down the shutter and refused to talk on the pretext that he would lose his job. 


Student kidnapped, released
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — An engineering student, who was reportedly involved in a tiff with another group at a discotheque last month, was reportedly kidnapped from outside a Sector 17 fast food joint today morning before being released in the evening.

In a statement before the police, the victim — Harmandev Bajwa of Sangrur doing his engineering from Moga — claimed that he was released by the accused outside the Sector 25 cremation grounds. Bajwa also accused the “kidnappers” of injuring him.

According to the Assistant Superintendent of UT Police, Dr Sagar Preet Hooda, Bajwa was medically examined. The ASP added that further investigations into the allegations were on and arrests were likely to be made soon after the authenticity of Bajwa’s story was established.

Dr Hooda stated that a brawl had reportedly taken place between Bajwa and two or three other persons on September 23. Though at that time they had dispersed, today’s kidnapping was, perhaps, an outcome of the incident. But nothing could be stated for sure till the investigations were over, he emphasised.


Highway to be closed for 4 days
From Our Correspondent

DERA BASSI, Oct 2 — Vehicular traffic on the Chandigarh-Ambala road will be closed on the Bhankharpur-Dera Bassi stretch near the level-crossing, from October 3 to 6.The authorities have decided to divert the traffic coming from the Chandigarh side through Bhankharpur-Mubarikpur-Dera Bassi route to rejoin the highway at the local DAV High School. 

The traffic from Ambala will also be asked to use the same route. Authorities have asked people from Ambala to use the Shazadpur — Ramgarh route to reach Panchkula or Kalka. The highway has been closed on orders of the Punjab Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads) to check if the newly created diversion can take the load of traffic. 

If everything is found okay, the highway will be closed to start work on the railway overbridge.Keeping in view the volume of traffic on the highway, the local authorities had asked the Punjab Government for widening of the Dera Bassi-Issapur link road, which rejoins the highway at Bhankharpur. 

The authorities had also opined that the link road would reduce traffic congestion on the link road.Mr Sher Singh Sidhu, SDM, Dera Bassi, said following a representation of the Punjab Government, the Union Ministry of Surface Transport had directed the PWD (B and R) to close the stretch on experimental basis so that the exact carrying capacity of the link road could be ascertained.Earlier, the project was undertaken under the Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Scheme by the state government and the agreement to construct the railway overbridge in two years was signed by the Government of India, Government of Punjab and a Ludhiana based construction company. 

The residents have further demanded that the Dera Bassi-Issapur-Bhankharpur link road be widened so that it can be used for the vehicles coming towards Chandigarh from the Ambala side. The Bhankharpur-Mubarikpur-Dera Bassi diversion should be used only for the vehicles going towards the Ambala side. 


Court firing: HC issues notice
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — Mr Justice V.M.Jain of the Punjab and Haryana High Court has issued show-cause notice to the UT Administration and 25 others respondents as to why the probe into the district court firing incidence in June 1998 be not handed over to the CBI.

The notice was issued on a petition filed by Mr Harminder Singh against the UT Administration and 25 others seeking the CBI probe and cancellation of the proceedings in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate where the Chandigarh police has filed a report seeking the cancellation of the case.

The petitioner has stated that "since the accused are rich and influential persons, close to the Chef Minister of Punjab, and one DSP and some constables are involved in the incidence, the city police is working hand in glove with the accused and the investigation of the case be handed over to CBI or some independent agency".

The petitioner has further said that on June 8 his only son was shot dead allegedly by one Harvinder Singh, alias Vicky, a resident of Barkandi village in Muktsar district, and co-accused Manoj. He said an FIR under Sections 302, 307 and 34, besides the Arms Act, was also registered at the police station north on the same day on the statement of Jagtinder Pal Singh, alias Bagga. 

The police had arrested Manoj but Harvinder escaped from the spot, the petitioner had added. Harvinder Singh was arrested on July 3, 1998 and was produced in court and subsequently remand to police custody till July 6,1998. He has also alleged that on July 6,1998 Manjit Singh Barkandi, jathedar of Muktsar district, along with his gunmen and other supporters fired shots with an intention to threaten and intimidate. 

The firing incidence was witnessed by a number of newsmen, but the investigating agency filed cancellation report for the third time and the petitioner made application to become party in the case as the SHO police station central filed a report in the chief judicial magistrate's court, said the petitioner.


Living in the geographical past
By Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — Going by the atlas being provided to students by many city schools, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, (USSR), still exists as a union, countries like Kazakistan, Uzbekistan and many others exist no where in the world and Czechoslovakia continues to be a single entity instead of two different nations, the Czech Republic of Slovakia.

In the world where information technology rules the roost and the masses are striving hard to take account of every latest happening on the globe many students are made to do with the atlas that have not been revised for years together.In the past decade when a number of developments were taking place and the maps were noticing changes the atlas industry was shaken. 

Every body wanted to possess the latest map available and new editions with changes was the need of the hour, this need was not felt by the school authorities and the Education Department.

A survey of the libraries of a number of schools conducted by Chandigarh Tribune revealed that some schools were not having the new edition of the atlas and some schools did not have the atlas with them at all. The authorities who did not want to be blamed it on to the lack of library funds. 

They said their schools were not provided with any library funds. Not only the atlas maps suggested to the students for practice by many schools are also old. The students are still filling the USSR in the place meant for it instead of the Russian Federation and other countries. West Germany and East Germany are still independent countries and Bosnia is still a part of Yugoslavia.

“The other day my daughter was working on her map master and I suddenly took it from her. I was exasperated to discover that she scribbled the USSR with her pencil in the place in the Asia map. When I asked her about it she said very confidently that this was the USSR. And the book published by that company was suggested by the school itself,” said a parent who lives in Panchkula.

I was disgusted to see that even the teachers did not bother to correct the mistake. I am going to see the principal for the same,” he added. A number of students of many schools contacted by this correspondent did not know about the developments. Not only the students many teachers kept mum when they asked the question. “I did not know anything about the changes till I went to sit for a competitive examination few days ago. 

I was told to write about the two countries formed after the division of Czechoslovakia. I was taken aback when I found this question in the paper. I came home and bought a new atlas and then I could find out the blunder I was committing,” said Kamini, a student.


Men in ‘khaki’ rob resident
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — Mr Ganesh Dutt Pandey, a resident of Indira Colony in Mani Majra, was robbed off Rs 8,250 and a watch by three unidentified persons in “khaki” uniforms, at his house early today.

According to information available, around 2.30 pm the robbers woke up Mr Pandey, who is the president of the Mani Majra block of the Bajrang Dal and vice-president of the Residents Welfare Association. They said they wanted his help to settle a dispute in a neighbouring colony. 

Thinking them to be beat constables, Mr Pandey opened the door. Immediately one of them twisted his arm and snatched his watch while the others picked his trousers in which Rs 8,250 were kept, according to police sources.Mr Pandey runs a confectionery shop in the locality. 

The police believes it to be a case of robbery by local anti-social elements. Mr Pandey had brought the money from his shop and the anti-social elements must have seen him counting the money.A case has been registered.


Capturing life, landscapes in frames
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — His works have always been rated as meaningful in the photography circles. And his reputation as the lensman who captures reality and illusion all at the same time gets re-established with his third solo exhibition now on view at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16.

This time the geologist in Sanjay Kumbkarni has been bared more than ever before, with each of the 49 frames mounted on the walls exposing the majestic trail of the Lahaul and Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. The romance is evident in all works which capture the harsh terrain of the mountainous region on the one hand and the tender emotions, dreams and longings of the denizens of that area on the other. The works have all matured during three months between May and July this year, and an immense effort seems to have gone into giving the final touch to each print. Yet another striking feature of the exhibition is its informative value. As the artist displays his encounters with hilly life and landscape he also takes care to keep the viewer posted about what all he is trying to reflect.

One of his works which captures a damsel of Pangamo village, in Lahaul and Spiti district, he writes on an adjoining chit of paper: Buying local dried peas in a house in this surreal village, Dolma, after some silent delibrations, asked me to take her picture. She posed by this beautiful doorframe, eye on eye....... and then she looked away at some nondescript point on the floor. We see the beauty of the moment and aglow in it mundane, desires....longings of the Spiti girl. Many are ordained to become Buddhist nuns at the age of five.

Apart from people and their innate desires, Sanjay, focuses especially on the grandeur of the region which is strikingly beautiful in its harshness and dullness at the same time.

He begins with shooting Alaror in Lahaul and Spiti district and Korzok in district Ladakh. Yet another great work comes forth in the form of the confluence of Pin and Spiti rivers. Born of related glaciers, the two rivers braid themselves to marry at the feet of Dhankar Gompa.

Sanjay also captures various villages of the region with great intensity. So he shoots the terraced land of Chichum village, the beauty of Kharik (already sold), and then those of Shilling, Changdum and Rangrik. Another major work is the one which shows Tso Moriri (Ladakh) in all its majesty. In the frame every moment seems to be urging to float along the gently lapping shores of the lake.

The languid ambience of the hills has also been captured with equal prowess. Blue hues dominate the hills some of the time....only to break into a bright sunny resplendence some other times.

The exhibition will be on show at the Kala Bhavan till October 7.


People’s movement need of hour”
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — Handling of an issue like Veerappan has been not less than cowardice and the whole system is heading for a collapse because the real people are distanced from decision making and governing.

This was stated by Mr P.C. Dogra, a former Director-General of Punjab Police, in a talk organised by the Panchnad Research Institute here today. People’s movement is the need of the hour to address major social issues of the country, particularly with reference to the ongoing Veerappan episode.

The talk was in context of ramifications of the Veerappan factor. Mr Dogra opined that Veerappan case assumed significance in the context of certain political fronts defending his stand. It was like making heroes out of villains, Mr Dogra said.

There are examples like a criminal wanted in nearly 12 murder cases becoming a minister. The role of the media also needed a debate on certain issues. Perhaps due to a flood of papers and other agencies, certain issue were glamourised in a way, he said.

Mr Dogra said Tamil Nadu and Karnataka governments had been absolute failures in handling of the kidnapping episode. It was a mockery of the political system that one man could hold the whole nation to ransom. The initial government reaction to the kidnapping case seemed a panic reaction. The image of Veerappan was not built in a fortnight. For so many years, he had been operating, without any success on the part of the security forces. A major incident happened occasionally and the system woke up to decry the forces.

Mr Dogra said there was lack of consistency in security forces’ action. The biggest lacunae was lack of killer instinct. The entire handling had a precedent in the Bhindrawale episode in Punjab although, in a different story. There was also a lack of proper handling in the Kashmir Valley incidents in the initial stages.


Functions mark Gandhi Jayanti
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — A prayer meeting was organised to observe Gandhi Jayanti, at Congress Bhawan, Sector 35, here today as part of the celebrations of the local unit of the Congress.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the local MP, highlighted the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and called upon Congressmen to promote the spirit of truth and non-violence among people. He urged the people to shun materialistic approach and follow Gandhi’s ideal of simple living and high thinking.

The president of the local unit, Mr B.B. Bahl, recalled the events of non-violence in achieving freedom. A langar (community kitchen) was organised by the All-India Charkah Sangh for residents of Labour Colony in Sector 25. Floral tributes were also paid to former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Later in the day, Mr Bansal also gave away prizes in Arts College to artists belonging to the weaker sections of society, who had exhibited their paintings. At another function, Lions Club, Chandigarh Vishal, celebrated the day with children of Bal Niketan, Sector 15. Dr V.P Gupta, charter president, and Mr R.K. Joshi, president of the club, advised the children to follow the path of truth.

In another function, the Akhil Bhartiya Bharat Joro Sangathan, along with other social organisations, celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and paid rich tributes to the Father of the Nation. The All-India President of the sangathan, Mr R.R. Gill, said the true tribute to Mahatma Gandhi was to follow the way of non-violence shown by him. Speaking on the occasion Mr K.K. Sharma, chairman of the North Zone Sanitary Inspector Association, appealed to the people to go to the villages to realise the dreams of complete the works started by the Mahatma.

The NSS unit of Panjab Engineering College also celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on the college premises. The coordinators and volunteers discussed different aspects of Gandhian philosophy. The participants came up with their views on the ideas of non-violence, ethical justice and democracy.


Meeting on Nada Sahib Gurdwara clash today
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The police continued to be posted outside the Nada Sahib Gurdwara to ensure tension between the management of the gurdwara and vendors did not escalate, here today.

Though no arrests were made in connection with the clash, efforts to work out a compromise were on. A representative of the village, Mr Rattan Singh, who was out of town when the clash took place, returned to the village.

With documents to substantiate their claims, villagers pointed out that the land outside the gurdwara belonged to the people and not the management. “They have absolutely no right to demolish our shops since the land in question does not belong to them. We have worked here for four generations and this is our only source of livelihood,’’ Mr Dharam Singh informed.

Armed with the documents and after discussions, the villagers are geared up for the meeting with the management scheduled for tomorrow where they will question the management’s rights over the piece of land they want cleared out.

Members of the management of gurdwara informed that most members of the SGPC task force summoned from outside for ``cutting crop’’ had been sent back in keeping with the orders of the Superintendent of Police, while a few others remained.

The Manager, Mr Bhupinder Singh, said 12 members of the executive committee of the SGPC had been informed of the meeting and were scheduled to arrive in time. “They will take a decision on the 12-year dispute and will aim to resolve it permanently,’’ he added.

He contended that the land to the right side of the gurdwara belonged to the management and encroachments by villagers on that side had been the immediate provocation.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held at the secretariat under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner to take stock of the situation which had arisen out of yesterday’s clash between the two.

The DC, Mr S.K. Monga, appealed to the two to maintain peace and work out a solution rather than aggravating the situation by indulging in violence. He said that anybody who made an effort to disturb peace in the area would be dealt with sternly.

The meeting was attended by the SP, Ms Kala Ramachandran, the Additional DC, Mr D.D. Gautam, ASP, Mr A.S. Dhillon, and the SDM, Mr Rajeev Ranjan, among others.


Cadets assured of quality training
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — A traditional camp fire and a cultural programme marked the conclusion of the annual training camp organised by No 2 Chandigarh NCC battalion at Barotiwala, about 40 km from here.

The programme began with a patriotic song, followed by jovial skits, mimickry plays and songs. The NCC Group Commander, Chandigarh, Col Deepak Sharma, was the chief guest.

According to a statement issued here today, the camp had commenced on September 22 for senior division cadets and on September 24 for junior division cadets.

In his opening address at the commencement of the camp, the battalion Commanding Officer, Lieut-Col Surinder Kumar, had assured cadets of providing quality training and proper administrative back-up during the camp.

Besides basic military training, the cadets trek to Haripur, sports activities and cultural programmes were also organised. Guest lectures on the Kargil conflict as well as AIDS awareness programmes were also organised.

The cadets participated in social service activities which included levelling the grounds of the local senior secondary school and the area near the Barotiwala ESI dispensary. Many cadets also donated blood under the aegis of the PGI Blood Bank.


Fervour marks bhajan sandhya
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Oct 2 — Religious fervour marked the evening of bhajans in the satsang hall of Mansa Devi shrine complex, here today. The evening, was meant to pay tributes to Goddess Durga.

The Mata Mansa Devi Shrine Board had called Chitra Singh and Devki Anand, who sang in praise of the goddess at the bedecked hall during the programme, which lasted for over an hour. They began the programme with Ganesh Stuti. This was followed by another bhajan — “Sukh dekar dukh harne wale, sabka mangal karne wale”. Then came another devotional song — “Koi nahi meri ma ke barabar, ma mujhe sabse pyaari hai.”

Among the bhajans sung today were: “Paudi paudi chadda ja bhakta”, “Laal chunri gote wali” and “Aaye navratre maharani”. Out of the bhajans which Chitra sang, some were self-composed. All the bhajans were well received.

The Finance Minister of Haryana Mr Sampat Singh, lighted the traditional lamp and inaugurated the programme. Officials of the district administration were present at the function. Agnihotri bandhus from Lucknow will perform at the bhajan sandhya tomorrow.

The shrine continued to attract devotees, with the number having crossed 2 lakh and offerings crossing over Rs 10 lakh in cash till October 1. The offerings also include nine gold ornaments, 145 silver ornaments and five ceilling fans.



Jacob asks NGOs to work in slums, rural areas
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The Union Territory Administrator, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), today gave a call to people and non-government organisations (NGOs) to work in slums and rural areas to raise the quality of life of underprivileged sections of society, thereby fulfilling the dreams of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking after paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at a function organised here today, the General regretted that even 53 years after Independence, the endeavour of Gandhi was yet to fructify. The disparity between underprivileged and the privileged sections was increasing and old prejudices existed, he said, adding that to tap the hidden sport talent of children living in slums, the Chandigarh Administration would soon organise the inter-slum sportchampionship.

The General said the Chandigarh Administration had a plan to construct 16,000 multi-storeyed rehabilitation dwelling units for eligible slum-dwellers and the work on 1000 dwelling units would start soon. Earlier, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the local MP, while paying tributes to Gandhi, stressed upon the need for spiritualising politics. The General inaugurated an exhibition of khadi products and also spun the ‘charkha’ along with the people.

Meanwhile, at a separate function to give away the state-level awards to five aanganwari workers, the Administrator said the Social Welfare Department, through various schemes, was covering only ten per cent of the population living in slums. He said with the influx of migrant population in Chandigarh, the role of aanganwari workers was crucial in identifying the beneficiaries and ensuring that benefits of various centrally sponsored schemes reached the needy.

He also underlined the need for launching a campaign to increase the coverage of integrated child development schemes in slums and rural areas of Chandigarh. The Administration would approach the Union Human Resource Development Ministry to increase the allocation for Chandigarh under various centrally sponsored schemes, he said. He asked the Social Welfare Department to ensure the quality of nutrients being distributed to the beneficiaries, as there were complaints against the quality of food. Earlier, Ms Madhavi Kataria, Director, Social Welfare, gave an overview of various ICDS schemes. 


Residents complain against muddy water
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The Residents Welfare Association (Flat Nos 5511 to 5516) of the Modern Housing Complex, Mani Majra, has complained against the supply of muddy water over the past week.

In a press note, the association has alleged that the Public Health Department of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh had failed to improve the supply of water, which was a serious health hazard. If the supply of muddy water continued, the possibility of water borne diseases breaking out could be ruled out, it added.

Meanwhile, a resident of Sector 20-A, Mr Hemant, alleged that a snake-like object was found in the water supplied to his house yesterday morning.


Endless wait for flat’s possession
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Oct 2 — Strange are the ways of functioning of the local unit of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA).

A senior citizen who was given physical possession of an MIG (super) flat in Sector 70 of this township around two years ago is still waiting to take possession of the flat. Even a note by a Punjab Minister to do the needful has not helped the allottee.

The allottee, who is suffering financial loss due to the delay, has written several representations to the officials of the PUDA but without any success. Narrating his grievance, Mr Rekhi said he problem started when he went to the site office of the PUDA on November 15, 1998. An official of PUDA asked him to sign a paper declaring that he had got possession along with a list of defects. The key of the flat was also taken by the PUDA official on an assurance that defects would be removed within 10 days.

"It has been around two years since the assurance to get the defects removed was made and I am still waiting to move to the flat. This shows the efficiency of the engineering of the PUDA", lamented the senior citizen. Frustrated by the indifferent attitude of the officials he wrote a letter to then Additional Chief Administrator Seema Jain stating that when he sought the complaint register for lodging his protests he was given the register. He kept on meeting an official Lal Chand but nothing was done.

He then met Executive Engineer Nirmal Singh Kahlon who informed that the official had been transferred and he would get the needful done. When present Additional Chief Administrator Dipinder Singh took over, the allottee again gave a representation. Even a recommendation by the a Cabinet Minister of Punjab, Mr Satwant Kaur Sandhu, to do the needful did not yield any result.


BSNL Director’s city connection
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The newly-created Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), which is now the biggest public sector enterprise in the country, has a local connection. Mr Prithipal Singh, former Principal General Manager Telecom, Chandigarh has been appointed as one of the four Directors to head the BSNL.

Speaking over phone from Jaipur, where he is presently posted as Chief General Manager Telecom (CGMT), Rajasthan, Mr Prithipal Singh said he would see that the entire network in the country worked satisfactorily. He said he was aware of the competition from private companies which had entered basic telephony.

He served in Chandigarh first as General Manager and then as PGMT with his tenure lasting nearly five years.


UT Finance Secy bereaved
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — Ms Gujrati Devi, 80, mother of the UT Finance Secretary, Mr Rakesh Singh, died following illness at the PGI today. Her cremation will taken place at the Sector 25 crematorium tomorrow. The funeral procession shall start from, house No 520, Sector 16. The deceased is also the mother of former UT IGP, Mr R.P. Singh.


Unidentified body found
From Our Correspondent

KHARAR, Oct 2 — An unidentified body of a begger aged about 55 years was recovered by the local police yesterday.

According to information the begger was seen moving in the area for the past one week. A post-mortem was conducted at the Civil Hospital, Kharar today.


Four booked on assault charge
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 2 — The police has booked four Colony No 5 residents on the charge of assaulting Mr Charan Singh, a resident of the same colony.

According to the information available, the assault following the exchange of hot words between the accused and Mr Charan Singh. Mr Charan Singh had reportedly bought a tape recorder on instalments from the accused, who owns a shop in the colony, and had failed to pay the instalments. The accused later fled away from the scene.

The victim has been admitted to GMCH, Sector 32, and a case has been registered against the accused.

Three hurt
Ms Kaushal Vinayak and husband, Mr Yogesh Chander Vinayak, residents of N-Area, near the airport, who were going on a Maruti car were hit by a PRTC bus (PB-11-C-9571) near Behlana village yesterday.

A case has been registered against the driver of the bus, Baljinder Singh, a resident of Patiala and he has been arrested. The couple has been admitted to GMCH, Sector 32.

In another case, a pedestrian, Mr Kamal of Palsora village, was hit by a scooter (CH01-S-4186) last night.

He was injured and admitted to the PGI. The driver has been arrested and a case registered against him.

One held
Suraj Bhan, a resident of Sector 22-C, has been arrested from near the local bus stop, Sector 24, and 40 pouches of whisky recovered from him.


Liquor seized
The police has arrested three persons for allegedly smuggling 1400 pouches of country made liquor.

Mr HD Bhullar, DSP, informed that the alleged accused Vinod Kumar, a resident of Naraiangarh, Ranbir Singh of Nagla Rajputan and Anil Kumar of Narayangarh villages were smuggling the liquor pouches in 28 boxes. They were nabbed at a naka laid by the police near the ITI Lalru.

They were carrying the liquor in a Tata 407 truck (HR-37-6155) from Chandigarh towards Naraiangarh and Ambala sides.


Doctor’s house burgled
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Oct 2 — A sum of Rs 70,000 in cash and gold ornaments valued at Rs 30,000 were stolen from a doctor’s house in Sector 9 this afternoon while the occupants were away to work.

Thieves broke in a corner house on the road separating Sectors 8 and 9 while the owner, Dr S Bakshi, a pathologist, and his wife were away.

The couple were in the middle of the shifting process and the greh parvesh of the newly constructed house was to be held on October 8. Dr Bakshi informed that for the ceremony he had withdrawn the money and locked it in a cupboard in his new home.

Dr Bakshi left his residence for his clinic at 10 am, while his wife, Mrs Sushma Bakshi, left the house at around 11:30 am. The two returned at 2 pm but noticed nothing amiss as they went inside.

An attempt to open their bedroom door failed as the door did not budge. Suspecting trouble, they asked a cycle-repair shop owner to peep inside the house by scaling the wall.

He, too, reported that there was no movement inside the house. Finally, a labourer was asked to go in and open the bedroom door that had been latched from inside.

On entering the house, the couple discovered that the cupboards had been ransacked and their belongings were strewn on the floor of the bedroom. The cash and jewellery were missing.

According to police sources, the thieves had probably got inside the house by cutting the grill of the bedroom window and removing the wire mesh to unbolt it.

The police has registered a case and further investigations are on. 


Murdered child’s body recovered
From Our Correspondent

NAYAGAON, Oct 2 — The body of nine-year Joyti, who was allegedly bludgeoned to death by her father and step-mother, and buried beneath their house in Janta Colony here, was, today, retrieved by the police in the presence of Mr Malkeet Singh, Tehsildar, Kharar and Mr Gurmail Singh, Naib Tehsildar. The corpse was emitting a foul smell and had started decomposing.

When the body of the victim was being taken out of the pit the area around the house was filled with foul smell . The eyes of the victim were bulging and a lot of salt had been sprayed, apparently to allow the body to decompose fast, said a police official. The accused who had been arrested yesterday, were today sent to police remand till October 5 by the Duty Magistrate, Kharar.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr S.S. Gill said the post mortem was conducted at the Civil Hospital in Phase 6 of SAS Nagar. While the exact cause of death would be known after the autopsy report was given to the police, the viscera had been sent to Patiala for chemical examination. Possibility of the girl dying due to strangulation was also being explored by the police. Later, the body was cremated by the child’s grandmother who had come from Phagwara.

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