Saturday, October 14, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Suspended clerk threatens self-immolation
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Oct 13 — The issue of suspension of a senior clerk in the SAS Nagar Municipal Council, Mr Avtar Singh Kalsia, has taken a new turn with the suspended employee threatening to self-immolate in front of the house of the Administrator of the council, Mr Jaipal Singh, if the latter did not review his decision.

In a statement issued here, Mr Kalsia claimed that he had been punished by the Administrator for no fault on his part.

Citing the rules and regulations of the civic body, the senior clerk alleged that the powers to suspend him were with the Executive Officer of the council and not with the Administrator. The letter of suspension served on him was not even addressed to him, he alleged, adding that he was being threatened for the past three months that he would be suspended. Misuse of official vehicles of the civic body by certain officials close the Administrator had also been alleged by the suspended clerk.

It may be pertinent to mention that the senior clerk had recently been booked by the police for allegedly stealing the official record of the council kept in an almirah. Mr Jaipal Singh had said that the clerk had been transferred to the octroi section from the enforcement wing but he was not giving charge of the enforcement section to the new incumbent.

Meanwhile, Ms Satwinder Kaur, a steno-typist in the civic body who had got an FIR registered against two employees for allegedly harassing her, today threatened to go on fast in front of the house of the Executive Officer, Mr K.S. Brar, from November 31 if she was not provided security during office hours.

In connection with the harassment case which was filed in the Punjab Human Rights Commission, a through inquiry has been ordered by the commission. The ADGP of the commission has been asked to submit the inquiry report by October 31. The commission in the order said the allegations of sexual harassment were of heinous nature and amounted to a grave violation of the human rights. Copies of the order have been sent to the Principal Secretary, Local Government, IGP ( Litigation). The District Magistrate, Ropar, has been asked to instruct all the subordinates concerned to cooperate with the inquiry officer of the commission. 


Train to Mumbai from Oct 22
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — The Northern Railways today notified that a direct train between Chandigarh and Mumbai — terminating at Bandra station of the western metropolis — will start operating from October 22. The first train from Bandra will arrive here on October 21. The decision will fulfil a long-standing demand of people of the region.

Reservations for the train will start after the Railways brings it on the computerised reservation lists and this is expected in a couple of days. The train will also provide a direct link between Chandigarh and places like Agra, Gwalior, and Baroda. The timing of the train is such that it will also provide the much-needed afternoon train for Delhi other than the Shatabadi, which is used by high-end users.

The Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM), Ambala Railway Division, Mr Ashwani Kapoor, today confirmed that a special six-coach train between Kalka and Ambala will start. The train coming from Bandra has been numbered 2925-A, while the one going from here will be 2926-A.

These coaches will be joining the Paschim Express (popularly known as Amritsar-Mumbai Deluxe) at Ambala for the onward journey to Bandra. On the return journey, these coaches will be delinked and brought to Kalka via Chandigarh by a dedicated locomotive. The letter ‘A’ has been suffixed to the Kalka-Ambala link express to identify it with the existing train number of the Paschim Express.

The “link express’’ between Kalka and Ambala will have an AC III-tier coach, three II class sleeper coaches and two general compartments. On its journey from Kalka it will start at 10:10 a.m, reach Chandigarh at 11:10 a.m. to depart 20 minutes later. The train will reach Ambala at 12:20 p.m. and join the Paschim express that leaves at 1:10 pm. Enroute it will reach Delhi around 4 p.m.

On its return journey, the train will reach Ambala at 2:15 p.m. and depart 10 minutes later to reach Chandigarh at 3:05 p.m. and depart 10 minutes afterwards to reach Kalka at 4:05 p.m.

The existing configuration of the Paschim Express, running between Amritsar and Mumbai Central, is of 18 bogies. These six coaches will take the total up to 24 bogies, including the brake van.

The carrying on of the entire 24-wagon train to Mumbai Central was the problem due to which the train connection could not be provided earlier. Then the Western Railway suggested the location of Dadar, a few kilometres before Mumbai Central. Finally Bandra was finalised.

When this arrangement starts, it will change the departure timing of the Paschim Express from Ambala for Amritsar from the present 2:25 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. The train will reach Amritsar at 7:25 p.m. instead of the earlier 7:15 p.m.

The new train is the first long-distance connection given by the Railways for Chandigarh since independence. The other long-distance train the Kalka-Howrah mail existed even in the British times.


PU campus poll as per schedule
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — Panjab University today reiterated its original plan of having the elections to Panjab University Campus Students Council as scheduled on October 20.

Mr K.A.P. Sinha, DPI (Colleges) office, said his job was complete with the issuance of the “no-objection certificate” to the university to hold elections. It was said that as a usual practice, the university covered all aspects related to elections. This also included colleges.

Following persistent demands by college students, university yesterday indicated postponing polls to adjust colleges elections simultaneously. A postponement of two three days was expected. However, university students raised their voice demanding no change in schedule.

A talk with principals of the local college revealed that no communication had been forwarded to them from the DPI office. There were several related matters with the subject which needed to be studied.

The Dean Student Welfare, Prof V.K. Bansal, talking to the Tribune today said that elections on the campus will be held as scheduled earlier. “ The university cannot comment on the college elections as this was primarily conceived as an area under the DPI (Colleges). The DSW office caters to the campus population, which was not under the same conditions”, Professor Bansal added.

Maj D.P. Singh, Principal of Government College, Sector 46, said that “We will have to go to the higher office for a decision for smooth conduct of the process. I would opt for the same day as the university for polls”, Maj D.P. Singh added. He said that there was no receipt of any communication from the university in this regard till this evening.

Principal P.S. Sangha, Principal of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Sector 26, said that colleges were unaware of any formal decision with regard to elections. Colleges should at least have been asked about conduct of elections. The period is flooded with other academic activities besides the Youth Festival.

Meanwhile, the Panjab University Students Union, the Haryana Students Association and the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad today organised a press conference.

Chand Singh Madaan, chairman of the Haryana Students Association, emphasised that the university should not postpone the elections at this stage. Munish Anand, a former president of the PUCSC, Surat Negi, chairman of the ABVP and Lakhjit Singh, president of PUSU, were also present on the occasion.

It was clearly announced that the front would go in for an agitation in case the university postponed the elections. If done, it meant that the university and the UT administration did not take the matter seriously for detailed earlier planning”, Chand Madaan said.

Little troubles even in the present setting were pointed out. The Anthropology Department has a field trip; Chemical Engineering has an exam; and the MBA department students have their reservations for train, it was pointed out.

Dayal Pratap Singh Randhawa, a former president of the council and the leading support for the SOPU campaign also stressed the point of no change in the election schedule.

Harpreet Singh ( Bobby) was named as a candidate for the post of joint secretary and Mukta Sharma for the post of vice-president. The manifesto and agenda will be released on Monday.


Ex-sarpanch killed by wife, her paramour
From Our Correspondent

LALRU, Oct 13 — A 46-year-old former sarpanch, Rashpal Singh, was allegedly muffled to death late Thursday night by his wife and her paramour after having drinks with the latter at his residence in Aganpur village about 3 km from here.

The wife of the man, Rajinder Kaur, is in police custody. The paramour, Baldev Singh, living in the same house as a tenant, has reportedly fled. Rashpal Singh’s three children, including a 12-year-old daughter, are with their relatives.

The police is working on the theory that Rashpal Singh was muffled with a piece of cloth following a brawl with Baldev Singh after the two had drinks together. The possibility of the liquor being poisoned has not been ruled out by the police.

According to the victim’s brother, Balbir Singh, the accused, working in a nearby factory, had developed relations with Rajinder Kaur about a year ago. The couple was constantly fighting over the issue.

In a complaint before the police, another brother Om Parkash claimed that Baldev Singh was even turned out of the house by the victim, but was brought back by the wife about two-and-a-half months ago.

The three, according to sources, had got together in the evening. After having a couple of drinks, Rashpal Singh and Baldev Singh started shouting at each other. Neighbours, after hearing the ruckus, informed Balbir Singh, who reached the spot immediately.

The matter, Balbir Singh thought, was resolved till he discovered Rashpal Singh’s body lying across the bed.

Senior police officials, stated that the probe into the matter was on and the exact cause of the death would be ascertained only after the report of the post-mortem examination was received from Rajpura Civil Hospital where the body had been sent.

Confirming the allegations of the two being involved in a relationship for “quite some time now”, the officials added that immediate provocation leading to the murder would come to light only after the two were interrogated.

The officials further added that a case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code had been registered and efforts to nab Baldev Singh were on. Police parties had been dispatched to his native village in Panchkula district and other expected hideouts.Back



A fast for longevity, mutual understanding
By Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — No matter how old this tradition is, the fact is that men like it a lot — not just because with each Karva chauth their wives observe they feel the pleasure of being worshiped by her but also because most of them actually believe that the age-old tradition has a lot to do with their partners’ longevity. What if in the bargain they risk the danger of being labeled as male chauvinist or even being mocked at for allowing their wives to perform the ritual.

Karva Chauth, a tradition, a festival, and part of the age-old North Indian culture evokes a unified response among the male populace of the city. Incidentally, a few of them also admit that they observe fast themselves. Although some of the men contacted by Chandigarh Tribune here today, did seem to discount the ritual, dubbing it “a belief wrapped up in superstition”, the others like Mr R.K. Gupta, an accounts officer with Punjab Housefed, said that the tradition was magnificent in its own right. “If it makes my wife happy then why not. In any case, it is part of our culture and traditions. Moreover, A day’s fasting is never harmful for one’s health,” he asserts.

At this junction, there is a word of advice for the believers from Dr Naveen Kalra. Do follow the traditions but according to changing time, he says, adding that going without water for the entire day may cause dehydration in old or frail women. Incidentally, Dr Kalra also observes fast with his wife, Dr Sabrina, every year.

Mr Manjit Singh, a businessman, says that he would not favour if his wife observed fast for him. “Those who observe fast are welcome to do so. I do wonder whether it makes economic sense for the husband buying all those gifts and other things for his wife for that day. I feel that one can save all this money and spend it on for the welfare of the needy.”

Dr Rajiv Attrey, too, disfavours women observing the festival which he does rather vehemently. “I believe in a religion which says that such fasts are a sham. But I never stop my wife from observing fast.”

Mr Shri Kant has been married now for 20 years and observes fast every year with his wife. He says that it helps increase mutual understanding between him and his wife. “It is said that Karva Chauth is for the longevity of the husband. I do not know whether the tradition has any scientific base, but the fact is it gives a good feeling to the husband that his wife cares for him.”

Mr Sanjay Chona, an officer with NABARD, agrees. “The festival reassures that my wife is concerned about my well-being. It would be better if both the partners fast together. At times I too observe fast with her.”

While most men agree that the concept of fasting for the long life of one’s husband may not be based on scientific facts, they say it is colourful festival when women can apply mehndi, dress up, be part of the age-old Indian traditions and enjoy herself.

Mr Deepak Minhas, an advocate, feels that Karva Chauth has to be observed essentially because it is a rivaj.” But it is also a day when your wife can enjoy, go to kitty parties, tombola or movie.” And who looks after the children ? “I do, it is her day which she should thoroughly enjoy,” he says.

Mr V.K. Kapoor, an officer with the State Bank of India, too tries to supports his wife by cancelling all his appointments for the day. He gives her a gift which is a saree or something in gold. Mr Kapoor, who has been married for 28 year, feels that to conserve the heritage such festivals have to be essentially celebrated.

For the newly married Mr Narinder Jolly it would be the first Karva Chauth for his wife for which he has planned a gift. “Who are we to comment whether observing fast is right or wrong. It is a tradition which has to be carried on. I have seen women in my family observe this fast and I think that it is her duty to keep it,” he says pointing towards his wife.

While another newly married Mr Paramjit Mehral is happy that his wife too will keep the Karva Chauth fast for him for the first time.Back


Four years of flying and aerobatics
By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — Six Kiran trainer jets of the IAF's Surya Kiran aerobatics teams streak barely 50 metres above the ground in an arrow-head formation. With their wing tips separated by just five metres, they move into a diamond formation and roll towards their left to form a "card" formation with three aircraft flying abreast and another three trailing just behind.

Reforming again after a breathtaking "synchro head-on cross" where two aircraft on the same level cross each other at a relative speed of 1100 kph with a separation of just five metres, the brightly painted red and white aircraft, with their exhausts trailing smoke, dive vertically and then pull up again in different directions to simulate a bomb burst.

Excelling in the skill of formation flying and aerobatics is the pride of any air force and a true test of a fighter pilot's abilities of concentration, coordination and unflinching nerves. But behind the dazzling display symbolising the pinnacle of professionalism, elan and grit of the men in blue flying overalls lies a regimen of extensive training, diligence and spectacular teamwork.

The team, based at the Bidar Air Force Station, was formed in 1996 with six aircraft and Wg Cdr Kuldip Malik as its first team leader. Now having a display team of nine aircraft, the Surya Kiran has more than 50 displays to its credit. The only kind of aerobatic team east of the Suez Canal, there are three other teams in this class — the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows with Hawk jets, the French Air Force's Patrioville de France with Alpha jets and the United States Navy's Blue Angles with F-18s.

"Our selection procedures are very stringent and extensive training is conducted in a phased manner," says the present team leader, Wg Cdr Amit Tiwari. The selection begins with Air Headquarters asking for volunteers. The volunteers are then invited to fly with the team where their performance and personality traits, both in the air and on the ground, are evaluated and selection is done by the present team members. The names are then forwarded to Air HQs.

"To be part of the team, a pilot not only has to have a very high level of professionalism, but he also has to be amicable, friendly and socially acceptable. This is the basis of a sound team," says Wg Cdr Tiwari. "In spite of the selection, if a pilot does not measure up to the standards, he is sent back to his parent squadron," he adds. Team members have a tenure of three years.

Over the next six months, the newcomer's skill of close formation flying and aerobatics is honed to a degree which puts him in a class apart. Starting at an high altitude with a single aircraft sortie with the team leader or the deputy team leader in the Kiran's left-hand seat to guide him, the trainee aerobat moves on to two-aircraft and then three-aircraft sorties. After mastering the skill of low-level flying with two aircraft on either side, the trainee then goes in for four-aircraft and six-aircraft sorties before finally graduating on to nine-aircraft sorties. All types of rolls, loops, dives and formations are flown at various training stages.

"During the training period, the pilot, who is already an experienced fighter pilot, flies over 70 sorties," the team leader says. "Vigorous training throughout the year entails about 200 flying hours for all team members," he adds.

With an average age of 30 years, each Surya Kiran team member is a qualified flying instructor with extensive experience on various fighter aircraft. In contrast, the average age of their foreign counterparts is 35 years. "We train better so we qualify earlier," quips a Squadron Leader. Team members had a chance to interact with the French and the British when they gave a display earlier during a stop-over in India while en route to the South East.

Though the Surya Kiran is a young team, aerobatics is not new to the IAF. In its golden jubilee year in 1982, the first dedicated aerobatics team, called the Thunderbolts, was formed on Hunter aircraft. After the Hunter was phased out, the team was reformed on HJT-16 Kiran aircraft and christened Surya Kiran, meaning rays of the sun. The total strength of the team is 13 pilots, engineering and administrative officers and 50 technicians. Two of the pilots belong to Chandigarh.

"We had selected the Surya Kiran as it is a stable aircraft with a low-turning radius and good handling characteristics. Moreover, faster aircraft like fighters, besides having a higher turn radius, would zip out of the view of the audience," Wg Cdr Tiwari said.



Air Marshal Nair addresses airmen
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — The Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command, Air Marshal K.N. Nair, today emphasised on professional excellence to achieve the objectives of the India Air Force.

He was addressing officers and airmen of 48 Squadron, a premier transport squadron, at the Air Force Station here. Air Marshal Nair also holds the appointment of Commodore Commandant of 48 Squadron, popularly known as Camels.

Lauding the hard work put in by personnel of the squadron, he exhorted them to strive for still higher levels of professionalism and dedication. He inspected the squadron and interacted with officers and airmen.

Air Marshal Nair, accompanied by his wife, Usha, is on a farewell visit to the squadron, which he had commanded earlier in his career. On their arrival here yesterday, they were received by the Air Officer Commanding, 12 Wing, Air Cmde S.K. Benerjee, and the Commanding Officer, 48 Squadron, Group Captain M.K. Devnath. He will be presented with a ceremonial guard of honour on his departure tomorrow.Back


Social get-together on IAF anniversary
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — The Air Force Station Highgrounds organised a social get-together and a cultural programme to mark the 68th anniversary of the Indian Air Force here today.

According to a statement issued here, the Station Commander, Group Captain Rakesh Yadav, made an audio-visual presentation on how the IAF graduated from the first Wapiti aircraft in 1933 to the latest Su-30.

The presentation also included glimpses of training being imparted to fighter pilots, engineers and technicians of MiG 23/27 aircraft operating squadrons.Back


Four-day Divali mela
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, Oct 13 — A four-day Divali mela has been organised by the Lions Club in Phase VIII here. The mela was inaugurated last evening by the Ropar Deputy Commissioner, Mr Gurinder Singh Garewal.

The President of the club, Mr Kuljeet Singh Bedi, said today that 50 stalls dealing in consumer items had been put up at the venue. Besides, there were a number of attractions like the “big wheel”, the “death well” and the “pendulum” to lure children.

Mr Bedi said that for the first time school children had been involved in the show. Yesterday students of Gem Public School presented a cultural programme and today it was the turn of Gian Jyoti Public School.


Interest in circus waning?
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Oct 13 — Is the fun of circus dying ? Perhaps yes. The world of live performing animals has ceased to exist for children interested in watching KBC or some crime thriller on television sets.

Roaring lions and neighing horses, performing to the dictates of whip-carrying ring master today have few admirers as invasion from the skies threatens circus’ existence.

Not only this. Increased concern for animal rights and strict guidelines of the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for the circus animals has made the job of circus managers difficult. Though the Indian Circus Federation, a group of the circus proprietors, has moved the Supreme Court against a High Court order banning training and exhibition of animals like tigers, lions, monkeys, panthers and bears, as circus means bread and butter for them.

Around 15 big and 50 small circuses throughout the country have around 300 lions or tigers, besides unspecified number of other display animals and birds. Mr M. Raj, proprietor of Amar Circus, which is in the town these days, says: “In another 10 years we would have to wind up the circus. We cannot add new animals or exchange animals from other circuses. Officials of the Wildlife Department keep a strict vigil on us. Death of an animal means depleting strength for us. We are surviving on the inhouse breeding of animals”.

Each animal was issued an ownership certificate by a state wildlife department, where the respective circus was registered. While transporting the animal from one place to another the ownership certificate was must .

“Officials of the Wildlife Department of the state — in which the circus was camping — have to be informed if any animal dies. They conduct the autopsy of the carcass to ascertain whether it has died of cruelty or a natural death. Then a certificate is issued by the wildlife officials after they dispose of the carcass. Officials of the Wildlife Department keep on visiting the circus to check the ownership certificate and health of the animals”.

The circus proprietors are now being asked by the Union Ministry to get their animals sterlised.

Meanwhile, Tellichary — a place in Kerala — which used to be a major source of artistes for circuses throughout the country has “dried up” with the state acquiring 100 per cent literacy. People have diversified to other profitable professions. Cashewnut and bidi industry have added to the prosperity of the people. Now the artistes come from West Bengal, Bihar and even Nepal.


Works by leading publishers on display
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. And quite rightly so. Had the saying not been true, the Browser Book Fair, which opened at a local hotel today, would not have attracted so many people. Such was the richness of stocks on the display that even the chief guest, UT Administrator and Punjab Governor, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) kept looking around for almost an hour. It is perhaps for the first time that the city will be treated to a collection of about one lakh books from leading publishers including Penguin, Oxford, Orient Longman, UBSPD and Lady Bird.

The fair, inaugurated by General Jacob this morning, will go on till October 16. Browser is itself stocking a number of books, right from the ones which suit children’s tastes to the ones meant exclusively for professionals. Another feature this time is a 15 per cent discount on entire range on the display, apart from a special attraction of a 20 per cent off on books on subjects related to computers and information technology. The Browser is also offering another scheme under which the book can be taken after paying its cost and can later be returned within a period of 90 days: and all this without a security deposit.

There are about eight stalls in all, beginning with Orient Longman, which is bringing for the city a whole range of the latest series on management studies titled, “Management Shapers”. There are about 30 books in this section along with none others for those interested in learning training essentials. There is also a whole range on books on issues related to Human resource development.

There are also many books on religion, the main being the Worship of Shiva and the Legends of the Devi, apart from those on world history. The Penguin corner has an extremely vast collection of history books, including the latest History of the World by J.M Roberts at Rs 577.

Oxford mainly stocks everything and anything on the English language — right from dictionaries to small guides. Another attraction is a collection of poems by A.K. Ramanujam, Sahitya akademi Award winner. Cultural History by Basham and many other books by Amartya Sen are other attractions. Then there are a series of selected works by M.N. Roy, as also the Himalayan journal.

Navneet Publishing House exclusively stocks books for children. And they have a book on each and every subject. Based on general information, there are booklets which inform a child about what satellites, lasers, computers are all about. Apart from this, there is also a collection of comics.

UBSPD offers a very wide choice right from books on gourmet to those on the Chinese science of home making Feng-shui. There are books by Sanjeev Sharma of the Khana Khazana fame. Then there are books on religion.

Browser is bringing to its readers a vast stock on all conceivable subjects. There are books on almost everything like humour, self-help, parenting, meditation and finance. There is a full fledged section devoted entirely to children.


It’s mehndi time again
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — It’s all in the game, the smiles, the celebration and the henna, which reinforce the ritual of karva chauth year after year.

With the occasion just three days away, all the city women are busy embellishing themselves, and when it comes to this— mehndi is the obvious choice. No wonder then the little known henna designers who otherwise remain hidden in some obscure corner of a market place suddenly come in demand during the festive season. And each one of such artists is generally seen surrounded by at least five to six women waiting for their turn.

The business is more than just roaring, and the best place to strike a good bargain is Sector 15, 19 and 22. As of today, the cost of applying mehndi per hand is about Rs 25 to 50 depending on the intricacy of the design.

The art is however getting dearer as the festival draws near. Interesting to note is the fact that the cost of applying henna is increasing at the rate of Rs 25 per day. So while yesterday, the price per hand was Rs 25, today it was Rs 50 per hand. For the more sophisticated ones, the place to be is a beauty parlor where the range is between Rs 50 and Rs 300.

The Sector 22, one of the hub centre for shopping, has also become a place for hide and seek between mehndi designers and police cops. This year for the very first time mehndi walas are not allowed to sit in Sectors 22 and 17, whereas, in other Sectors they will be granted permission subject to some cost.

“People come here because we charge less. Here they are charged not more than Rs 10 to 20 per hand, but in other sectors they are charged Rs 25 to 50 for the same design. We will not leave this profession in spite of the fact that both police and MCC people are running after us. We earn more than what we earn in the whole year, so these few days are very important.’’ said Sanjay Sharma a mehndi wala who sits here.

One of the mehndi designers, Mr Rakesh Kumar, who is in this profession for the past 10 years said, “Every year my permanent customers come back to me. We will do our task in spite of opposition from the administration.”

“When I was getting henna applied on my hand, policemen came from behind and warded us off. The artist fled, but I was put in an awkward situation,” said Ms Suman Kohli who was wiping wet mehndi off her hands.

A mehndi designer, Acchar Sharma, said “Every day police harasses us and takes away our belongings.” 


Seminar on gender sensitisation ends
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — The two-day seminar on gender sensitisation concluded at the Recruit Training Centre in Sector 26 Police Lines here today.

In her valedictory address, Mrs Neeru Nanda, Chairperson of the Chandigarh Housing Board, stressed on the need to promote awareness on adopting a pro-active approach towards the oppressed gender. She later presented participation certificates to the recruits

UT IGP B.S. Bassi also addressed the gathering.

A series of lectures were delivered by experts from Panjab University and prominent NGOs. Among the speakers were Dr Harjinder Singh, Dr Ritender Kohli, Prof S.S. Jodhka and Ms Santosh Singh. Back


Maid arrested for assault on employer
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Oct 13 — The police has arrested a maid for brutally beating her employer here today.

According to the police sources, Ms Kuljeet Kaur (70), a resident of Sector 19 was found by her neighbours in an unconscious state and rushed to the hospital where her condition is stated to be stable.

Sources said Mr Ashok Sachdeva, her tenant who lives upstairs heard some commotion and came downstairs to investigate only to find all the doors locked from inside. He called to her, but on hearing no reply informed other neighbours. They managed to open a door and found the old lady lying in a pool of blood. On searching for the assailant they came across the servant, Anita, who had attacked the old lady.

She was handed over to the police and booked under Sections 308, 452 and 506 of the IPC.

Businessman arrested
The police has arrested Amarjit Chadha, a businessman of Sector 26, who used to buy cement being used in government projects and sell it in the open market. It may be recalled that a consignment meant for Punjab was intercepted by the CIA staff sometime back and following investigations it was proved that he was responsible for the same.

Killed in accident
A Mani Majra resident succumbed to her injuries after she was hit by a truck near the Sector 26 petrol pump. She was going along with her husband on their scooter, CH-OI-J- 9342, when a truck, HP-12-2314 hit them. She was rushed to the PGI where she breathed her last.

A case under Sections 279, 337, 304 - A of the IPC has been registered against the truck driver who fled from the spot.

Held for eve-teasing
The police has arrested Manu, a Sector 40 resident, on the charge of eve teasing from Sector 37. He has been booked under Section 294 of the IPC.

Purse snatched
Ms Ritu, a Sector 22 resident, reported that two unknown scooter borne youth snatched her purse containing cash and some floppies and fled away. A case under Section 356 of the IPC has been registered.

Suicide attempt
A case under Section 309 of the IPC has been registered against Mrs Amola, who tried to commit suicide by dousing herself with kerosene and setting ablaze.

Driver booked
The police has registered a case under Sections 379 and 420 of the IPC against the driver of a car CH-OI-N-8649 for speeding away without paying for petrol worth Rs 750.


Kidnapping case
The Sohana police has registered a case of kidnapping of a 14-year-old boy against a truck driver of the village. The driver, Jangi had taken away the boy to Bihar in September last year on the pretext of arranging a job for him. But when the boy did not return his father, Kulwant Singh lodged a complaint with the police against the truck driver who assured that he would bring back the boy with in two months.

After the truck driver failed to keep his promise the father lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. The commission asked the police about non registeration of case. A case has been registered under Section 364 of the IPC.

Sanitary fittings stolen
Sanitary fittings and other construction material worth Rs 20,000 were stolen from a store of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) in Industrial Area, Phase 7, here. A case under Section 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Complaint against ASI
Mr Jagan Nath Goyal, a resident of Phase 2, in a complaint to the Superintendent of Police said that an ASI, Parminder Singh, earlier posted at the Phase 1 police station and now at Ropar, had taken away his gas cylinder.

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