Sunday, November 26, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Police to book minors driving vehicles
Principals told to identify violators
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — For clipping the wings of freedom of underage riders, the Chandigarh Police is requesting school Principals to identify students coming to the institutes on macho-bikes and elegant scooters, besides flashy cars.

The Principals are also being asked to verify their age from the school records before informing the police for enabling them to act against the violators. The idea is to check if some of the students are riding high after procuring fake licenses, or original ones after forging age certificates.

The school heads have also been requested to write notes to parents asking them to present the young innocent boys and girls from zipping down the narrow roads to the school premises.

The police is also making announcements on the public address systems at the traffic lights all over the city to prevent the offenders from “escaping the probing eyes of the Principals by parking their vehicles in the markets near the school premises”.

If you stop at the Government Press lights anyday during the afternoon, you will hear a cop’s hard voice cracking from the overhead speakers informing the commuters of legal action that can be taken against the minor drivers, including the impounding of vehicles.

“The intention is to involve the parents in helping the police to prevent the youngsters from committing the offence,” says Senior Superintendent of Chandigarh Police, Mr Parag Jain. “We want the parents to take up the matter in interest of the children’s safety”.

The drive against adolescent riders assumes significance as road accidents involving under-age drivers are on the rise in the city, according to sources in the Police Department.

Just a few day ago, a 16-year-old school girl was admitted to the PGI with serious injuries after the scooter she was riding skidded near a Sector 38 school.

Though data was not immediately available, sources maintain that almost three to four mishaps occur every week. Minor accidents where no one is seriously injured go unreported, they add.

Otherwise also, youngsters with golf caps, instead of helmets, on their 350 CC mean machines can be seen whizzing past the pretty damsels on the scooters, honking wildly, and endangering the life of other commuters driving on the geri route. 


‘First phase of blood centre by March next year’
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — The first phase of the Rotary-BBS Blood Resource Centre will be ready by March next year. Mr Rajendra K. Saboo, a former President of the Rotary International, announced this here today.

He was addressing a press conference in connection with the holding of the inter-city meet of the Rotary International District 3080 — Adharshila — that is to be held on the Panjab University campus tomorrow. Mr Saboo said the Rs 3.5 crore project would be completed by the middle of 2002. The project has been undertaken in collaboration with the Blood Bank Society of the PGI. The centre will be a focal point of voluntary blood donation research in north India.

Mr Saboo said the Rotary Foundation was one of top 10 foundations of the world with a funding of over $ 680 million. The foundation funds projects that include improving the quality of life, besides providing health care, clean water, food, education and other necessities in the developing world.

“One of the major programmes of the foundation is Polio Plus that aims to eradicate polio worldwide by 2005. The foundation sends 1,200 students abroad every year for receiving education. Grants are also awarded to university teachers to motivate them for teaching in developing countries. Exchange programmes are also conducted for businessmen and professionals,” he said.

The District Governor of the Rotary Club, Mr Ranjit K. Bhatia, said the Rotary Club of Chandigarh had undertaken a Rs 40 lakh Gift-of-Life project, under which, cardiac surgery had been conducted on 18 poor children below the age of 20.

“Under the Service Beyond Borders project, an 18-member team went to Nigeria under the banner of the International Medicare Project. The team performed 454 eye operations, including intra-ocular lens implants, 140 polio-and-orthopaedic corrective surgeries, 400 dental procedures and 40 ENT operations,” he added.

Dr Vanita Gupta, President of the Rotary Club Chandigarh Midtown, talked about the revolving loan project undertaken by the club. This project helps the poor to add to their monthly income and provides women with employment. The club has also provided 50 free intra-ocular lenses to poor patients under the Avoidable Blindness project. Sarangpur village will soon have community toilets and the village school will be upgraded.

Over 600 delegates of the Rotary District 3080 that comprises 75 clubs of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal are expected to participate in the inter-city meet. The theme of the meet is The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Public Relations.

Maj Som Nath (retd), Chief Councillor, and Mr Devvinder P. Kalra, Councillor-Public Relations, also spoke on the occasion.


UT captive power generation project abandoned
By Prabhjot Singh
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — The proposed gas-based captive power generation plant planned by the Engineering Department of the Chandigarh Administration has run into rough weather. The Union Ministry of Petroleum has reportedly cold-shouldered the project by refusing to permit gas pipeline to the proposed site of the plant.

It may be recalled here that late Union Power Minister, Mr Kumaramangalam, had agreed to the revised proposal of the Chandigarh Administration for a gas-based power generation unit against the original plan of naphtha-based plant at Kishengarh.The Administration has acquired 120 acres of land for the proposed power generation plant.

The Administration after getting a positive feasibility report from the power grid had sent the case to the Petroleum Ministry for clearance for laying of a pipeline from the nearest possible source to feed the 100MW captive power generation plant.

The Ministry has, however, disapproved the proposal, sources in the Administration said. As such, the project for captive power generation has been virtually given up.

The Administration has, in the meanwhile, evinced interest in a joint venture with the Himachal Pradesh Government for a hydro-electric project.

The Administration has been keen for its own captive power generation. For the past some years a lot of work was done. Initially, when the Naphtha-based project was planned, all clearances, including provision of a rail head to the proposed site of the project, were in final stages before the Administration decided to opt for gas-based unit.

Earlier, an initial feasibility and project feasibility report were submitted by the NTPC. These feasibility studies were undertaken free of cost by the NTPC at the instance of Mr Kumaramangalam. Initially, the NTPC demanded a hefty amount for conducting these feasibility studies.

The third feasibility report was also obtained approving a gas-based generation plant.

For the coming summer, the Administration would have no choice but to buy power from surplus states at global rates. Punjab has also offered to sell power to Chandigarh.

Meanwhile, both Punjab and Haryana continue to oppose grant of membership status to Chandigarh in the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB). As such whatever it draws extra from the BBMB, it has to pay global rates.

As far as privatisation of power distribution is concerned, the case is now pending with the Union Government. The initial ground work has been completed.

Another proposal pending with the Union Government is trolley bus service. Though the Administration is keen to start this Rs 100 crore project, it is pending with the Union Ministry of Urban Development for approval and clearance.


11 held in police drive
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — In the on-going drive against anti-social elements and other law-breakers, the Chandigarh police today arrested 11 persons, including two servants of a Sector 21 tourist bungalow, from the eastern parts of the city. A Home Guard volunteer was also booked for gambling.

During the drive carried out under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Dr Sagar Preet Hooda, two persons were arrested from the area under the jurisdiction of the police station, Industrial Area, following their alleged failure to inform the police about their antecedents. The two have been identified as servant, Jaswinder, and labourer, Dinesh Yadav.

Three more were taken into custody by cops posted with Sector 19 station. The arrested included Jagdish and Kuldip Singh, working as servants with the tourist bungalow. Sujjan Singh, residing as a tenant in Sector 18, was also arrested for not informing the police.

Another four persons, including Home Guard volunteer, Jaswant, along with Gulzar, Shaukat Ali and Satish, were booked on the allegations of gambling at a public place. Landlord Devi Ram and tenant Intazari were also booked under Section 188 of the IPC. 


Silt inflow in Sukhna all time low
By Ajay Banerjee
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — Seasonal chos running down a heavy-erosion area in the lowest Shivaliks that feed the Sukhna Lake were never a good source of water in view of the high siltation rate. However, the fight against nature seems to have been won to an extent.

The efforts of the Forest Department that include taking up extensive plantation of trees and building small check-dams are bearing fruit. “The silt inflow is reducing and the present rate of siltation in the lake is 0.16 per cent”, said Mr H.S. Sohal, Deputy Conservator of Forest. He was talking to fellow Indian Forest Service officials, who were in Chandigarh today to study successful forestry programmes.

The chos that feed the Sukhna run down the Shivaliks from Himachal Pradesh, crossing parts of Punjab and Haryana. The forest cover along these has been increased by planting trees. The department records show that only 35 acre feet of slit flows down the chos each year now. This is the average data for the last decade, says Mr Sohal. From 1959 to 1978, the average rate of slit flow was 320 acre feet per year.

The inflow of silt is measured at three gauging stations located along three chos — the Kansal, the Nepli and the Ghareri. In the first two decades, close to 67 per cent of the capacity of the Sukhna was lost. On an average, the lake was shrinking at a rate of 4 per cent per year.

“Out of a 42 sq km catchment area, 25 sq km that falls in Chandigarh has been declared a sanctuary and vegetation cover has been developed for it”, said Mr Sohal. About 160 check dams were built in the area to arrest the run of water and hold back the sediments. Out of these, 80 have silted up, but the silt has replenished the underground water table.

Besides this, the perennial flow of water in the streams has improved. Mr Sohal said all the silt did not end up in the lake. The inflow of silt controlled through decantation tanks that allow the silt to settle down, while the overflow goes into the lake.

The sluice gates of the lake are left open in the first few rains when the erosion is the maximum. A large amount of silt, in any case, runs down the Sukhna cho. The IFS officers saw the small check dams and were impressed.


Family tries to overcome grief 
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Nov 25 — Gloom descended over the house of Sqn Ldr Anil Sharma who died in Mi-8 Indian Air Force helicopter last Sunday when his family returned from Jamnagar at his residence here today.

His mother Ms Usha Sharma, wife Deepika Sharma and his children Rushil(6) and Vaibhav (3) reached SAS Nagar this morning. Ms Deepika while talking to Chandigarh Tribune said that Sqn Ldr Anil died due to lung puncture, cause of which has not been ascertained as the enquiry is on into the matter.

An inconsolably crying Deepika said Anil left the home at 6:30 a.m. on the fateful day. “He used to come back in the afternoon or evening everyday. But that day he did not return till late evening. I was worried and I called up his unit where they said that it was a night halt and he would come back next morning,” she said.

“He did not come back next morning. Then I was told by the Air Force personnel at around 7 a.m. that his chopper was missing but he might have landed somewhere as he was a safe pilot. As Mi-8 is considered a safest helicopter being a twin engine, I was convinced. Other women of the unit came to me after hearing the news. Suddenly in the evening the news of his death was broken to me. I was shattered. I have lost everything in the world,” said Deepika with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Sqn Ldr Anil Sharma had turned 34 on November 7 last. “That day we had celebrated his birthday. I could have never imagined that it was going to be his last birthday. My children are too young to understand the phenomenon of death. Whenever they see a helicopter they say that papa is flying it,” said Deepika.

Anil’s father, Mr H.P. Sharma, was unable to talk due to emotional upheavals. But he said he was shocked to see the attitude of the local administration as it had not sent even a line of condolence for the family. “Even the Ambassadors from abroad have been sending condolence messages to us. But they did not bother to even send a word. It is shocking that a soldier’s death does not bother them at all,” said Mr Sharma.

His mother, Ms Usha Sharma, crying bitterly said she had lost her only son and was shattered.

“He loved adventure and always used to say that death can come anytime. Even before our marriage he had sent me a pamphlet saying that being a pilot’s wife meant to be prepared for the worst in life. But I could never think that he would die and leave me alone,” said Deepika.

Anil talked to his parents on November 10 on the phone and promised that he would be talking to them on 12th night but he could never keep his promise and died on the 12th night.

His sohlavi would be performed on November 27 at Radha Krishan Mandir, Phase I, at 2 p.m. 


Protest rally by SGPC
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Nov 25 — Representatives of local gurdwaras, religious bodies and members of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) staged a rally in Phase vi here to protest against certain objectionable literature distributed by Chattar Shakti, a wing of the RSS, in certain schools of SAS Nagar and Chandigarh. The protesters carrying banners and placards raised slogans against certain religious bodies allegedly threatening the existence of the identity of the Sikhs.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Hardeep Singh, a member of the SGPC, said under a Vidhyarthi Jagran Gyan Parikha started by the Chattar Shakti and incentives like cash prize of Rs 10,000 to the students who answered questions, was circulated in the schools by the religious body. He claimed that efforts had been made to tamper with the Sikh literature, history and the historical facts. Quoting facts out of the book, he said the Gurus had been described as poets.

Members of the Gurmat Chetna Committee and Gurdwara Talmel Committee said they would go to all the gurdwaras to highlight the efforts being made by certain fanatic groups to distort the historical facts about their religion. Others who spoke on the occasion were Mr Surjit Singh Mann, Mr Karam Singh and Mr Surinder Singh. Mr Hardeep Singh said the authorities of the Shivalik Public School, where the literature had been distributed, had discontinued the quiz. 


Chatting on the Net with your would-be spouse
From Varinder Singh
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — The sweeping winds of modernity and the penetration of internet have slowly made inroads into the vexed process of arranging of marriage, with even the conservative would-be brides and grooms adopting an increasingly liberal approach towards it, though, of course, not without the consent of their parents, who have almost started relying on the judgement of their wards.

Throwing the age-old taboos to winds, most of the eligible boys and girls, especially the ones belonging to the upper middle and middle class, have started diluting the worries of their parents by initiating direct interaction with their would-be-spouses in more than one ways — by organising one-to-one meetings, net chats and drafting their own matrimonial advertisements and placing these on the Internet. Apart from the care-free ultra-modern lot of youngsters, most of such young people, even those who are educated, open-minded but at the same time still contribute to the age- old conservative values too view this method as more practical, convenient, hassle-free. Some simply ignore it for lack of required effort and dynamism, while a few hard-boiled conservationists are still skeptical about the success of such an exercise and discard it as useless, since they simply don’t want to accept the change. Interestingly, observers feel that the creeping in of the new trend has come with a disadvantage as it has resulted in evaporation of that love-at-first feelings, dedication and long courtships of the sixties and seventies among youths who just go in for marriage with anybody after meeting each other for a few times.

Observations by the TNS and an interaction with youngsters revealed that on the one hand, youngsters or eligible bachelors were not ready to accept anyone as their life-partner, but want to observe their would-be-spouse for quite some time before settling with him or her, on the other parents don’t want to take the blame on themselves in case the marriage fails. “See, in my case, I have asked my daughter to settle with anybody of her choice as I don’t want to be blamed for a wrong choice for the rest of her life,” said a retired Colonel. Same was the case with Mrs Sunita Jalota, a mother of four children, who explained why she had changed her stance from being very strict to the one who has adopted liberalism. “Why should I interfere? I have lot many things to do. I want my children to come to me with their prospective spouses and take my blessings.” “When asked would it not be a more impractical exercise, she retorted,” “How?” and in the same breath said, “No, it will not, it is my view.”

Airing her views Ruchi, a lecturer in a postgraduate college, said though she did not like the ongoing change in society but she had no choice but to go and meet her would-be husband in a hotel, that, too, in Chandigarh, “My problem was that though I would have liked to settle down in life with a close friend, I was deserted by him and the consequent grief, coupled with increasing parental pressure led me to go on outings with another guy of their choice and finally marry him.”

On the other hand, Nonu Tiwari, another commerce student, said like one of her friends she would also like to meet her would-be-husband a couple of times before marriage so as to know about his temperament, and my parents have even been encouraging me to do that. 


Good show by paraplegic soldiers
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Nov 25 — Displaying grit and skill, wheelchair-bound paraplegic soldiers defeated NCC girl cadets during a friendly match organised at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre as part of the NCC’s 53rd Raising Day celebrations here today.

The paraplegics defeated the NCC cadets by one basket. A colourful cultural programme was also presented by the cadets on the occasion.

The Commanding Officer, No.1 Chandigarh Girls NCC Battalion, Lt Col Harjit Singh, said that the Paraplegic Rehabilitaion Centre had been adopted by the battalion and girl cadets visit the centre regularly to help the paraplegic soldiers in their activities, besides organising entertainment programmes.

Display of aircraft and ship models made by NCC cadets as well as a photo exhibition on NCC activities were also organised at the Sector 17 Plaza. Tomorrow, on the concluding day of the celebrations, a marchpast by NCC cadets will be held at the Central Polytechnic College, Sector 26.

The National Cadet Corps came into existence on July 16, 1948, by an Act of Parliament with aims to develop leadership qualities, character and comradeship amongst the youth and simulate them to join the defence services, besides maintaining a second line of defence to serve during an emergency. Since then, the last Sunday in the month of November is observed as NCC Day.

The present strength of the NCC, with its 744 units, is 11.63 lakh cadets drawn from 4,500 colleges and 6,500 schools across the country. It has three divisions — The Junior Division, Senior Division and the Girls Division, with each division having three wings, the Army wing, Navy wing and the Air Force wing.


Mobikes flagged off, 20 honoured
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — A fleet of 10 police control room motor cycles were flagged off and 15 policemen and five gallant citizens were honoured by UT Administrator, Lieut Gen J.F.R. Jacob, (retd) at Raj Bhavan here today.

The civilians who were honoured by the Administrator on the occasion include Mr Manjit Singh, an advocate, who nabbed a chain snatcher, Mr Paramjit Singh also nabbed a chain snatcher, Mr Rajwant Singh for providing information about the burglars, Ms Tarawati for nabbing one of the three burglars who had entered her house and Mr Raj Pal for nabbing a burglar.

The policemen honoured on the occasion were Inspector Jasbir Singh Cheema, Sub Inspector Bhupinder Singh, Sub Inspector Jarnail Singh, Sub Inspector Bishi Ram, Assistant Sub Inspector Davinder Singh, Head Constable Mohan Lal, Constable Ram Chander, Head Constable Paramjit Singh, Head Constable Rampal, Head Constable Didar Singh, Head Constable Santokh Singh, Head Constable Shiv Kumar, Constable Dilbagh Singh, Constable Suresh Kumar, Home Guard volunteer Mahipal.

The Administrator while lauding their efforts of bravery said that they all should set an example for others by their outstanding work. Mr Bhim Sen Joshi, Inspector General of Police, Mr Ajay Kashyap, D.I.G., and Mr Parag Jain, Senior Superintendent of Police, informed the Administrator that with the addition of 10 motorbikes the strength of Police Control Room has risen to 65. They informed that the PCR bikes had been equipped with red and blue lights, hooter and public address system.

They said that with the addition of motor cycles, patrolling in the sensitive areas and colonies would definitely improve.


Lieut-Gen Mann to take over
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — Lieut-Gen H. R. S. Mann is scheduled to take over as Chief of Staff (COS) Western Command, on November 29, it is learnt. He has already relinquished charge as the General Officer Commanding, 33 Corps in Siliguri, a post he had held for about a year.

He will take over as the COS from the present incumbent, Lieut-Gen B.S. Malik. retiring this month.

This will be Lieut-Gen Mann’s second tenure at the COS, Western Command. He had taken over as the COS, Western Command in October 1997. He moved to Headquarters, Central Command, Lucknow, as Chief of Staff in May 1999, and a few months later he was posted to Siliguri as Corps Commander.

After serving as the first Chief of Staff of the Army Training Command in Shimla, Lieut-Gen Mann, besides commanding a division in the Kashmir Valley, had also served as GOC Delhi Area.

Meanwhile, Lieut-Gen Malik retires this month after a service span of 38 years. He had taken over as the COS on May 6, 1999, after a tenure as Director General, NCC in Delhi. He had been commissioned into the 3/5 Gurkha Rifles in June 1962. 



Chandigarh botanical park: FRI to help
From Kulwinder Sandhu

DEHRA DUN, Nov 25 — The Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehra Dun has decided to extend technological and scientific help to the Chandigarh Administration for developing a botanical garden in the city. This was disclosed by Dr Paramjit Singh and Dr Saf Biswas scientists of the institute here, today.

Mr Rakesh Singh, Secretary, Forests and Mr H.S. Sohal, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Chandigarh Administration had requested the institute to help in developing a botanical garden during their official visit to the institute on last Tuesday. The Chandigarh Administration has proposed to develop this garden in 200 acres of land in the forest area between ‘Patiala ki Rao’ choe and Panjab University.

Institute scientists are of the view that the proper name of this garden should be Chandigarh botanical gardens and conservatory. The plantation should be done according to Bentham and Hooker system of classification which is most prevalent in the country.

A 10-member committee of experts constituted by the Chandigarh Administration under the chairmanship of Prof S.S. Bir, former Head of the Department of Botany, Punjabi University, has already decided to have a full developed nursery covering 30 acres of land. An arboretum will be created along the boundary wall which will have tall trees at the periphery to act as wind break barriers. This wind barrier should have five to seven rows with a spacing of approximately 20 feet from the plant to plant.

It has been observed that the topographical survey of the area should be conducted from contour and water harvesting point of view. This work is likely to be assigned to a private consultant as was done in the case of survey of the Sukhna lake.


Kashmir killings flayed
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — An all-party condolence meeting to express shock over the cold-blooded killings of five innocent Sikh drivers in Jammu and Kashmir was held here today. Two minutes of silence was observed by everyone present. Prominent among those who attended the meeting included Mr Sohan Lal (CPI), Mr Shivi Jaiswal (Samajwadi Party), Mr Satya Pal Jain (BJP), Mr Ajay Jagga (Janata Party), Mr Subhash Chawla (Congress), Mr Gurpartap Singh Riar (Akali Dal), Mr J.S. Sawhney (SHAD), Mr M.R. Dhiman (BSP) and Mr R.M. Kashyap (Janata Dal-S).


Weigh before you buy
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — The actual quantity of the products you buy might be much less than that prescribed on the packets. This is exactly what Mr Sarbjit Singh, a resident of Sector 8, has experienced. Mr Sarbjit has alleged that after purchasing two pouches of one litre each of sunflower refined oil of a popular brand from a general store, he felt that one pouch was lighter in weight than the other. To clear his doubt he weighed the pouch on an electronic weighing machine. The weight of pouch was less by 120 gram than what was mentioned as its actual weight. It was 790 gram instead of 910 gram as written on the pouch. He further alleges that he met the main dealer of the company, but to no use. “For the past 20 days I am trying to meet the right person, but nobody is serious”, he complains.


IA special flight to Leh on Nov 27
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 —Indian Airlines will operate a special flight to Leh on November 27 for clearing the passengers stranded here. According to Mr Rajinder Kumar, Station Manager of the airline, the special flight will arrive here at 11.55 a.m. and depart for Leh at 12.25 p.m. It will reach Leh at 1.15 p.m. and depart for Delhi from there at 1.40 p.m. to reach the union capital at 2.55 p.m.


Another burglary: jewellery stolen
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Nov 25 — In yet another case of house-break, a Sector 42 resident has alleged that two gold lockets, along with four pairs of silver payal, were taken away after the locks were broken.

The complainant, Mr S.N. Sharma, alleged that the valuables were taken away while he was away for four days from November 19. Taking up his complaint, the Chandigarh police has registered a case of theft and trespass during night under Sections 380 and 457 of the Indian Penal Code.

Senior police officials, when contacted, said further investigations were on. They added that the cops would act on the basis of information gathered from the scene of offence.

Scooterist injured
A scooterist was admitted to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital with injuries after being hit by a van near the Sectors 33 and 45 crossing. According to sources in the Police Department, the driver sped from the spot after leaving the van. The police has registered a case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC and further investigations were on.

Liquor seized
The local police has reportedly seized 140 pouches of liquor after arresting Mohan Lal of Panchkula. According to sources in the Police Department, a case under the Excise Act has been registered.

Motor cycle stolen
The theft of a motorcycle from the parking of the PGI was reported to the Chandigarh police by Mr Naresh, a resident of the Old Doctors Hostel. In his complaint before the police, Mr Naresh alleged that the bike was picked up at about 5.30 p.m. Acting on his complaint, the police has registered a case of theft under Section 379 of the IPC.

Car theft
A Delhi resident, in a complaint before the police, has alleged that his Maruti car was stolen on the night of November 23 while it was parked in Sector 21. Taking up the complaint of Mr Anurag Ahluwalia, the police has registered a case of theft under Section 379 of the IPC.

Eve-teaser held
The local police has arrested Aslam of Ram Darbar for allegedly indulging in eve-teasing on November 24. According to sources in the Police Department, a case under Section 294 of the IPC has been registered against him.


Cheating case
The local police has registered a case of cheating and forgery against an entrepreneur of Chandigarh on the complaint lodged by a PCS officer posted at Chandigarh. According to the information available, the PCS officer, Ms Kiran Rosi, in her complaint to the police said her cheque book issued by Oriental Bank of Commerce was lost on July 1998 and she subsequently informed the Manager of the bank in this regard. She got a new cheque book issued.

In November she got a notice from the lawyer of the entrepreneue, Ashok Aggarwal, that her cheque of Rs 3 lakh had been dishonoured. She lodged a complaint with the police and case under Sections 420, 465, 467, 468 and 471 of the IPC has been registered at the Phase 1 police station. Back


Gang of burglars busted
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Nov 25 — The Ropar police has busted a gang of inter-state burglars. At least 80 grams of stolen gold jewellery and fire arms have been seized from two arrested members of the gang, Joginderpal alias Sonu and Roshan Lal alias Ramesh. A spokesman of the police said the items recovered had been stolen from a locality in Morinda. A .12 bore pistol and two live cartridges had also been recovered from the burglars.

Interrogation by the police revealed that the gang was active in Anandpur Sahib, Ropar, Garhshankar, Kapurthala, Bilaspur and Himachal Pradesh.

In another case, the Kurali police has arrested Jarnail Singh and Jaswant Singh for their alleged involvement in the murder of Jaswant Singh. The victim’s body was found in the fields of Mianpur Changer on November 16.

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