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Monday, December 4, 2000
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Part-time jobs in Chandigarh on Net


For students, housewives or working persons, who are interested in part-time jobs, this is a useful site. It provides a link between the job seekers and employers for part-time jobs in India. The site has information on part-time jobs that are available, and also publish the details of part time job seekers. This is a free site for employers, who can post their requirement on the Net and get responses directly from the registered job seekers or can select the candidates from the city wise list displayed on the site. For job seekers, there are two options. They can register without any fees. However their resume may not be displayed on the site. In other option, one can register by paying fees and get access to part-time jobs directly. The site also provides a special offer to students in the field of engineering, medical, management and fashion. The services are available in major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Baroda.



A utility site for working professionals and all those who want to enhance their learning skills. It provides online learning courses in business management, computers, self-development hobbies, health care, arts and science subjects. All that a user needs is just to register for a particular course from among the 1000 available courses and start learning absolutely free. It offers corporate courses for small and medium sizes business. The skill profiler provides online tools for the skill assessment of employees, while e-learning provides courses specific to their requirement. It provides the resources a person requires for achieving success in today’s competitive world.


This is a site launched by NuCent Technologies, a developer of Internet portals and e-commerce solutions. It offers online access to the world of Indian art and artifacts to art lovers, amateur and professional artists. It is also the only art site in India, which provides the largest information related to arts. Through this one can get educated on art, information about the artist, museum and art galleries. The site offers updated news, on latest events, about exhibitions and auctions. It also facilitates e-selling and e-greetings for art lovers. At present, there are over 200 collections of works that are offered through the site for sale. The site has links to major art-related activities in Delhi, Calcutta, and Bangalore apart from Mumbai. In short it is a wonderful and useful guide for art lovers and novices.

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