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Monday, December 4, 2000
Downloads of the week

Office printer

Now you do not have to run from pillar to post for the basic office stationary requirements like business cards, letterheads and labels. You can manage it all in the office using Office Printer. This is an excellent graphics application, using which you can create consistent designs for business cards, labels, letterhead and envelopes. It can save both time and money that you would have spent on designers and printers. The software is designed to make the best use of the office equipments, like printer, to produce quality products. You can print good quality material right from the desktop. Normally, the word designing puts off a person as everybody thinks it is a tough task. However, with user-friendly interface and wide collection of graphics tools, this software is easy to use and does not require any special designing skills. In fact, designing could be made easy with this software as it has its own rich templates and clipart. Thus, you can choose any template, which matches the specific requirement by browsing through the whole library and customise with clipart. This program also supports the import of existing logos and graphics, which can easily be dragged and dropped at any location of choice in the document. Office Printer even provides the option of re-mapping colours for a smoother look. You can then rotate and skew a graphic, add custom text, and use alignment tools to edit the product. If youíre feeling creative, try office printer drawing tool to draw shapes with different outlines colours and patterns. Download this program from http://www.mossbaysoftware.com



KeeBoo is the personal multimedia digital library where you can archive all multimedia contents created or collected so far. Using this software, you can make a virtual book with contents like sound files, songs, animation, images, graphics, text, graphics-based documents and Web pages. You may create any number of books, which can be organised in this software. Content can be organised into chapters and sub-chapters complete with descriptive multicoloured tabs. Since these virtual books are in the form of computer files, thus you can also share it with friends and family members, who need not have this software loaded on their system. This program is useful for those who would love to store and organise all their multimedia data and also share it with others. Moreover, since this software has a user-friendly animated interface, thus working on it is easy. It supports drag and drop feature, thus you can enter the contents of the books easily. Though you can import a wide range of files in KeeBoo, yet you also have the option of creating and editing documents within this software. The best feature is that you can attach sticky notes directly to a page as well as highlight selected text.

Ultra Hal assistant

The Internet is all about the virtual world. In this virtual world you would always like to have a friend, who could stand by you all time. Ultra Hal Assistant is one such program, on which you can trust to be your good friend as it does a lot of work for you. This program is basically a personal information manager, which also works as a virtual personal secretary. It can keep a track of all important addresses, phone numbers, and lot of other information that could be useful. This program also has its own speech recognition engine, therefore it also understands your voice. It provides 10 voices to choose from and all of these could be customised as per choice. You can tell this personal secretary almost everything and most of the time you can expect intelligent answers. One can also type in the message in the dialog box on Halís interface instead of using the voice to give commands. This software is capable of performing a lot of functions and actually there are hardly any functions, which this program cannot perform. You can order it to open any application in your Start menu. Hal can also offer tech support. If you ask how to do something on Windows, the program will scan and display appropriate help documentation. You can also depend on Hal for reminding you on all appointments, and important tasks on the time specified by you. It also has a built in address book and phone book, where all information is stored. Thus all you need to do is simply tell Hal about the information and then forget it, as Hal will remember the information you told. As a true friend you can even chat with Hal and make it more informative. It actually improves the working of this software, as more information about you is stored in it. This software is free and can be downloaded from http://www.zabaware.com

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