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Monday, December 4, 2000
Cyber Kids

Look at molecules closely

HELLO Kids and welcome to the cyber world. Lets see what this week has in store for us.


If you are a crossword fan, this games download is just for you. This cross craze features over 1,80,000 word vocabulary puzzles that can be played by four persons.. Here you can pick the players and even allow word modifications. Accompanying the challenging nature of this puzzle are excellent sound effects, graphics and timer. You need not leave the game once you are stuck and can always avail the help from the hint tool. Points that are awarded are based upon the value of the letter piece. The winner is of course the one with maximum points.


This is a virtual calculator 2000, which can support infinite number of digits and limited only by available memory and maximum size of the 32-bit Windows text box. Although it does not support exponents or square roots, but the numbers do not lose accuracy, as they get very large. The largest number you can have: 102147483647 and the number of particles in the universe: 10 79. So for all needs download this excellent calculator and donít waste time on lengthy and inaccurate calculations.



Meet an interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor. Proficient in topics like elements, symbols, valency, formulae, equations, atomic structure and all. With a simple interface and colourful graphics, the program offers vigorous lessons with a constant bombardment of questions. Of course, if you canít answer the questions you canít proceed further. Thus it ensures that you are following what it is trying to teach. Familiar examples, hints and a notebook are provided to aid the student in need. In addition to the lessons, some handy references are also available in the form of periodic table, atom builder and an ionizer. Use this download and learn Chemistry and love Chemistry.


A graph paper printer in your home! Interesting. So instead of going to the stationary store the next time you need a graph paper, simply download this freeware program. With a wide variety of graph papers to choose from, you can select any and create and print it to suit your needs. Depending on the design, you can configure a number of parameters for your graph. Select the size of graphs along with the thickness and colours of the lines. Then print it using either the portrait or landscape formats. Once done, you can select number of copies you want and whatís more you can even save a graphsettings for future use. So next time let your graph needs be satisfied at home.


Here is a molecular structure that will prove to be a helpful guide for the beginners physics and chemistry students. All information on molecules, atoms, structures, diffusion, Brownian motion is here. The content is divided into nine chapters that will cover everything from "Substance Classifications" to the "Crystal Structure of NaCl." As a Windows application, this program is easy to use where one can browse through various parts of a sequence and use navigational keys to advance further. With interactive simulations and animated charts with 3D effects, this program is a sure hit with the students. You can get a closer look at the molecules, or see the intensity of diffusion. One thing to be kept in mind is that this shareware version displays a registration screen every 40 seconds, so when the screen pops-up, you must quit and restart the program to open a chapter again.

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