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Monday, December 4, 2000
Kids Chat

Rear an e-pet

Hi kids. Welcome to our weekly chat!

Fluppy: Hey, Iíve made a new friend. His name is "Whoofy". He is such a darling.

Windy: "Whoofy" sounds like a dog name. Is it a dog?

Fluppy: Yes, but you need not call him a dog. He is my virtual pet. You know I have to feed him dog meals, snacks and give it water. Sometimes I have to bathe him or take him out for walks.

Windy: Why, he is not a live dog, I mean pet. You need not do these things for him.

Fluppy: No, but he does get sick when he is not cared for properly. Then I have to take him to the veterinarian. I have to take care of him just as I would take care of a live pet, so that it lives and grows. You know, it even misbehaves at times, and then I give him a smack as a punishment.


: Does your Whoofy fetch balls or run after small animals?

Fluppy: Yeah, it sure does.

Cliparti: Now, Isnít that lovely! I think this program is great for teaching kids what it takes to care for pets.

Windy: Yeah. I have often seen that after much pestering, the children manage to get some pet but after some time they either tend to lose interest or find its work cumbersome. Then the pet is neglected and eventually it falls sick.

Cliparti: This is sad indeed. Then I must say that owning a virtual pet should be a must for anyone aspiring to own a pet. They should know that owning a pet is not plain fun but a package of responsibilities too.

Windy: Yes, rightly said. Hey, where did you find this virtual pet?

Fluppy: My PC pet was at http://members.home.net/bartford/pcpet/index.htm. There are lots many pets you can choose from and name them too.

Windy: Do they give a pet to anybody just like that?

Fluppy: What do you mean just like that?

Windy: I mean donít they take some sort of IQ test or some test which would verify if you are capable of owning and taking care of a pet?

Fluppy: Generally, they donít. But I guess, even if they had been taking I would have surely passed the test. I have a high IQ, so to say.

Windy: My, My! Who says so?

Fluppy: Who is there to say? I know it myself.

Windy: Dear Fluppy, itís high time you got your misconceptions cleared.

Fluppy: So, you mean to say I have a low IQ?

Windy: Who am I to say that. Why donít you let the computer decide how high IQ you have?

Fluppy: Now, how will the computer decide it for me?

Windy: Download http://astasoft.virtualave.net/fast-iq and you will find a simple game that tests IQ at any given time. You just have to guess a four-number combination. You are given 10 attempts and time is recorded. Of course, more attempts and more time taken reduce the IQ. For beginners there is a facility of auto play.

Fluppy: So you mean a same set of questions will be asked from you and me. Then of course, since you are so old, youíll be able to answer them correctly. Does that mean to say you are more intelligent than me.

Windy: It goes without saying that I am more intelligent than you. But IQ tests intelligence and not knowledge. So for different age groups there will be different set of questions. So there will be no competition on the common basis for people from different age groups.

Fluppy: Okay, I will try it and tell you my score to prove I am more intelligent.

Windy: Ha, Ha, Only if wishes were horses Ö.

Cliparti: Hey, stop that. Windy, why are you always fighting with Fluppy. He is so much younger than you. Donít you have anything better to do?

Windy: Like what? Anyhow what can be better than to trouble little Fluppy?

Cliparti: There can be lots of things. Like, er...well, why donít you think about your future?

Windy: Future? What about it?

Cliparti: Seriously. Donít you think in this age it is never too early to think about financial future?

Windy: Why donít you be more explicit, Cliparti?

Cliparti: Well, donít you want to be rich when you grow up? With so much of fight in todayís world, I think it should be right to learn how to multiply money and invest it so that it grows for our secure future.

Windy: But I think, for that we will have to go to a business school.

Cliparti: No, no of course not. Kiddie Vest is a nice concept to turn any child into a sharp thinking capitalist. The child gets aware of the importance of savings, interest, investment, and deposits. So once he grows up to be an adult, he can actually and judiciously utilize the money he earns. Of course he may earn money as he likes, he might be a doctor, engineer, painter or singer or in any other profession. But how to make the earned money grow will be told by www.tapsotware.com. This download will prevent you from pitfalls when you grow up.

Windy: This surely sounds like a good download. I guess everybody of my age should take a look at this download.

Cliparti: Yes. With the world advancing so fast, it is never too early to equip yourself to face the world.

Windy: Earlier the better!

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is [email protected]. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy