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Monday, December 11, 2000
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Yellow pages on Chandigarh


Chandigarh yellow pages online is a good and a useful site on things related to the City Beautiful Chandigarh. The site hosts online yellow pages information on automobiles, fashion and shopping, chemicals, healthcare, construction, Internet, consultants, jewellery, computers, education, electronics, real estate, engineering, export/import, travel, tourism, hotels and several other NGOs, government and non-government organisations. Besides Chandigarh, this site also hosts yellow pages for other important cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune and Jaipur. Though the heads of yellow pages remain the same but the information and the content varies. This site can prove useful for businessmen and information seekers. You can use the search engine of go.com, more popularly known as infoseek.com, or search for any information on the Net.



This is a good travel and tourism-related site that hosts valuable services and information for both business and holiday travellers. From this site you can book flights, hotel rooms and can also plan holiday with several options like holiday and tour packages. On this site you can also find train schedules and travel reckoner, which can be useful for travellers. It also has detailed information about various holiday destinations and has channels on Sawaal, cricket, fitness, education, news and TV guide.


Its Christmas time and also the time to send and receive gifts. You can visit this site to send gifts to friends, relations, and business associates in India, the USA, and UAE. On this site you can send Christmas gifts, flowers, cakes, mithai, chocolates, dry fruits, soft toys, silver coins and consumer items like Gillette kits, watches, Parker pens, CD-ROMs, and Ganesha idols. If you are a business entrepreneur, then you can also set up your shop and start your business for free.

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