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Monday, December 11, 2000
Downloads of the week

MS Word '97 template security patch

This is a useful download for anyone who uses MS Word '97. Since all computer users are at the risk of receiving virus, which may be targeted especially at the applications like MS Word, Excel or Outlook Express. Thus, the security patches announced from time to time are essential for the users of these programs. This program is a security patch for Microsoft Word '97. As this software is vulnerable to running some malicious code on a document without knowledge, thus the risks are extreme when visiting a Web site or receiving e-mail set up by a savvy hacker. Though as a default setting, MS Word warns before opening a document containing a macro, yet if the document has apparently no macros but is linked to a template that has macros or any malicious code, then as a default setting MS Word does not warn. This patch is aimed at giving warning even before opening those pages that may not have macros written directly into it but are linked to a template that has them. However, by itself the security patch does not disable any macros. However, Microsoft recommends that you update system with MS Office Service Release 2 before installation. SR-2 is complementary to Microsoft Office Update Members, which is free to join. Get the security patch and other www.microsoft.com/ms.htm

Excel recovery

One never knows when computers programs and related data, start behaving erratically. Though there are solutions for various kinds of problem, yet for problems related to MS Excel, Excel recovery offers a good solution. This software helps in recovering precious Excel data in case it gets corrupted. Excel recovery supports all versions of MS Excel below 2000 and also works in any Windows operating system. This can even restore any multi-sheet files as the data is saved by taking into consideration the basic cell data. This is user-friendly software and can be fully integrated with MS Excel. It is also easy to use as pressing Recover sub-menu in the File menu can easily do the restoration work. Since it is fully integrated with Excel, thus in case of data corruption, it comes handy and is capable of restoring the data in 80 per cent of the cases. However, there is some limitation of this software, as it cannot recover the macros, which are based on visual basic modules. Similarly, it may also not be able to recover any formulas and charts, which have been incorporated in the spreadsheet. Despite these limitations, this software is powerful enough to be a strong means of troubleshooting in the times of need. So, in a way, this software is a must for all spreadsheet users. You can download the shareware version of this software from www.officerecovery.com/excel


Personal finances 2000

An excellent accounting program, Personal Finance 2000, is for individuals and persons running small office. Though there are plenty of good accounting programs, yet a majority of these are being made for corporates and large organisations. This program caters to all needs of individuals. It is a user-friendly program, using which a person can track all his current and future finances. You can easily manage all bank accounts and can also track the deposits and withdrawals. Since the program works on a spreadsheet like interface, thus it is also easy to understand. It adds, deletes or edits accounts easily. This software is actually the online trial balance as one can check the balance in bank account and get the correct status of financial position. Another great feature is its inbuilt memory, which can remind of the recurring bills and payments like rent, telephone and electricity bills on or before the scheduled time. This helps a lot in remembering the crucial payments, and also helps in meeting commitments in time. Another great feature of this software is the financial forecast feature, which predicts the future financial position based on the previous recurring record of expenses and incomes. Basically, it serves as a rough estimate of the future incomes and expenses, by tracking recurring transactions that can also serve as a useful source for the purpose of making personal budgets. Using this software you can also create reports and keep a hard copy of accounts, which can be used for accounting and taxation purposes. However, the best feature of this program is that it is free and can be downloaded free of charge from http://www.tbgtom.com/

Expense sheet manager

Normally persons manage their accounts either on paper or use complex accounting software for their basic and simple accounting requirement, as there is not much choice. However, Expense sheet manager is software, which is neither complex nor requires any special kind of skills to use it. It is actually a useful workbook for MS Excel. It is in a pre-designed format, which makes it easy to track and print all expenses. This is highly customisable software and allows you to account for expenditure over a period of time. It has some pre-defined categories like airfare, meals, supplies and entertainment. However, you can customise by adding or subtracting any heads of expenditure, which are relevant. You can also customise this software to include levies and other taxes as may be applicable. This software is easy to use and even those persons who do not know much about spreadsheets can find it convenient. Under this software, you can enter the data with quick entry dialog, which the workbook instantly plugs into the spreadsheet. This can be easily edited from within Excel by simply highlighting an appropriate area and entering the information. Since, this software efficiently itemises the expenses, so it's excellent for accounting, reimbursement and tax purposes. The worksheet also lets you enter pertinent ID, project and report numbers. The printed records include lines for employee and manager signatures. You can download this software from http://www.microsheet.com


As the name suggests this is a computer security-related program that is meant for use on personal computers. This program actually protects the PC from intruders, who may just wish to try their hands when you are not around. Using this software you can actually Jam or lock the screen with the own customised security screen. Thus, in case of any unauthorised access, the person would be asked for the password. If he fails to do so, the computer would shut down though it can receive and store messages, which could be dropped by passers-by. This way you can restrict the entry of the person altogether into the computer. However, if it is a shared computer and you have to share the resources with others then you can also allow restricted entry into the system. One can also hide the drives, folders and files, which you do not want others to even know. Moreover the safe mode and registry editing tools are also disabled when the jammer is active.

This provides additional security to the computer. Jammer is easy to use software and has simple functions, which define the security features that could be customised. Here you work as an administrator and set the level of security as per the requirement. Using this software you can customise the secured desktop by defining the colours, images and messages to be displayed on the secured screen. This can be downloaded from http://offer.to/jammer

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