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Monday, December 11, 2000

Play free online

ALL work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Yes! Entertainment is very important in a personís life.

Though there are many source of entertainment like watching TV, visiting your friendís place, going for outings etc. However, the latest source of entertainment today is online gaming on the Internet.

As you know, the Internet is not just an endless resource for information and opportunities, but it is also a great source of fun and entertainment. There are plenty of good sites that host good online games and contests and also offer prizes to the winners.

One such site is http://www.flipside.com/master.html. This site host many popular games like the grinch games, card games, word puzzle games, IM games, virtual vegas, arcade games, party games, board games etc. There are lots of prizes associated with various games and you can try your luck and win prizes.

The site also maintains a list of top 10 games that are popular among the players. However, for playing any of these games, you need to get yourself registered first. While playing games you collect points for your wins and can also maintain an account. You can exchange these points for exciting prizes of your choice. This is an added attraction.

However, playing games isnít the only way to earn flips and prizes. You can also earn these for checking out different Web sites, trying out free samples, or saving money on great deals. So, on this site you can have your mouse fetch some flips in the siteís Free Flips section.


The prizes being offered can be categorised into:

1) Entertainment prizes like books, fun stuff, collectibles, games etc.

2) Living prizes, which includes apparels, jewellery, pets etc.

3) Money prizes, which includes free cash and free flips.

4) Recreation prizes, which includes autos, sports, travels.

5) Technology prizes, which includes, electronics items, computer hardware & software.

The list of top 10 prizes being offered on this site are: $10,000, Micheal Jordan Jersey, NY New You, $2500 Cash, Vaio Laptop, Flat TV, Dream Kitchen, $1000 Lucky Day, Your Holiday Bills, Diamond Earrings. Thereís a lot of excitement on this site for everybody.

There are several other good online gaming sites like http://www.bingopalace.com. This is also an excellent resource for fun and entertainment for persons of all age group and hosts a number of new and popular Bingo games. The site also hosts live chatting; and you can chat with other online players and improve your chances of winning a lot of cash, which is being offered on this site as prizes.

This site offers $1000 every hour for Bingo games and there is a million-dollar jackpot coming soon on this site. If you do not have much time for online games, then you can download a lot of games from this site and play them when you are free. Overall itís a great online gaming site with a lot of fun and entertainment.

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