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Sunday, January 14, 2001
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Heroes may come and go, Dev goes on forever
By Madhur Mittal

THE evergreen Dev Anand is planning to kick off 2001 with the release of his latest offering — Censor, a possibly controversial movie. Producer-writer-director-actor Dev Saab is like a bagful of jumping beans right now! "This is going to be great fun!" he exclaims, rubbing his hands in glee.....

Dev Anand flanked by his new finds, Mohini and HeeniYes, he’s got every reason to rejoice. After all, his film had to suffer "only five minor cuts" under the (hawk-eyed) scrutiny of the Censors. That’s quite a commendable record, indeed! "Please don’t ask me to divulge details at this point in time," he almost pleads, "because Censor is a highly sensitive motion picture that’s targetted at the thinking viewers. All I can say now is that my movie has a totally untouched, new subject, the starcast is phenomenal and that, as always, Censor has a number of beautiful new faces (and figures?) That I’m introducing...."

Granted that Dev is growing in years (he’s 73 plus, wow!) but his own charisma and that of his home productions is still so wonderfully vital and young. He’s already into the scripting of his new films to follow — Beauty Queen and Love At Times Square. Man what a superman!

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What? Another One?

Suman Ranganathan ties the knot.Can’t quite blame the filmi folk — within and without the industry — for getting their mouths agape of late... considering that one wedding has followed another, the latest being that of Suman Ranganathan with debonair Mr Richie Rich, Gautam Kapur. Well, Suman just missed becoming Bollywood’s first bride of 2001.....

Reactions have ranged from the good, the bad and the indifferent! While the couple’s close friends are thrilled that these two lovebirds (of long standing) have finally shacked up officially, there are others who make a face and shrug: "Chalo, achchha hua. She was hardly getting any film offers anyway. At least, now, she’ll be able to boast of having something to do!"

However, a little bird tells me that the Kapoor brothers — Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv — are feeling down in the dumps ‘coz they had planned a sizzling new movie with Suman... considering her ‘hot’ performance in RK Films’ Aa Ab Laut Chalein! Will someone please tell me who is the real loser, huh?

Slow down, Shilpa!

Ever since the (final, second round) breakup with Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty seems to be going in totally different directions simultaneously. And this isn’t peculiar to her... because Raveena Tandon is rushing around mindlessly ‘n’ meaninglessly in much the same (befuddled) manner, y’know! Beats me what this mysterious virus is that the women Akki romances (and, more importantly,ditches!) suddenly get afflicted with...

Mr Shetty, for instance, is currently obsessed with just two things. Or, should I, more appropriately, say "two persons". Number one, of course, is her sis, Shamita, whom Shilpa has gone into overdrive to promote. The duo is seen arm in arm everywhere — be it a Mumbai bash or the unveiling of Shilpa’s wax life-like figure a jeweller’s showroom in New Delhi! And, number two, is ‘ace’ tennis pro, Mahesh Bhupathi, with whom she’s making quite " an item" (that’s the latest Bollywood term for cosy two-somes!) Khulle aam in public places.

Slow down, Shilpa!

Ramping In!

2001 is already all ‘set’ to witness the invasion of ramp models and video/ad beauties in Hindi tinseltown. It’s very obviously the new craze that’s ensnaring our beauties to go for it in full-length, Fujicolor feature films, imagine!

Spearheading this attack of the ‘body beautiful brigade’ are Lisa Ray, Mrs World Aditi Gowitrikar and Amrita Arora (VJ and Malaika Arora’s pert, pretty sibling)...! What’s more, they have already bagged films and it shouldn’t be long before they are seen strutting their stuff on the big screen. Like, Lisa is doing Kasoor (with Aftaab Shivdasani), Aditi has Soch (with Sanjay Kapoor) and Amrita makes her debut in Palkon Ke Taley (with Fardeen Khan). Voila—what a lineup, guys!

Rumour has it...

...That the "ideal lovers", Riya Sen and John Abraham are suddenly into nuke warfare!

...That Mohabbatein and Mission Kashmir are breaking box office records in the USA!