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Monday, March 12, 2001
Downloads of the week

Better Memory

Everyone wants to have good memory as it can do wonders in your life. Often in many practical cases, you must have noticed that had you remembered particular event things would have been better. However, using some personal information manager programs like Better Memory, you can give some rest to your memory as this program can work for you as artificial memory. The basic purpose of this program is to keep you informed about all important occasions and events. Thus you can use it to remember birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, parties and a whole lot more, which can be limited only by your imagination. Using this software you can create and maintain a comprehensive database of special occasions in a user-friendly format. You can also set the date, time and also the name of the person and his e-mail in the database and you can have the program remind you when a certain event is approaching. You can use this program for both recurring as well as non-recurring events. This program automatically loads itself when you start the computer and works silently in the system tray and swings into action only on the time and date of the event, which becomes due. Moreover the programís interface highlights both upcoming occasions and events that require immediate attention, so that you do not miss any of those vital occasions.

This is a feature-rich program and incorporates many advanced features that you will not find normally in other PIMs. Some of these features are built-in e-mail tool, which can be used for sending e-mails on or before the due date and time to the concerned person. You may also browse through links for sending cards, flowers and other gifts via the Internet. If you wish to maintain a hard copy of your database then you can also print the same for your convenience. You can download this useful shareware version from http://www.bettermem.com.


3S Accounting

Do you know the basic difference between a professional and a non-professional? Well! A professional maintains his accounts in the necessary format either on computer or in books whereas the non-professionals maintain it in their mind. Well! This was just an observation, but as far as accounts are concerned, it is important that they be maintained properly. Though for professional purposes, there are many good packages that also come for a heavy price. But for all those, whose requirement is not so tough, the 3S Accounting software could be a good option. This is a good accounting package and meets the needs of the office as well as home. 3S Accounting features its own virtual desktop, where you can manage the companyís finances and maintain client and supplier lists. This program can also be used to handle all types of accounts, from assets to liabilities, and even for keeping track of your daily tasks. This software features general ledger as well invoice and order entry system. This is well laid-out software and has a user-friendly interface and does not require any special skills for using it. The best feature of this program is that it is fully password protected and provides adequate safety from others, from whom you wish to protect your data. Unlike other accounting software, this software does not feature just the cash ledger but also features accounts payable and receivable. Moreover you can also perform bank reconciliation and have 3S print company checks for you. Keeping in mind the presentation of accounts and reports is most important this software incorporates a number of features including reports, charts, covering accounts, transactions, financial statements and balances. These reports are fully customisable to display certain accounting and company information. However, this program has compatibility with other popular programs like MS Excel and Word perfect. Thus using this software, you can easily export and import the data from this software. The software is free and can be downloaded from http://www.clarisys.ca.

Horoscope Interpreter

Horoscope has been one of the most common and popular studies in all times. Even in the modern era of computers, the horoscope study is prominent, though its mode has changed quite a bit. Now the computers are being used to interpret the horoscope instead of astrologer reading it out for you. Though there are several astrology software available today yet there is enough scope for a lot more as all these software have their own unique selling point and also the methodology. Also a majority of the software available today requires the professional expertise to interpret. However you do not require any professional expertise to use Horoscope Interpreter. Nevertheless, it is equally good for professionals also as it has many features, which are common in professional programs only. Therefore the best feature of this software is its ease-of-use as anybody who just knows to operate little bit of computer and use this program. The program automatically calculates many complex functions and instantly provides the kind of insight that makes astrology popular. Using this program, you can easily create extensive horoscopes that are tailored to individuals. By inputting critical data like a personís name, birthday, place, country and city, Horoscope Interpreter automatically adds latitude and longitude. The program includes a built-in Atlas with 80,000 cities, accounting for time zones and many other variables- meaning no timetable is required. Thus except for the few basic things, you do not require anything and this software and create a full-fledged horoscope with colours and animation just by click of a mouse button. Having the "varshphal" made by the software, you can know about your life path, identity, mentality and much more. On the whole this is feature-rich software and can be downloaded from http://www.world-of-wisdom.com

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