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Monday, April 23, 2001
Dr Tribune

My first problem is that whenever I get disconnected from the Internet and then reconnect, the previously opened sites do not reload on pressing the Refresh button. What could be wrong? I have an Intel Celeron processor 600 with AZA motherboard, 810 and Internal modem Motorola 56 KBPS running Win Me.

My second problem is that I have a printer Panasonic KX-P1121. Whenever we try to print a page with a width of 10", the printer does not cover the total width of the page and returns to print the second line after printing 6 inches wide. I have checked the properties of the printer it has capabilities to print 10 inches wide. Someone told me that the software would set this. I do not know how to set. Please note that this is 24 pin, 80 col dot matrix printer. I also have a TVS printer 132 col that prints fine.

— Lakhbir Singh Saini

Dr Tribune: Please check the clock setting of your system in the system tray. Normally, if your clock is set to some old date, then this kind of error is generated. Correct this problem and check it out. By all probabilities, your problem would be solved. However, if the problem still persists then I would need more information about your browser and the error message that you are getting. Regarding your second problem please set the margins in the document setting of the software, to print the desired width of the document. You printer would read these settings and then print accordingly. So, no matter what printer you may have setting margins as per your need is most important for getting the desired output.


I have a problem that whenever I work on the Internet, both Internet Explorer and Netscape though work properly for some time yet performs an "illegal operation" error and the browser window gets closed. But they work properly when I open a new browser window. Please help me to get out this menace

— Harinderpal

Dr Tribune: Please, write the exact error message you get for illegal operation, as it is critical in solving your problem. I am afraid without knowing the exact phrase, it would be difficult to solve your problem.

I have my own PC of Intel 810 chipset, 3.0 GB hard disk (having three partition as C, D and E), Cyrix II 333 MHz processor and 32 MB RAM. Firstly, my hard disk developed some bad sectors on C: and E: drives but I ignored them. Now my computer stops at initial stages of booting at the message: "Booting record from IDE-0" What is the cause of developing the bad sectors on hard disk? Has my hard disk been completely destroyed by bad sectors? Please help.

— Pushpinder Singh
Wadala, Jalandhar

Dr Tribune: The problem in your case is solely of bad sectors in your hard disk. Since you have mentioned that your hard disk developed bad sectors and you ignored this has precisely proved fatal for your system. Now you will need to get your hard disk reformatted and wiped to get the bad sectors removed. However, after the hard disk develops a bad sector, its reliability is lost. So for all practical purposes your hard disk has got damaged. As far as the reasons of bad sectors are concerned, it could be due to wrong alignment of the hard disk, mishandling of hard disk, jerks to hard disk etc.

I am having Pentium II with Windows ’98 installed on it. I want to give password in the windows only so that no one else should open my computer. Please suggest how to give a password before booting.

— Devinder Gill

Dr Tribune: If you want to give password before booting then you must enter into CMOS set-up and then go to Advanced BIOS features, which is the number 2 item on the left side of the CMOS set-up utility window and press enter. In the subsequent Window, you will find an option called "Security Option". Set it to system and then press escape. Now choose save & exit set-up. Now whenever you will open your system your computer will ask for a system password before booting.

Recently I purchased an assembled PC with Pentium III processor, 4MB RAM, 20GB HDD (Seagate) and OS Windows Me. My problem is that the overall working (booting) is very slow and also my HDD makes noise but my computer vendor says that the Me edition by itself is very slow and all 20 GB HDDs make similar noises. Please help me out.

— Vishal Ghai

Dr Tribune: It would be grossly wrong to say that Windows Me is slow. Normally at the time of booting hard disk creates some sound, but it if it is exceptionally high then it needs to be checked. Normally the system gets slow due to the exceptionally large registry and also loading of a large number of drivers and programs. In order to solve this problem, please unload all unnecessary programs, drivers and specially games, which could be present in your start up directory.

Please refer to Log in… Tribune dated April 9, 2001 wherein you have given a download site address "surf.to/stepanyuk for downloading Dictionary 2000. I checked the above site for nearly half an hour and could not locate Dictionary 2000.Please check and let me know how to download the same.

— Sushil Gupta

Dr Tribune: The site address mentioned is correct and we have tested it also. Therefore I request you to kindly see this site again and scroll it down for finding the downloading option. There are several options available for downloading the software and the size of the downloadable file is roughly 4.7 MB.

My sister is in Canada and my parents are in Germany. It is expensive for me to call them from a PCO. Earlier I called them from www.4ecalls.com that I had read in Log in… Tribune paper. But now the site is paid and I feel lonely when I did not talk to my family through PC- to-phone sites. Please tell me about the free sites for Canada and Germany.

— Navneet Singh

Dr Tribune: There are many sites available on Internet, where you can make free international calls. However, for calling Canada and Germany there are two popular sites http://www.go2call.com and www.hottelephone.com. You can browse these sites for calling through the Internet.

I have a Celeron processor with 64 MB RAM and 56 KBPS Modem. My problem is whenever I try to call the USA through MSN Messenger, I can’t hear the dial tone and can see only the number being dialled though my headset. This is despite the fact that I have a full duplex sound card connected with the system. Please tell me how can I overcome this problem.

— Tina

Dr Tribune: Since MSN Messenger is not the land phone thus there is no dial- tone in it. Dial tone is the concept of landlines or normal phones only and not the Web phones. However, you would be able to hear the ringing tone at the other end. Therefore it is actually not a problem. But, if you are not able to talk using messenger or there is any other problem, then please write back your complete problem along with the correct error message.

I have a PC (Pentium 700, 20GB HDD and 17" monitor). My OS are Win, Win 2000 and Me. My problem is that I am unable to find useful software for my 4-year-old son. I have a Net connection and have even downloaded some software from sites like amazon.com and kidsfreeware.com but I find them elementary. Please advice.

— J.B. Singh

Dr Tribune: Internet is an ocean of information. Thus in order to find the correct thing you should be very clear in your mind about what you are looking for. From you letter, it is not clear that exactly what kind of "useful" software you are looking for. Kindly elaborate your requirement and then either search it using the search engines, Altavista, Goto, Google Askjeeves etc. or write us back. I am hopeful that with a clear-cut picture of your requirement in your mind you will be able to find out good software for you son.

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