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Monday, April 23, 2001
Downloads of the week


Business knows no boundaries. This fact is especially true in the present day world of modern communication and the Internet. Today the business has gone beyond one country and has rather become an international affair. However, the language is still a major problem in international business. With software like Web translator, you can forget this problem and expand your work in other countries without bothering about the language. This software lets you translate English text to another language and vice-versa. It supports German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese that cover almost all major languages of the west. This is easy-to-use software and using it is simple. Just cut and paste text into WebTranslator. This software recognises any kind of text, be it from Word Processor like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect or even text extract from Web browsers and e-mail clients. Thus, by using this software you can easily write e-mails to your clients in their language. It is a basically a feature rich program with a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is select two languages from the pull down menu. All thatís required to translate is a click on the "Translate" button. The program then produces translated text that can be transferred, via Windows clipboard, to another program. Download this fully functional shareware version from http://www.dennisre.com



Computer is not just all about work, business and information. It has one more important function to perform that is entertainment. Normally games are the most popular form of entertainment involving computers besides audios and videos. However there are only a few really entertaining games that are not heavy on the computerís memory. PySol is one such game, which is basically a solitaire and Mahjongg program that boasts a staggering 287 different games. This is a free program and offers good source of entertainment to the computer game lovers. It is a well-designed program and includes all of the classic titles including 40 Thieves, Free Cell, Klondike and Spider. However, it also includes host of other games, which you might have never even heard of. From Pas de Deux to Will oí the Wisp, PySol offers hours of addicting challenge to computer gaming. It is a well-laid out program that divides the games into several categories and thus makes it easy to find the games from the respective category in the drop-down menu mode. Moreover, you can have quick access to all popular titles and also the games youíve recently played. These games are easy to play and involve the uses of simple keys and mouse strokes. Moreover, features like redo and undo and key board shortcuts further makes it easy to play. If you wish to impress others by winning all games, then you can take the help of the clever auto-play mode. To make the play more enjoyable, this software also has nice sound effects and background music. PySol is offered under the GNU public license, so itís free and the source code is available. This freeware can be downloaded from wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at/mfx/pysol


The Internet has a variety of uses. Some persons may use it for business, while others may use it for entertainment. However, a large number of persons use it for communication. Though e-mail is the most popular mode of communication on the Internet yet IP telephony is also becoming fast popular among the Net users. IconnectHere is one such IP telephony program that uses the computer microphone and speakers to talk over the Internet. However you also need to have a multimedia system, which includes a full duplex sound card. This is user-friendly software and can be used for making free PC-to-PC unlimited calls. However if you register on this site and become a member, you will gain access to the PC-to-Phone facility that may enable to dial any telephone in the world. This is a paid service for dialling the numbers in most of the countries but calling any telephone number in the USA is free. Using IconnectHere and dialling a number is as simple as using your land phone as this software uses a telephone-like attractive interface. Thus for making a call using this software all you need to do is dial a number and click the call button. iConnectHere also provides a speed dialling option for quick access to up to four numbers. In the address book, for each contact you can store information like a personís home, work, mobile and fax numbers, besides his name. It is thus an useful tool for IP telephony and this software can be had from http://www.iconnecthere.com

Ring-Leader Answer It

It is also not possible to be available to clients 24 hours a day. With all given limitations you can still reach out to your clients with software like Ring-Leader Answer It. This program is basically a digital secretary that can take your calls in your absence and deliver your message to the caller. Thus in essence it is a digital answering machine and unlike the regular answering machines there are no tapes involved in it. All youíll really need is a voice modem, sound card and a standard phone line. While the program runs on your computer, it waits for incoming phone calls. After a pre-determined number of rings, itíll play your custom greeting and record the incoming message. This program is intelligent and has many good features. For example this program maintains a complete log of all messages in a sequential form that are easy to retrieve. However, unlike the normal answering machine you can choose to listen any message you want and do not need to go through them in the order they have been saved. Thatís the advantage of the digital playback as you are saved from the botherations of rewind and forward messages. Moreover, all messages received by this software are also marked with time and date. So this feature also facilitates you to learn, when the caller had called you up. This program also features a silence detector that automatically stops recording when thereís no voice coming from the other end. The program works well as a call screener because it can take messages while you are working on the computer. This is a shareware version and can be downloaded from http://html.hughestech.com

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