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Monday, April 23, 2001
Kids chat

Adopt an "orphan" mouse

HELLO kids and welcome to the weekly kids chat.

Windy: Hey, whatís up guys?

Fluppy: This is fun time. With examinations over and the beginning of new session there is hardly any pressure on us. This is the best time of the year.

Cliparti: Why arenít the approaching summer holidays more fun?

Fluppy: Yes, quite. But loads of holiday homework spoils all fun of holidays.

Windy: Okay. So how are you enjoying this month?

Fluppy: Iíve been visiting some cool, cool sites.

Cliparti: Thatís nice. So for a change, let Fluppy tell us of some sites.

Windy: Not a bad idea! It would be a good change from meaningful sites toÖ.

Fluppy: Hey, what do you mean? I will tell meaningless sites?


: Donít put words into my mouth.

Cliparti: Hey guys, stop this. Fluppy, you were telling us of some sites you visited.

Fluppy: I donít feel like telling anymore.

Windy: Thatís because he doesnít know and hasnít visited any good site.

Fluppy: Of course not. I know lots of interesting sites.

Cliparti: Go on and prove it to Windy.

Fluppy: Fine. Iíll tell you of such wonderful sites that kids are just going to love.

Cliparti: To begin with...

Fluppy: Yes, to begin with blackdog.net/ is a site just for kids. It has all kinds of neat things to see and do.

Windy: What "neat things", may I ask?

Fluppy: Things like Billy Beaverís game show, Internet refrigerator, Miss Kittyís storybook, Blackdogís post office, Palty Parrotís bird brain jokes, happy holidays.

Windy: So it has stuff only for little oneís like you.

Fluppy: No. It has stuff for teens and grown-ups too. It has search blackdog and e-mail blackdog. It has not just been rated for all ages but also as a family friendly site.

Windy: Okay, anything else?

Fluppy: Sure. Now we get to www.vikimouse.com. This is an adventure in fun and friendship. In mousepadkids pet, youíll find loads of virtual pets to adopt. It has a mouse-orphanage filled with orphan mice of all ages plus gazillions of accessories including homes, cars, furniture, toys and more.

Cliparti: It sounds like having your own Stuart Little!

Fluppy: Hmm. How sweet! Then you can celebrate the holidays with mousepad kids, seasonal and holiday graphics, special adoptions, features, screensavers and lots more to make your holiday a special one!

Windy: Is that all?

Fluppy: No, there is a lot more. It has over 20,000 graphics free for use. Then for fun it has some goodies to keep you busy along with print projects, friendship clubs, paper fun and games. Whatís more, there is a virtual city where you control the building and expansion of your own society.

Windy: I guess itís enough of dogs and mice. Donít you have anything related to humans and more specifically kids?

Fluppy: Even all this was related to kids only. Anyhow just to make you happy, I have something called as www.cyberkids.com. It has all fun and games. It has young game inventor contest too. You can show off your brains here by winning the contest, Windy.

Windy: I am not interested in these kiddo things, baby. Anyhow tell me if it has anything else.

Fluppy: Of course if has. At funny bone youíll laugh your head off all day when you watch their animations. Then you can check out new puzzles and brainteasers. In all, this is a portal with adventure and sports.

Cliparti: Bravo! Fluppy, youíve really proved yourself today.

Fluppy: Thanks, Cliparti.

Cliparti: Youíve not only told of sites suitable for kids but adults and teenagers too.

Windy: What about the pre-schoolers?

Fluppy: Pre-schoolers canít read anything, Windy.

Windy: But you can have something for them. You know it is tough to get something done for older kids when there is a toddler in the house. You should also tell as to how to engage these little ones.

Fluppy: Hmm. Let me think.

Cliparti: I will tell you. Log on to www.angelfire.com/mo/sasschool/preschoolers.html. It has loads of activity ideas for pre-schoolers. You can either include the toddler while you colour the books or use washable markers, Ďmagicí slates, simple workbooks and large crayons. Or you can give them plastic coins and piggy bank or play with strips of paper, stencils, chalk, nuts and bolts, plastic dishes or paper punch. You will find loads of ideas on this wonderful site.

Windy: One thing you forgot to mention is that when allowing small children to play with small objects, you must use caution. You have to be sure that they do not put them in their mouths.

Cliparti: Yes, caution like this has to be observed. You have to see that the objects that they are playing with are not pointed, lest they should hurt their eyes with it.

Fluppy: Toddlers donít seem to have much sense, do they?

Windy: All toddlers are alike but some toddlers grow up and still donít have much sense.

Fluppy: What are you hinting at Windy?

Windy: Did I say anything.

Fluppy: I know what you meant by that statement.

Windy: Good. For a change you know something.

Cliparti: Hey, Windy you shouldnít tease him like that. He has really proved himself today.

Windy: Proved himself what, a fool?

Cliparti: W.I.N.D.I.I I.

Windy: Okay, I take my words back. But donít you see, Cliparti I am also praising him. I only said that he did something good today. Now, didnít I say that?

Fluppy: You also said Ďfor a changeí.

Windy: Did I? God, am I having amnesia?

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is [email protected]. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy