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Monday, April 23, 2001
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With scanners, digital cameras and digital audio gaining ground, the need for storage of data has increased and so has the demand for storage devices. Compact Disk Writers (CD-R) and Compact Disk Re-writers (CD-RW) have not only become popular, but also become relatively cheaper today. It is now possible to have a CD writer on almost every desktop. We list here some commonly available CD-Rs with their prices in the local market.



16X writer, 10 X rewriter and 40 x read with 8 MB buffer

8X writer, 8X rewriter and 24 x read

Rs 13,000/-

Rs 9,000/-


12X writer, 8X rewriter and 32x read

8X writer, 8X rewriter and 32x read

Combo drive 8X writer, 4X rewriter, 8X DVD and 40x read

Rs 10,500/-

Rs 7,500/-

Rs 12,000/-


12X writer, 10X rewriter and 40x read

8X writer, 8X rewriter and 32x read

Rs 13,000/-

Rs 11,000/-


4X writer, 4X rewriter and 24x read

Some other brands in the market include Kodak, Creative and LG

Rs 6,000/-


Internal 100 MB

Internal 250 MB

External USB 250 MB

External 100 MB (Parallel port)

Rs 3500/-

Rs 4900/-

Rs 9500/-

Rs 6500/-


There are the average prices from various dealers in Chandigarh. All components and peripherals come with warranty as per manufacturers specifications.