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Monday, May 21, 2001
Cyber Kids

Unscramble and match colours

HELLO friends and off we go to another journey to the cyber world. Holiday season is about to begin, so our journey should be full of fun and games. Letís see what we come across today.


The power of creativity starts at crayola. Get inspiring ideas, create a card, look up the store, decide the colours, paint the activity book or visit the crayola factory. Get tons of cool pages to print and colour. Print out your own personalised colouring book with your favourite pages. Put your imagination at work. Tired of painting! Go for games. See how quickly you can put together the crayola jigsaw puzzles. Unscramble the drawings and see how many trials it takes to match crayola crayon colours. Get imaginative and get wacky to make a wild work of art. Participate in the fun quiz or quick poll, find the fun facts all at crayola. Keep in touch with friends by sending cool cards. Write up your messages and send an electronic greeting or print and colour cards and personalise them. Visit the crayola factory and see for yourself how crayons and markers are made. Explore the creative studio and super sculptures room. Get a taste of fun and visit crayola.comkids.


As our own weekly cyberkids, this site is also full of fun and excitement for children. For all cyberkids out there, here is a world of fun and games. Join in the creative works and listen to cyberviews. Whatís up in the launch pad? Enhance yourself through learning centre. Or simply go shopping. The case-room solves a new mystery, every week just for you. Send in your creations to be published for all cyberkids out there. Get connected to each other and donít be left out. See what your friends are up to at the cyberkids. So hey guys, what are you waiting for?


Get entangled in the grip of kidsweb, the ultimate site for fun! Get connected to some of the coolest links. Loads and loads of fun stuff to do even when you turn your computer off. A portal full of fun and games created just for you. Try out some simple recipes in kitchen for fun. Print-n-plays, craft, activities and a lot more. Of course holidays canít be fun and fun. You must have got bags full of home-works. Do them fast while lnl.net is here to offer you homework help? Add links to the kids Web. Thatís not all. Did you hear what happened to the 500-lb canary? Get jokes and more jokes all at lnl.net/kidsweb/.


A perfect educational resource for children and a wonderful parenting resource for all the parents out there. Educators are not left behind. For all children, loads of online storybooks to read quizzes to test your knowledge games, games and more games to play. A total fun, education and game time for kids. Excellent biographies for parents to read. Inspire your children and find books that are just right for your children. Meet your favourite authors and illustrators online. Educators can place their book club order online and keep a track of it. Stuck up in a question? Ask the publisher. Update your address. A perfect bookstore to satisfy all your needs. You can even hope to save 40 per cent off the list prices. ó IV

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