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Monday, May 21, 2001
Kids chat

Gallery for poems, class work and folk tales

Hey guys, its holiday time, so fun time! Welcome to our weekly kids chat.

Fluppy: What fun time? We can hardly get to play outside in this heat.

Cliparti: I donít understand why does playing outside matter so much for the guys? There are so many good things you can do inside the home.

Fluppy: Besides playing with dolls?

Cliparti: Yes, of course, besides playing with dolls!

Fluppy: How about some suggestions then?

Cliparti: You can read lots and lots of storybooks.

Fluppy: But for that you need to go to a bookstore. And you see parents normally donít have time for that.

Windy: What age are you living in, Fluppy? You can visit so many bookstores and libraries on the Net

Fluppy: Oh, yes. How could I forget that?

Windy: Gloryís kidz fun is the cyber way of having fun. It has a bookstore, a library to explore and if you get tired of reading and reading you can have some fun in the play yard. You can visit Elvesville where youíll find the kid fun stuff, kids crafts, story, mystery, creations, garden, fun sounds and lots more. You can join the world village citizensí Web ring, which is owned by glory site. All this and more on www.glorysite.com/index.html.


: Kidsí Gallery is also a lovely place where you will find loads of storybooks by the kids and for the kids. Shelf I has storybook based on monthly material, shelf II has original stories, poems, journals, play scripts etc. Shelf III has folktales, tales in your country, in your own words. Finally shelf IV has class works. Whatís more, this kids gallery has an exhibition room dealing with fantasy, abstract, science and technology, scenery, people, animals and class work showcase.

Fluppy: Where is this kids gallery?

Cliparti: At www.kids-space.org/gallery/gallery.html.

Windy: You can spend some time learning and experimenting with craft ideas too. Log on to http://artsandcrafts4kids.homestead.com. Be it Valentineís craft or crafts for Mom and Dad, homemade crayons, bubble soap craft, cartoon craft, nature craft, Diner food craft, face paint, farmland puppets, macroni jewellery, funny face make-up or giant chalk stick. Everything is here. Further you can find information on various other subjects like vacations, parenting, recipes, travel, magazines, shopping and lots more.

Cliparti: So itís a complete family.com.

Windy: Right! I canít say about fathers but mothers are surely going to like it.

Fluppy: You donít know my mother. She is different sort.

Windy: What do you mean different sort.

Fluppy: She likes different sites, she wonít like this site.

Windy: What do you mean by different site?

Fluppy: Hmm. let me see. You know which is her favorite site?

Cliparti: Which?

Fluppy: www.got-milk.com/home_bottom.html

Cliparti: Whatís that?

Fluppy: It tells all about growing and being healthy. How to have better bones. What is the importance of calcium in our growth? How our body grows, what are the five food groups etc. In fact since she has visited this site, she even letís me feast on at least three servings of milk or milk group foods each day.

Windy: You mean you have to drink three glasses of milk everyday?

Fluppy: Na, Na. I can have chocolate milk, fruit yogurt, cheese, pizza with cheese or even a cheeseburger.

Windy: Wow! This sure is a must see site for all the moms of the world.

Fluppy: It doesnít have only the good part to it. It will even tell them how kids can be helpful in kitchen. So now I have to be there sometimes instead of being with my basketball.

Cliparti: So whatís bad in that? Youíll only benefit yourself by learning how to cook. In fact, I would never mind that.

Fluppy: Girls will be girls!

Windy: For once, I agree with you, Fluppy!

Cliparti: Hey guys, I am listening to all this. And of course for your information girls will be girls and boys will be boys. There is nothing new in it. So you donít have to say that in such a sarcastic tone.

Windy: Hey, Hey. You are going on and on.

Fluppy: Just like a volcano!

Cliparti: Volcano? What volcano? What do you know of volcano?

Fluppy: I know a lot. I know how it erupts. (Just like you did!) And how it goes on and on for years and years together.

Windy: I didnít know you were so interested in volcanoes, Fluppy!

Fluppy: Of course I am.

Cliparti: Hey you two. You are trying to divert me!

Windy: Of course not! By the way do you know itís impossible to divert the fury of volcano? You know how much devastation it causes.

Cliparti: Yeah. If you visit http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/ youíll come across all information on it. All current eruptions, volcano workshops, volcano names, world region, country area, descriptions and interviews of "volcanologists."

Windy: Itís easy to make an active volcano a dormant one.

Cliparti: Itís impossible!

Windy: But we just did.

Fluppy: Yeah. We just did it!

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy