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Monday, May 21, 2001
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Certain peripherals enhance gaming experience. Some high quality components can make a lot of difference to gamers. Listed below are some products that make a lot of difference when used while playing games. They provide special effects, especially in all applications that employ multimedia applications.



Microsoft force feedback

Typhoon force feedback 

 Rs. 9,500

Rs. 7,500

steering wheel

Microsoft force feedback 

Typhoon force feedback 

Logitech force feedback

Rs. 9,500

Rs. 4,000

Rs. 9,000

Graphics cards

Generic AGP TNT2 with 32MB RAM

Pixel view TNT2 with 32MB RAM

Creative TNT2 with 32MB RAM

Asus M64 with 32MB RAM 

Pixel view G-Force 2M x 32 with 32MB RAM 

Asus G-Force 2M x 32MB RAM 

Rs. 3,400

Rs. 4,300

Rs. 5,200

Rs. 5,200

Rs. 7,500

Rs. 8,500

Multimedia speakers

Cambridge works (5 points surround)

Cambridge works (3 points surround)

Artis (5 point surround)

Samsung 3 piece SMS 5100

Logitech Soundman x 1

 Rs. 4,500

 Rs. 3,300

Rs. 3,400

Rs. 3,000

Rs. 3,500

Sound cards

Creative line value

Creative Platinum 

Rs. 3,500

Rs. 13,000


There are the average prices from various dealers in Chandigarh. All components and peripherals come with warranty as per manufacturers specifications.