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Monday, June 18, 2001
Cyber Kids

Remix version of minesweeper

HELLO kids and off we go to another journey of cyber world. Let us see what is in store for us today.

Advanced Gomoku

Gomoku. What is gomoku? Well, it is our very old ‘Noughts and Crosses.’ But hey, it is not just gomoku that we are talking about, it is advanced gomoku. Rules remain the same but the game field is unbound. Don’t get irked. You can always opt for the training mode where you can avail all ‘undo’, ‘redo’, ‘hints’, ’warning’ features to assist you in the game. And once you think you have got hold of it, go ahead and play a tournament, where, of course, all these help lines become disabled. Sky is the limit as the game field becomes larger and larger. For faster and better orientation you can use the decibel minimap window, if the field becomes too large. With a highly flexible interface, you can change forms and position of windows or customise all graphics and animations in the game. Go ahead and spend some time with advanced gomoku, for it is bound to improve your logics. Right?

Sapper millennium

You’ve been addicted to minesweeper, just as you’ve been addicted to old songs. But guys this is the age of remixes. Old becomes new with latest sensations, all the while retaining its old essence. New ideas, new graphics added to standard windows minesweeper becomes sapper millennium. Yes, an original adventure that is going to bombard your life.

With different missions to accomplish and fresh wave of ideas it is whole new experience. You may be reminded of the time you played minesweeper, but this is different. Best part of it is that in case you do not approve of some changes and wish to edit it, you are free to do so. Yes, free to edit the game as per your wishes. What more can anybody ask for?

Magic Games Collection

One download, one game. One download, many games. Yes this is what magic game collection is all about. A whole set of funny desktop games that are suitable for all age groups. Go in for magic lines, which is a logic game with intuitive rules and 3D effects. You can try magic beads that are unhurried Tetris-style game with midi player. The game would ask you to rotate colours of falling blocks to line up three or more of the same colors. The magic balls are also such game where you swap two balls to create a row of three of same colours. No game collection is complete without minesweeper. So, here is combat engineer, a minesweeper-style game. You uncover minefield with an unusual task to switch off the certain mines in the corners. All these games will not only record high scores, but also contain nice funny icons in the honour rolls. So now, you need not download different games, as one single download will provide you an access to all these games. Isn’t it magic?

— IV

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