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Monday, June 18, 2001
Downloads of the week


Who knew it in the past that persons sitting at distant places would be able to see each other live one day. However, with the advancement of technology and the Internet becoming the way of life, communication over the Internet has become a reality. Now you cannot just send mails, voice messages, or call someone over the Internet, but you can also organise a videoconference and watch persons live. However, for live video chatting you would need some specialised software like CUSeeMe. CUSeeMe is basically a "video chat" program, which allows you to see and hear other persons live over the Internet. However, for using this software for video conferencing, you would require a Web camera, which would send your live images to the other user connected to you. For video conferencing to be complete, it is also equally important that the other person connected to you also has a Web camera. However, if any of the person does not have a Web camera, then he would not able to send his images, though he can still see the other person connected. Similarly for voice chatting you would need basic hardware like a sound card, microphone and speakers. However, if you do not have any of these things available in your computer, you can still do text chat using this software. Unlike other video chatting program, this is not just a video chatting software, but it is a complete video conferencing program, which enables many users to log in simultaneously. In order to use this software you will simply have to dial a user and connect to his computer to start chatting. CUSeeMe is basically user- friendly software, which maintains a list of all contacts for getting quick access. This software also integrates with MSN Messenger Service, which utilises the same contact list and thus saves you from the botheration of maintaining the same list all over again. This software is fully secured and includes network, firewall and gatekeeper options to optimise the video chats. In order to keep the chatting clean, you can also exercise control to ensure that minors do not enter the groups, which are not intended for them. You can download this wonderful software from www.cuseemeworld.com.


Digital Postman

Now, since we are in the digital age, it makes sense to go digital. Fax by e-mail is the in thing these days. Digital postman is an effective tool to fax over the Internet. This is software using which you can easily scan and send the document and images by e-mail in two simple steps. This program works with the TWAIN compatible devices as well as e-mail clients that support MAPI. Though it won’t work with the Web-based mails, but you can exploit the potential of this software with e-mail clients like Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora and Pegasus Mail etc. The advantages of this software are numerous and one of the big advantages is the compatibility of the address book of various e-mail clients with this software, which helps you in consolidating your contact addresses. But the best feature of this software is that it is simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. Despite simple interface it has a lot of extra options. The modus operandi of using this software is simple, as you would need to put the document in the scanner and press the scan and send button. This software will then open your e-mail client and attach the document to the message. Using this software you can send multiple pages by e-mail as it uses Automatic Document Feeders feature. This is free software and can be downloaded from www.nico2000.com

RadioDestiny Broadcaster

The present generation is all set to take up challenging and fast growing career and fun for appearance to catch limelight. Music and arts are two such areas, which has provided limelight to persons, since the evolution of human being. VJs and DJs are now a lucrative career and stepping-stone to final stage. RadioDestiny Broadcaster software will fulfill the dreams of many youth aspiring to take up this as career or to take it up as hobby.

To create a broadcasting station of your own on the Internet, one has to have fast Net connectivity like cable modem, ISDN, DSL etc. Other than this, the other basic requirements are multimedia computer with microphone and sound card. The RadioDestiny Broadcaster will convert the PC into a virtual broadcaster. The broadcasting station can get the publicity from the RadioDestiny station directory or from own Web site. This is easy to use software with user-friendly interface and once it is installed, you will just have to enter your identity and description of your broadcasting station. If your PC is online, then you could be a self-styled DJ. If you are planning to have a 24-hour venture, then you can prepare your programs in advance and record them in .WAV format and play offline. However, you must be selective in choosing a file to rebroadcast since this software will allow you to rebroadcast an individual file only 9 times. The data rate at which you broadcast may reach your listeners can also be programmed. It is possible to set both the stream bit rate and connection bit rate through this software.

The only drawback of this software is the media over which this broadcast can be accessed. The broadcast can only be accessed through the RadioDestiny media player, as it does not support the other popular media players like Real player, Windows media player and MP3 players like WinAmp etc. You can download this wonderful software from www.radiodestiny.com

Best Crypt

Many a time you want to conceal certain facts and files and keep it most private. It becomes really difficult to hide any document or file on papers. But in digital domain, this can be done with ease, as the encryption methods are getting stronger day by day. Best Crypt is software, which can hide many sensitive files on your computer. It creates virtual drive and password protects your data by placing them in these virtual drives. These drives work the same way as the drives in Windows system, which can be edited with drag and drop. The software allows the protection of virtual drives thorough various encryption formats, which can be selected by the user. The encryption format includes Blowfish, GOST28147-89, DES and Twofish.

The security system can be managed through control panel by installing the software on a drive (example C: Drive). Empty some space on your computer, so that a virtual drive can be created. During the installation of this software, you will be required to fill the letter for your new virtual drive e.g. F: drive, size of the drive and hot key, which will launch the software.

Once the installation is complete, you will have the option for hide and seek of the virtual drive so created. When you need to use this drive, invoke the software through the hotkey and select for open the virtual drive and hide again after use. Close the software for the desired security. Your files will then be safe and non-traceable. This software can be downloaded from www.jetico.sci.fi.

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