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Monday, June 18, 2001
Kids chat

Try writing if you can’t sell lemonade

HELLO kids and welcome to our weekly Kids Chat!

Cliparti: Today I will take you to the world of adventure. You can book your tickets to discovery.

Fluppy: Hey, What’s she talking about?

Windy: God only knows!

Cliparti: Guys, I am talking about this wonderful portal by the name of kids’ world 2000. It’s at http://now2000.com/kids. You can discover the world around you through it.

Windy: I should have known!

Cliparti: Since you don’t, how about visiting this site?

Fluppy: What else does it have, Cliparti?

Cliparti: Loads and loads of things. You can click on any of the magical tickets to start the adventure. Be it the museums around the world, science or sports, fun and games, cities and countries, vacation time, government and politics, cool kids sites or mystery site of the week.

Windy: What did you say the name of the site was?

Cliparti: Kids world 2000. Why?


Windy: Even I know a nice site by a similar name. But the contents are different there.

Fluppy: What’s the name of this site?

Windy: It’s called KidWorld.

Fluppy: He! He! Just a difference of ‘S’!

Windy: No honey! There is a lot of difference.

Fluppy: Like what?

Windy: Well! To begin with it is situated at www.bconnex.net/~kidworld. Then it has a perfect joke book, which would send you rolling the whole daylong. You have key pals, you can be friend. A bulletin board to update you with the latest. Java games to play, and lot of stories to read.

Cliparti: This sure has totally different content!

Windy: One thing that you will enjoy about this site, Cliparti, is the karaoke player.

Cliparti: What is that?

Windy: If you have a real player installed on your computer, you can sing along the tunes made famous by Beatles, Britney Spears, Back Street Boys and other Canadian and American Singers. Isn’t that simply great?

Cliparti: Yeah, It’s too good.

Fluppy: Hey, doesn’t it have any good stuff for me?

Windy: Hmm! Let me think. Oh Yes! You can try your hands in business, with the virtual lemonade stand. See, how you fare at it.

Fluppy: You mean to say, I shall sell lemonade??

Windy: Stupid, this is just a beginning. Further, you are not actually selling. It’s all just virtual. Above all it’s just a game…

Cliaprti: …for an aspiring budding businessman!

Fluppy: Is that so? Then I should try my hands at it.

Windy: Good! In case you fail miserably, which I am sure you will, you can try your hands at writing. They have writing contests too. In case they are not holding it for some months, they will inform you of the sites that are holding it presently.

Cliparti: They really seem to be keen on encouraging kids to write.

Windy: Yes, you are right. You know these people are quite often online. You can also chat with them, if you click for a ‘real person’ for chatting.

Fluppy: This is amazing! But how do they manage to stay online all the time? And how do they chat with so many persons?

Windy: They just do it. It’s their headache, how they do it! And, Fluppy, you really ask too many ‘Howz’.

Fluppy: How can you talk to me like that?

Windy: Look another how!

Cliparti: I know of a perfect site for you Fluppy. It’s called HowStuffworks. It will answer all your ‘Howz’.

Windy: God saved me! Is there really such a site, which can take care of his ‘Howz’?

Cliparti: Yes, there is. At www.howstuffsworks.com, you will come across this.

Fluppy: What all does it have.

Cliparti: Various things. It will tell you how car engine works, Web pages works, cellphones, CDs, jet engines, telephones, Web servers, diesels engines, television works. It will tell you what are Jake brakes, MP3 files, Flatulence, WD –40, and hundreds of other ‘Howz’ and ‘Whats’.

Windy: That’s nice. But what all categories does it cover?

Cliparti: The categories include the computer and the Internet, engines and automotives, electronics and telecom, science and technology, aviation and transport, body and health, living and entertainment, around the house, machines and other cool topics.

Windy: So, now Fluppy, whenever you wish to ask any ‘What’ and ‘How’, you know where to knock!

Fluppy: Good, now I really know where to knock. For it won’t be a shut door like you!

Windy: How dare you talk to me like that?

Fluppy: Don’t ask me ‘How’. Go to the site, for your ‘How’.

Windy: Fluppy, I will ………

Cliparti: Why are you getting berserk? He is just a kid. He is just having fun and playing with you.

Windy: OK, He might be, ‘just’ a kid, but there is no game.

Cliparti: Of course, this is a game. It’s a kind of teasing game.

Windy: I have not heard of any such game.

Cliparti: Haven’t you? Then you are not aware of different kinds of games kids play.

Windy: What do you mean, by kinds of games. There are no ‘kinds’ of games.

Cliparti: Yes, there are! There are mental games, sensing games, strength games, chasing games, international games and not others.

Windy: And who says so?

Cliparti: Not me, you can see for yourself at www.gameskidsplay.net. There is a whole lot of other ‘kinds’ of games listed there.

Fluppy: Cliparti, Was I really playing with him? I though I was having a fight?

Cliparti: Fluppy, can you ever shut up? How about playing a ‘dumb game’?

— Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Let’s be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. — Windy