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Monday, June 18, 2001
Letter to Editor

FIRST of all, let me congratulate you for Login Tribune. The article upon fuzziness of display monitor (dated June 11) was good. My display monitor, a Samtron 55 V, suddenly decided to give me a headache by going all blurry. Neither my program vendor, nor other persons were able to help me because they could not understand the problem and some suggested that the electromagnetic waves from the speakers were responsible for the fuzziness! However I found out the procedure for clearing up my display screen, by trial and error. Here it is:

Check up your pixels, before, on your desktop (right click on your desktop) desktop, customise my desktop, settings. The pixel range should be 800 * 600.Go to my computer, and go to display settings. From the taskbar, select the adapter icon. On the desktop, where the information of adapter default, is highlighted, select optimal. The computer will request permission to restart. Problem solved.

Sometimes, as in my case, I put in Amazza motherboard CD, and reloaded my motherboard again. The computer loaded it, and re-started in safe mode. I switched my computer off, along with CPU, and CVT and restarted it. Perfect colour clarity! Now I can work nine hours upon the computer, without the question of a headache! And no blur. Thank God.

Dueep Jyot Singh