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Monday, July 9, 2001
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Monitoring health through calculators

HEALTH is wealth. We are listing a few portals that have tried to achieve and maintain the required balance between a healthy body and mind.


This site provides all the information that one needs to achieve personal health and fitness goals. The fitness tool provides calculators like weight calculator, calorie calculator and sleep calculator to check if your health and fitness programmes are in order. The community section helps in sharing your fitness area of interest with persons of same taste and also aids in getting practical advice. The search option may help you find your exact requirement. You can create a personal profile, which enables to personalise fitness online with features and stories related to fitness priorities each time you log on. It also provides information about exercise, nutrition, body and mind, health and adventure. Members, who subscribe to video fitness service, can exercise at home by using these and share opinions with other members.


This site provides various options for making the body and mind fit. This portal provides information about exercise, eating right, losing weight, building muscles, burning fat, taking supplements and enhancing sports performance through online database of articles. The global health and fitness strength training programs are designed in such a way so as to help in achieving fitness level, goals and personal interests. The site map introduces you to many free fitness tools available like calorie calculator, protein calculator, fat calculator, heart rate calculator, waist-to-hip-ratio calculator. Members Map option helps the members to voice any questions or concerns that get a personal response within 24 hours. You can also get answer to your questions for free from the professionals empanelled on the site. The site provides you with online exercise videos and links you to other fitness sites. Entertainment section has puzzles and the site provides free e-mail account service


This site covers information related to nutrition, weight loss, equipment, body building, supplements and training programmes for those keen to make the body fit. In the test option it provides with the various calculators to check your body mass index, calories, nutrition and waist-hip ratio. You can get your questions answered by posting them on the discussion board. Free e-mail service is also available at this site. You can discuss a favourite fitness subject or chat with others using the chat option. The market option helps in sale and purchase of fitness equipments. Nutrition option gives information about vitamins needed to keep the body and mind fit. You can also get information about keeping your body fit through articles available on site.

Laxmi Kant Verma